Open letter about my experience with your law firm.

As somebody that has never needed a personal injury attorney. I just want to drop a small note in regards to Michael Cerjak and his associate Chris Bock. I know from a business standpoint I’m not exactly a big fish that was going to bring in big dollars and I understand that as a general manager of a parts store. I understand business is business at the end of the day I was handled with the utmost professionalism and as a 50-year-old male I am absolutely impressed by the way things were handled from start to finish. Every phone call was answered, every text message was answered, every email was answered and every question was answered and as somebody going through this for their first time in their lives I could not be happier with the outcome. I started this process with low expectations to be honest never been through anything like this in my life and Mike and Chris absolutely made this a flawless experience, so kudos to Cannon and Dunphy and more importantly kudos to Mike and Chris, finding quality people regardless of the job is very hard and you guys have succeeded with these two, I can’t thank everybody involved enough.

Christopher L.

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“They came through for me and my family, and I will never forget that.”

Jason was struck on his motorcycle and spent 23 days in a coma. Watch the video to hear Jason’s story.

Jason S.

“You need someone who will oversee it all and take away the worry.”

Friends and co-workers Sandy and Mary Beth were struck by a pickup truck while walking together. Watch the video to hear their story.

Sandy W.

“Made sure we understood what was happening and what to expect next”

I can’t say enough good things about my recent experience working with Canon Dunphy. I just went through a very painful situation, and Patrick Dunphy, along with the excellent work of his assistant, Athena, helped ease some of that pain for me and my family. My wife told Patrick, “It feels like my world is falling apart” and his kind response was “We are here to help you put it back together”. And that is exactly what he did for us. Patrick was extremely compassionate. kind. patient and professional throughout our entire ordeal. He went to great lengths to make sure we understood every step of the way what was happening with my case and what to expect next. My wife and I encourage anyone that is looking an excellent personal injury attorney to contact Canon Dunphy.

Joshua G. (via Google Reviews)

“ … the extra fourth dimension and feat with Medicare … ”
(Sept 23, 2019) Dear Ed: I want to thank you for all the work you put into our settlement, the extra time and effort with Medicare. It was a pleasure working with you. May you continue your good works of helping people.(Sept 23, 2019)
Sarah and Nathaniel

“Bill Cannon and his team obtained the very best settlement for our mother.”

Our 90-year-old mother, Martha R., is a member of the greatest generation. She has survived a great depression and WWII. She even managed to make it to 88 years of age without so much as a broken bone. But all of that changed in October of 2015 when she was severely injured by a careless driver who backed into her, knocking her to the ground breaking her right hip, her nose and all of her ribs in multiple places. She also suffered several cuts requiring sutures as well as significant and extensive bruising and trauma to her entire body. Our very large family rallied together to get mom the very best medical and legal help she would need to weather this traumatic event. From the moment we contacted Bill Cannon, to the incredibly successful conclusion of her case, Bill treated our mom like she was his mother. Needless to say, mom was smitten! Bill and his incredible team at Cannon& Dunphy handled every single detail of our mother’s case, from the claims process to the mediation, with heartfelt compassion and unsurpassed legal experience. Cannon & Dunphy kept in constant touch with mom and personally made several house calls to keep her abreast of the status of her case. Compassion, Communication, unsurpassed legal expertise, all adds up to a winning combination. Bill Cannon and his team obtained the very best settlement for our mother, surpassing all of our high expectations. As mom says, Bill Cannon is not only my lawyer, he’s my very dear friend.

Martha R.

“We are speechless for all your hard work and dedication.”

We are speechless for all your hard work and dedication…Thank you. For all of your professionalism and class…Thank you. For everything you’ve had to deal with and put up with…Thank you. For always keeping us informed every step of the way…Thank you. For putting your time and heart into your work for us…Thank you. For being such a kind, caring soul…Thank you.

Teri J.

“I am, and will always be, grateful for you!”

Thank you so very much for all your help with my case. You really came through for me. I am, and will always be, grateful for you!

Scott W.

“It has been a genuine pleasure to have your expertise, counsel, and guidance.”

Thank you for your excellent representation in my personal injury claim. It has been a genuine pleasure to have your expertise, counsel, and guidance. I am very pleased with the result of your efforts on my behalf. Throughout these many months, you have, at all times, been professional, articulate, detailed, compassionate, personable and supportive in every way needed. I cannot thank you enough for making this difficult, protracted and, at times, distasteful process tolerable. Your knowledge and expertise; your patience explaining each and every step; presenting scenarios; risks and/or benefits; answering my questions; was an enormous factor in ensuring that each discussion and choice I made was fully informed and made with complete confidence. As busy as I knew you were, I never felt rushed or that you were not giving my every concern, large or small, your complete attention.

Mary K.

“We feel blessed to have found you.”

I just want to express how grateful we are for all of your hard work and for what a great job you did for our case. You helped us through a difficult situation by being professional, competent and yet empathetic and understanding. Thank you for all of your hard work and encouragement – we feel blessed to have found you.

Tim and Jennifer S.

“We just wanted to say “Thanks”.

We just wanted to say “Thanks” for all the times that we have called you and you graciously and promptly returned our calls. We very much appreciate you.

Mike and Darlene D.

“Greatly Appreciated.”

I want to thank you and your staff for the work you did to settle my claim. It is greatly appreciated.

Gail B.

“With sincere gratitude & warmest thanks.”

To whom it may concern, My fiance and I wanted to thank you and Josh for your help with our lawsuit. Josh was a pleasure to have assist us. He was very professional and at the same time provided a very casual atmosphere. Josh kept us updated on the progress and explained the steps of the process. I will definitely recommend Josh to anyone in need of a lawyer. With sincere gratitude & warmest thanks.

