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Consider the massive digital consumer battle footprint of P & G, the world ’ s second largest CPG major : more than 65 alone brands across 80 different countries, with hundreds of post variations, more than 800 on-line properties and a digital market budget surpassing $ 1 billion. It ’ s an covetous position to be in, but such great size and strive besides brings great complexity, specially in digital market .
Think about the fact that each of these brands may use multiple agencies across countries for digital marketing, not only for creative work but besides for technical foul work. In the days of banner ads, basic HTML, and electronic mail blasts, such an approach may have been accomplishable. But as digital technology became more complex, a massive inefficiency was exposed with each means deploying newly technologies and writing its own technical playbook on how to implement new market tactics .
P & G recognized that this was identical dearly-won in multiple ways―duplicating work was a barren of money, but the procedure besides took a toll on the value of its brands. Since then many different agencies were executing exchangeable types of marketing initiatives without collaboration, the quality of the deliverables and service was highly variable. This presented an discrepant view of P & G ’ s brands across its digital channels .
Standardizing the digital marketing ecosystem

In 2009, P & G decided to pursue a digital decouple model as the best way to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Under this model, all of the creative agencies could focus entirely on what they do good, while the technical study of producing, releasing and maintaining these properties would be owned by a primary seller with expertness in the sphere .
P & G asked Mindtree to propose a model for decoupling their digital market work. Mindtree defined the roles and processes so that the technical and creative agencies focused on their strengths to work as “ One team ” to realize the brand ’ s vision more efficiently. We started by developing a unite serve mannequin for seamless service orchestration and price optimization.

We combined that with a mix government structure to leverage best practices and learning across tracks. Inheriting divers technologies such as .NET, MS SharePoint Server, Java and PHP, Mindtree took over development and maintenance for web, mobile and social development, including localizations. We besides enabled network analytics and content management systems. This significantly increased locate traffic, provided better consumer sympathy and actionable consumer insights .
Developing a unified digital marketing platform

A couple of years into the partnership with Mindtree, P & G embarked on a larger, bold mistreat : build a raw platform for all its brands that would finally become the global ’ mho largest digital marketing ecosystem for a single company. Such a chopine would further streamline, simplify and standardize their digital marketing operations. It would besides integrate best practices for existing services, such as host, search, analytics, consumer data, shop locators, ratings and reviews, and more. This program would make P & G ’ s digital presence better, faster, cheaper and more batten. together we laid out a strategic road map for building the next generation, multi-channel digital presence platform on Sitecore, and defined the processes to onboard P & G ’ s brands through a digital factory. Mindtree besides orchestrated the digital ecosystem, collaborating with versatile P & G commercialize teams, creative agencies and one-third party vendors .
This amounted to much more than merely form houseclean. The platform supports multi-channel digital marketing and provides coherent consumer engagement for its 400+ digital properties―an integration that has reduced time-to-market and cost by 33 %. The platform has driven 100 % adoption by brands. It besides achieved 100 % conformity to privacy, security and legal standards .
This ongoing kinship of more than seven years with over 450 digital consultants from Mindtree is strong, focused and collaborative. The 2016 External Business Partner Excellence Award by P & G is a testimony to our coherent performance and partnership spirit. With distinctly defined roles fulfilled in perfect cycle between P & G as the cardinal drawing card and Mindtree as the digital anchor partner―we continue delivering best-in-class digital experiences to consumers .

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