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To be making a hole
give participle for to move to or home in a particular status
“ I would constantly put my keys on the dresser out of habit. ”
give participle for to present for consideration

“ Alexia was prepared to put a marriage proposal before the committee to significantly raise the borderline tax rate. ”
introduce participle for to issue, establish or apply as a charge, finely or penalty
“ The government has decided to put a tax on sugary drinks in an attempt to curb fleshiness. ”
show participle for to convey or express in a detail manner or manner
“ You are getting on my nerves, to put it honestly. ”
show participle for to assign to a given class
“ Based on your testimony, I would put you in the class of being deluded. ”
present participle for to estimate or judge
estimatingjudgingcalculatingreckoninggaugingUKguessingmeasuringvaluingassessingestablishingcomputingevaluatingfixingsettingfiguringgagingUSplacingcallingconjecturingguesstimatingmakingsupposing “ I would actually put unemployment at a slenderly higher rate than the official figure. ”
deliver participle for to allocate or assign to

“ The company announced a loss and would put the blame on a number of regretful contracts. ”
introduce participle for to gamble ( money or something else of value ) on the result of an event
“ I think I will put some money on a random horse with a list that tickles my fancy. ”
show participle for to be placed in an undesirable position or location
“ Police may decide to put Jessie in prison for lying to them. ”
give participle for to make to correspond
adaptingfashioningfittingshapingtailoringadjustingeditingsuitingaccommodatingconditioningconformingdoctoringacclimatingacclimatisingUKacclimatizingUS “ The musician would put the words of the celebrated poem to the chords of a long-familiar song. ”
recreational golf
The action or action of adding something to something else

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