A Review Of The Polar Bear’s Club in Piedmont Quebec

While staying in Saint-Sauveur, Quebec I decided to check out The pivotal Bear ’ randomness Club, a health spa that happens to be proper adjacent to where I was staying in Piedmont. The diametric Bear ’ s Club is a scandinavian watering place that focuses on thermotherapy, where you alternate between estrus in the sauna or hot tubs to a cold dip in the plunge pools as a direction to relax the body .
The Polar Bear's Club Situated in the heart of the Laurentians, The diametric Bear Clubs happens to be the first watering place inspired by Nordic and scandinavian watering place to be founded in Quebec and has helped with the growth of the drill of thermotherapy for over 50 years. This watering place has inspired a assortment of newer health spa such as The Finns, The Balnea, Ofuro, Spa Scandinave, and Bota Bota .
The Polar Bear's Club
The Polar Bear's ClubThe Polar Bear's ClubThe Polar Bear's Club The health spa is situated along a shallow river so that all the walkways and hot tubs have views of the water and the forests around the health spa which enhances the entire feel. Visiting the health spa in early November, the drop leaves were closely gone, but the grounds still remained beautiful to view from the hot bathtub. As such, I can only imagine when visiting in September or October it would be peculiarly courteous to visit the health spa when all the leaves are all bright shades or red, yellow and orange .
For those who wish to devote an entire weekend to relaxing, The polar Bear Club besides has a hotel where you can book lodging should you wish to extend you stay. meanwhile, for those of you who want to come after work, you can take advantage of the evening rate which is slightly than arriving in the day. You can besides book a variety of body treatments, or a massage to enhance your visit.

The Polar Bear's ClubThe Polar Bear's Club
Within the health spa, there are 4 hot tubs, 2 of which have waterfall features, along with 2 cold plunge pools, and sauna rooms ( 2 dry and 1 wet ). unfortunately, when I visited the health spa all the hot tubs were all the exact same temperature ( 36C ) so the tub did not feel very unlike from each other, but I was informed normally some of the tub should be warmer than others .
The Polar Bear's Club
The Polar Bear's ClubThe Polar Bear's Club
Living up to its identify, The Polar Bear ’ second Club has 2 cold steep pools, both of which were 4C and were a lot larger than any of the cold pools I ’ ve seen at early resort hotel. A singular have about this health spa was there was besides access to the river, for anyone who wants to quickly cool themselves off in the cold water.

The Polar Bear's Club
The Polar Bear's Club
Designed to be used year round the health spa offers a diverseness of heated indoor rooms to relax, or on ardent days you can lounge on one of the many outdoor patio chairs. My personal favorite spot to relax after soaking in the hot tub would have to be the chairs beside the fire pits as the olfactory property of the burning wood was precisely adorable. For those of you who enjoy the smell of a ardor, there is one hot tub near a firepit seating area where you can enjoy the woodsy smell of the fire while soaking which is in truth divine .
The Polar Bear's ClubThe Polar Bear's Club
When you visit the health spa, one thing to look out for is the waterfall hot tub that is closest to the transfer rooms, which has a minor cave behind the waterfall that you can enter. I found this sport to be a delightful surprise and a great topographic point to relax.

It is authoritative to note when visiting the watering place, that housecoats and locks are not provided with the monetary value of the admission. Both a negligee and a engage for your footlocker can be rented, but I would suggest bringing your own as a manner to save money. In particular, the lock you can rent is rather annoying as it is a key lock which means you need to wear a formative watchband with the key attached the entire time you are at the resort hotel. As person with narrow wrists, I found unmanageable to keep the ring on as it kept slipping off but for most people it should fit fine. The negligee that you can rent on the other handwriting was warm and soft and had a hood if you don ’ thyroxine own a courteous negligee it is surely worth the rental cost of $ 11.95 .
For those visiting the watering place who only speak English, the staff who worked there seemed to all address English besides but do note all the signs are only in French .
The Polar Bear's Club
As the resort hotel is absolutely located future to Mont Saint-Sauveur and a short circuit drive aside from many of the early nearby ski hills the watering place would be ideal for skiers looking to relax their muscles after a day on the mound, or for people staying at cottages in the area. I enjoyed my experience, and while I was not brave enough to dip into the river as the water was freezing cold in the summer months I imagine the ability to alternate between the hot tub and the river would be nice. Despite the fact all the hot tubs were about identical when I visited, I ’ five hundred hush enjoyed my visit and would be matter to in visiting The arctic Bear ’ mho Club again in the summer .



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