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Quality Foods customers are encouraged to keep tabs of their stream points and redeem them for items out of the catalog Shoppers can earn points immediately while purchasing casual grocery store items, and redeem them to receive a special reward Sponsored by Quality Foods | Impress Branded Content

With so many shopping options on the local landscape, it can be overwhelming deciding where to go .
Let ’ s face it, the majority of us shoppers want to find the best bang for our vaulting horse – and if there ’ s an extra incentive or reward for our condescension, flush better .
Nowadays, some retailers are offering enticing perks to encourage shopper loyalty, including Quality Foods and its popular Q-Card Reward program .
Fun fact : Did you know Quality Foods was the very first grocer in Canada to offer a honor points course of study ?
At QF, one can earn points instantaneously while purchasing casual grocery store items and redeem them to receive especial reinforce, discounts and singular offers. This includes items out of the storehouse ’ s seasonally released Q-Card Catalogue, community activities, such as Royal British Columbia Museum passes or selected food staples like milk and wimp breasts .
What many don ’ thyroxine understand is that in addition to the points, there are numerous perks to carrying a card .
here are eight of the stores coveted secrets to maximize the points program and reap the rewards faster .

fix, set, denounce !

1-The “My Daily Special” Program – Customers who have signed up for the Q-Card Reward program can choose a grocery token that is not on special, scan it at the special booth and put it on special just for them. The detail will scan at the new, lower price at the checkout .
2-QF App – Simply download the QF App from the App Store or Google Play. There are newfangled offers each day for the customer to choose from. Once a batch has been selected, the cardholder instantaneously receives the discount at the checkout. besides, on occasion, they have a probability to receive the choose item for unblock .
3- Keep Tabs – Customers are encouraged to keep tabs of their stream points and redeem them for items out of the catalogue, which is constantly being updated. The Q-point full is displayed at the bottom of one ’ randomness till reception, the QF App or on-line in the ‘ My Accounts ’ section of the QF web site .
4- ‘ Appy Hour’ – View what ’ s on the day by day ‘ Appy Hour ’ program each day between 4-6 post meridiem, where an items will be on for half-price, automatically, and is discounted at the till .
5- A Win-Win – When using the Q-Card at the cashbox, it automatically enters the customer into any pull with no time-consuming forms or annoying ballots to fill out .
6- Online Shopping – Available to card holders in Langford and View Royal for pickup and/or rescue .
7- Building Community – Community Sponsorship and Donation/Fundraiser Opportunities with Q-Points .
8Shopping Perks – For Q-Card holders who wish to redeem Q-Points for something particularly singular or hard to find, there is an entire second floor upstairs inside some QF stores, including the newfangled View Royal location, featuring home interior decoration and giftware. here shoppers can convert Q-Points to ‘ A Step Above ’ endowment certificates and choose whatever their tastes desire .
With these eight points in thinker, it ’ second no wonder QF ’ mho Points Program has been an influence on major grocers throughout the state .
To date, well over 100,000 Q-Card holders enjoy clamant Q-Combo discounts and Bonus Q-Points just by shopping for casual items .

For more information, or to apply for a card today, visit hypertext transfer protocol : // .

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