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Hollywood for the home

Batman, Fast & Furious, Harry Potter, Marvel, Minecraft, Transformers, and so forth, whether its a model cable car or an legal action figure, Jada Toys brings familiar Hollywood figures into your living board.
These detailed replica of figures and cars turn popular Hollywood stars into extraordinary collector ’ second items. die-cast models in the form of action figures and model cars made from die-cast zinc are a guarantee of fun and timbre .

The greats of Hollywood as unique toys and collector’s items

Marvel fans watch out ! You can find Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool, etc. at Jada Toys as action figures, complete with model cars so that everyone can immerse themselves in the superhero population of Hollywood. The popular Marvel characters are ideal for games, collecting or fair admiring.
Fast & Furious : herculean originals, potent exemplar cars. Intoxicating car races and action-packed stunts make up the nine-part Hollywood series. And with model cars from the series, the common sense of wonder that comes from these tuned cars will keep on coming back. The original equipment, as with Fast & Furious, and the high-quality die-cast zinc technology turn the model cars from the Hollywood films into real eye-catchers.
Hasn ’ triiodothyronine every car enthusiast dreamed of Batman ’ mho Batmobile ? To speed through the dark of the night and ambush the bad guys ? Model cars and Batman action figures bring a act of Hollywood flare to your family.
A little piece of magic trick within your own four walls : Harry Potter figures add that supernumerary charming charm to a child ’ sulfur bedroom. The high quality of the die-cast models and accurate replica of popular Harry Potter stars add real playfulness and use.
Fans of the popular computer game Minecraft will love Jada Toys. Bring the cubelike game world and characters to your home as toys and turn the digital Minecraft populace into real liveliness.

Jada Toys The leading manufacturer of Hollywood action figures and model cars

More than 20 years of have : when it comes to output of die-cast model cars, the american caller Jada Toys is a real technical. The roll includes far more than just vehicles, and now includes popular action figures from Hollywood. Jada Toys besides sells unmanned cars ( RC models ), model construction sets and collector ’ south items.
We make the latest trends from Hollywood and cable car culture accessible to everyone thanks to close collaboration with leading brands such as Batman, Fast & Furious, Harry Potter, Marvel, Minecraft, Transformers, chiefly thanks to a combination of premium licences and state-of-the-art product engineering.
As a major musician in the toy dog industry, Jada Toys is synonymous with quality and safety. high standards in production and timbre assurance ensure that all model cars and action figures are produced in accordance with relevant standards. Jada Toys fans are not just on vogue, but rate high-quality toys …

… Hollywood is now within reach!

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