Best hot brushes to buy 2021

Recreating a professional blow dry at home is constantly a challenge. fortunately, hot brushes are on hand to get your hair’s-breadth looking streamlined and salon-worthy, by acting as a hair dry, straightener and sometimes even a curl up iron in one. The good Housekeeping Institute ’ s top picks for 2021 are :

  • Best hot brush:
  • Best hot brush for long hair:
  • Best hot brush for volume:
  • Best budget hot brush:
  • Best hot brush for fine hair:
  • Best hot brush for short hair:
  • Best travel hot brush: Dafni Allure Cordless Straightening Brush
  • Best hot brush for curly hair:
  • Best hot brush for long-lasting smoothness:
  • Best hot brush for thick hair:
  • Best hot brush for detangling:
  • Best hot brush for afro hair:
  • Best non-heated ionic brush:

    What is a hot brush and are they bad for your hair?

    A hot brush is a hybrid hair tool designed for slowly style. It looks similar to a turn or paddle hairbrush and works in the same way, but besides has a built-in straightener. This means you ‘re styling as you ‘re detangling – saving you some valuable time. Some hot brushes come with extra attachments such as a harsh dry or a curl tong, besides, so you can achieve everything from poker-straight ends to bouncy curls.

    Hot brushes are particularly utilitarian for those who have thicker hair, as the heated plates are larger than those on haircloth straighteners, meaning you ‘ll get through more hair’s-breadth in a short amount of time. If used correctly, a hot brush is less damaging and faster to use than a traditional haircloth straightener, but only use your hot brush on dry to by and large dry hair, unless it uses hot air to expressive style. GHI tip: Always use a estrus auspices spray when doing any estrus styling – including using a hair dry .

    Can you use a hot brush on wet hair?

    This depends on the type of hot brush you ’ rhenium using. While there are models designed to take you from wet to dry with similar airflow to your go-to hair dry, ceramic plates get excessively hot for wet hair and will break delicate strands. You can use hot air stylers on damp or besotted hair, but we recommend towel drying hair’s-breadth first to remove excess body of water. Hair is more delicate when moisture, then styling at senior high school temperatures will not only damage delicate strands, but you most probable wo n’t achieve the expect you ‘re after either. Applying a heat protectant before picking up your hot brush will besides do wonders for the health of your tresses.

    Things to consider for different hair types

    Short hair: Use a brush with a slender lead and varying abound duration to ensure even styling. Long hair: Choose a brush with long bristles, so you can capture and vogue large amounts of hair at once, reducing style meter. Curly hair: Use a hot air hairdresser with a cool guess setting to seal the haircloth epidermis and prevent humidity from frizzing up your vogue. Fine hair: Keep an eye out for lower temperature settings or choose a hot air hairdresser to boost volume. Thick hair: Look for a variable temperature brush. Thicker haircloth tends to need more heat to lock in manner that ’ ll final.

    Afro hair: Consider a hot vent hairdresser, which can be effective at straightening without the higher heat of a brush. Harder bristles can besides help to detangle your coils as you dash .

    How we test

    To find the best hot brushes, over 272 testers tried out 33 unlike models. Each hairdresser was judged on ease of consumption, design, instructions and performance. In the GHI lab, we carried out a temperature test to ensure each hot brush didn ’ thyroxine overheat and assessed them on blueprint features such as automatic rifle switch-off and the handiness of controls .

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