How to generate a customized TikTok QR code

TikTok QR code is a QR code solution that redirects scanners to your TikTok report when scanned .
By using a TikTok QR code, patrons and customers can cursorily find and follow your explanation and it will besides allow them to gather more insights about your product if you are a seller on the TikTok platform .

TikTok QR code vs. Social media QR code: What to choose?


While the Tiktok QR code entirely embeds a URL for your TikTok bill, a social media QR code enables you to house and connects all your social media platforms in one QR code. This QR code will display not only your TikTok report but besides your other social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

You can besides add your e-commerce and food delivery websites such as Shopify, Etsy, Foodpand, and Deliveroo. Using a social media QR code, you no long have to generate multiple QR codes for each of your social media accounts. This QR code besides allows you to cross-network your account and let your customers and patrons identify and follow all your other social media platforms adenine well.

Why do you need a Social Media TikTok QR code?

Mobile User Friendly

about everyone carries their smartphones with them everywhere they go and use their phones whenever they have downtime. undefined
Having a campaign where your social media report is written is still effective, but not everyone has the time and solitaire to type in and find your social media visibility .
thus, making your market crusade accessible by mobile phones could be great leverage for your brand .

It can be placed anywhere.

One of the big features of a QR code is that it can be placed anywhere. QR codes can be placed in any on-line or offline medium and can even be printed directly to your product promotion and even to the product itself. undefined
digression from this feature, QR codes are besides clear in all angles, distorted symbol immune, and can be printed in small areas. These features expose your QR codes to a large consultation and allow your QR codes to be used for an prolong menstruation. Related : How to use QR codes in print ads : Examples and use-cases

How to generate a Social Media TikTok QR Code


There are two ways to generate a TikTok QR code ; the beginning one is through the TikTok app and the second way is by generating a customize QR code using a QR code generator. Generate your TikTok QR code by following these simpleton steps .

  • Go to –To create an efficient QR code you must partner with an efficient TikTok QR code generator. QRTiger is a believe and batten QR code generator software that offers diverse QR code solutions, including social media QR codes .
  • Click the social media icon- A URL QR generator can generate QR codes for your TikTok account and other websites.
  • Fill in your TikTok URL and other social media- Copy and paste your TikTok URL. TikTok URL can be copied in your TikTok mobile app as well as on the website.
  • Generate and Customize your TikTok QR code – After pasting your URL, click generate dynamic QR code. Another advantage of a TikTok code generator is it enables you to customize your QR code. Customize your QR code by matching the QR code color and pattern to your brand graphics and creating brand awareness. You can also add a logo and call to action tags such as “scan to know more.”
  • Test your QR code – Do make sure to test the readability of your QR codes. This way, you can detect and correct any errors before displaying them in your marketing campaigns.
  • Download and display your QR codes – After testing your social media QR code, you can now download and display this QR code on your printed and digital platforms.

Benefits of a customized Social Media TikTok QR code

Build brand credibility and recognition


Before buying a product, customers tend to find a handful of information about that intersection. And social media is one of the platforms that they listen to. Nowadays, people trust what they see on social media, and TikTok is one of these platforms .
By creating a Tiktok QR code, customers can well find more information about your product and trust your brand. Related : How to use QR codes in print ads : Examples and use-cases

Increase engagement


For advanced businesses with an on-line presence, having a great social media betrothal means you have a good impact on the commercialize. People tend to ask for customer service through social media like TikTok alternatively of emailing. Make it easier for customers to know more about your products by placing a TikTok QR code on your products and packaging .

You can customize it to match your brand graphics.


By using a QR code Generator you can create stigmatize awareness by matching your QR code campaign to your mark graphics. A QR code generator enables you to customize your QR code. Customize your QR code by selecting the colors, design, and QR code eyes that match your brand. You can besides add your stigmatize ’ s logo to your code.

Allows you to track your TikTok QR code campaign.


One way of finding out that you have an effective QR code campaign is by tracking them.

A TikTok QR code is generated as a active QR code which means it besides has features that a Dynamic QR code has .
Dynamic QR codes allow you to edit your QR code URL and track your QR code ’ mho data. These are the pursue datum that you can track using these types of QR codes :

  • The number of scans made – Dynamic QR codes give you the total number of scans made in your QR code.
  • Timeline of the scans made – This type of QR code can also give you the timeline of the data that it has gathered.
  • The device used in scanning: This QR code also enables you to track the device used in scanning the QR code. It can be categorized by its operating system: IOS, Android, or PC.
  • Location of the scan: Lastly, it gives you the data of the location where the scan was made. It can be identified by region, country, and city.

Related : Why Dynamic QR codes are better to use than static QR codes !

How to use TikTok QR codes?

For Retailers and marketers

Create a TikTok QR code that would redirect customers to a TikTok account where they ’ ll know more about your product. You can create video recording contents that would advertise your product, sacrifice directions on how to use your merchandise, and shows customers ’ reviews. This QR code allows you to provide your customers with more data, build products ’ credibility and increase sales. undefined
You can besides encourage the modern customers to do a review after using your products for respective weeks .
QR codes are easy to use. By merely scanning using mobile phones, you can easily entree a finical web site or app .
This QR code can besides be displayed in your print and digital political campaign materials, which will widen your brand photograph .

For entrepreneurs and influencers

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an influencer, you can boost your TikTok followers by generating a TikTok QR code. Place your TikTok QR code in all your campaign materials, such as flyers and brochures. You can besides place this QR code in your other sociable media profiles or mail it on Facebook and let your followers share it .

Other practices you should know in generating QR codes



Though QR code generators allow you to customize your QR code, there are a few details to keep in take care. To avoid scanning issues, you should always use a colored color for your QR code patterns and make surely that it contrasts its background .



Choose the properly QR code size and make your QR codes one of the highlights of your substantial. Make certain that the QR code complements your campaign materials. besides, avoid displaying a QR code that is smaller than the recommend size ( 2cm ten 2cm ) .

QR code placement


After printing your QR code, the next thing you should consider is your materials ’ placement .
Post the codes where people are having a downtime, such as shop malls and bus stations .
besides, make certain that the QR codes are easy to see and are within achieve. These codes should besides be placed at eye level letting the scanners see and scan them without fuss.

Use QRTIGER QR Code generator today to generate your Social Media TikTok QR code.

QRTIGER is a authentic and plug QR code generator that allows you to generate and customize diverse QR codes. This QR code generator besides has features that provide you with real-time data tracking that will allow you to track the number of scans, time, and location where the read was made. Visit the QRTIGER web site to learn more .


How to scan a QR code TikTok?

To scan a QR code, you need to open your camera ‘s smartphone device and point it towards the QR code for 2-3 seconds to access the content embedded in the QR code. If your mobile device ca n’t read QR codes, you can besides opt to download QR code apps or scanners.

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