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Public college in Winter Haven, Florida, United States

Polk State College, once Polk Community College, is a public college in Winter Haven, Florida. It is share of the Florida College System. [ 2 ] The college changed its name from Polk Community College in 2009 to reflect its first Bachelor ‘s degree program. [ 3 ] primitively named Polk Junior College, it began classes in 1964. The main campus is located in Winter Haven, a second campus is located in nearby Lakeland. Smaller centers exist in Bartow, Florida, Lake Wales, Florida, Winter Haven, Florida, and two in Lakeland, Fl,

history [edit ]

In 1982 Maryly Van Leer Peck became the first woman community college president in Florida. [ 4 ]

Academics [edit ]

full registration is about 10,000 credit students and 8,700 non-credit students, served by a staff of about 1200 faculty members. Of the sum credit students over 5,400 attend classes in Lakeland, 4,000 attend in Winter Haven, and over 500 attend in Lake Wales. [ 5 ] In 2004, the Collegiate High School was opened on the Lakeland campus, and a second CHS, Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School, opened in Winter Haven in Fall 2006. The Board of Trustees approved a name change at the March 23, 2009 merging and the college became Polk State College on July 1, 2009. The Polk State College Libraries serve students of Collegiate High School, Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School, Florida community college and university students with a growing collection of traditional and virtual resources including art prints, sculpt, and audio/video formats .

Athletics [edit ]

Polk State competes in the Suncoast Conference of division I of the NJCAA Region 8 within the Florida State College Activities Association ( FSCAA ) and offers athletic programs in men ‘s basketball and baseball, and women ‘s cheerlead, soccer, softball and volleyball [ 6 ] [ 7 ] As of 2013, men ‘s basketball has won 12 Suncoast Conference championships, three NJCAA region 8 championships .

PSC Collegiate High School [edit ]

Polk State College ‘s Lakeland and Winter Haven campuses host the ‘PSC Collegiate High School Program ‘ where students can earn their Associates of Arts ( AA ) degree while completing their convention gamey school requirements. scholar can besides enroll in programs such as Information engineering ( IT ) or take the path of finishing general education prerequisites for their field of choice. Juniors and seniors in high school who meet a certain GPA requirement are presently the only ones eligible for the plan. Taking the standardized PERT test is besides an entrance necessity ; passing scores include : interpretation 104-150, english 99-150, Math 113-150.

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