Michelle H.

“[We] want to recognize the extra work you employed…”

Dear Patrick; Both Laurie and I want to recognize the extra work you employed here to get this settled and, in the end, negotiate an increase in our claim. While this process is no doubt routine for you, it has been a constant reminder to me of how good things can go badly, but finally, with drive and direction, attain resolution. This certainly requires one to be skilled in their “craft,” and you have filled that role in an exceptional manner. Thank you for the resolution achieved.

Bill & Laura

“We can’t thank you enough.”

Mr. Robinson & Kendra, Thank you so much for all your hard work and what you did for Jan & I. We can’t thank you enough. We still have not spent any money other than paying a few bills and put the rest in the bank with easy access. Thank you again!

Thomas H.

“Knowing that our grandchildren have a secure start is very meaningful to us.”

Dear Bill, Just a quick thank you for the work you did on behalf of our family. As you are well aware, money does not replace Dawn but knowing that our grandchildren have a secure start is very meaningful to us. Also, the relief has made Shawn a much happier and relaxed man.

Jerry W.

“My impression of lawyers is forever changed.”

Robert Crivello was my first experience with a lawyer and he made the experience a fantastic one. Attorney Crivello represented my son in a complex case regarding a canine attack. He was well versed in both current laws and knowing what my family’s needs would be during through time. His approachable and winning demeanor made our family very comfortable. He and the staff at Cannon and Dunphy were seemingly always available to answer any questions we had during such a chaotic time of surgeries, hospital stays and doctor visits. My impression of lawyers is forever changed because of the compassionate attention given to my son’s needs! I would recommend Cannon & Dunphy, specifically Attorney Robert Crivello, for any and all personal injury needs.

Stacy H.

“Thank you for all your help and all you did for me to get the settlement I did.”

Attorney Ed Robinson & Kendra Searing. Thank you for all your help and all you did for me to get the settlement I did. You both were always there to let me know and explain the progress of my case. Very much appreciated for it all and getting me a very fair settlement without going to court and traveling to Arizona. Again thank you for your professionalism and concern for me and representing me which gave me peace of mind. Sure will recommend your firm to anyone needing legal help. Thank you.

Audrey R.

“I will recommend you to everyone I know!”

Thank you very much for your kindness, your timely responses, your willingness to share your knowledge and your time. I am grateful to you for the help you are providing to my family and me. I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Anonymous Client

“Bill Cannon and his staff are a great legal team.”

I recommend Bill Cannon and the team at Cannon & Dunphy with extreme confidence. No one ever imagines that they will be involved in an accident and need a lawyer. However, this happened to me. Bill Cannon and his staff treated me with empathy, respect, and cared about my injuries, my recovery, and the overall healing journey. They navigated the legal process for me and generated a positive outcome. Bill was professionally and personally involved in my case. I’m glad I chose Cannon & Dunphy.

Greg P.

“We would recommend anyone to Bill Cannon and we are grateful for his diligence on our case.”

Working with Bill Cannon and the staff at Cannon & Dunphy was a most enjoyable experience. Our expectations were exceeded at every turn. The knowledge and experience of Bill Cannon made our experience stress free and life changing. We would recommend anyone to Bill Cannon and we are grateful for his diligence on our case. It was also very apparent that Bill commands and receives additional respect from opposing counsel. If put in a similar scenario, we would not hesitate to contact Bill for his advice and guidance.


“Thank you very much for all of the hard work!”

To Ed: Staff, thank you very much for all of the hard work you have done for my case. We would not know what to do without your help and guidance. Words cannot express how grateful we are. I would highly recommend your firm. Thank you!

Chris & Karon

“Relentless in looking out for our best interests.”

I got in touch with Bill about my wife’s accident and he was more than professional. He was totally concerned and his office personnel was top-notch, making sure no stone went unturned. Couldn’t ask for a better person to take our case. Relentless in looking out for our best interests.


“After going through a trauma such as mine, it was a welcome relief to have you in our corner.”

Dear Mr. Dunphy, It is with heartfelt appreciation that we send this note to you. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for all you have done for our family. After going through a trauma such as mine, it was a welcome relief to have you in our corner. Your professional and dedicated manner is unsurpassed. Your compassionate heart has been a blessing. Thank you for helping us move past the hurt and for being such a class act.

Anonymous Client

“If I ever require the services of an attorney, I will certainly retain your firm.”

Mr. Dunphy, In 2011, my elderly parents were involved in a traffic collision when a person driving another vehicle disregarded a red traffic control signal and T-Boned their car. Thankfully, my parents were not seriously injured but they were pretty banged up and their car was a total loss. My parents retained your firm and Mr. Foeckler was assigned the case. My mother, whose health was poor before the crash, subsequently passed a few years later. The settlement was modest-a few thousand dollars, but the money was awarded after my mother’s death. Mr. Foeckler assisted my father with the probate case and even went as far as to pick my dad up at his home and drive him to court. I know some attorneys offer to come to a client’s home, as advertised on television, and Mr. Foeckler did that as well in the initial phases of my parents’ case, but this act was far above and beyond what I would ever have expected; especially for a tiny settlement. I actually sought the unofficial advice of a very good friend and neighbor of yours, who is very well acquainted with the courts, and he suggested I contact your firm. Come to think of it I believe my friend might have mentioned it to you and Mr. Foeckler contacted me. Anyway, the way Mr. Foeckler treated my father, confirms that your firm, and it’s representatives are genuinely interested in helping people, regardless of the size of the case. Please pass along my gratitude to Mr. Foeckler for the kindness he showed towards my parents. If I ever require the services of an attorney, I will certainly retain your firm.

Gregg D.

“You’re true to your word and great at what you do. If you are looking for representation, Ed is your guy, hands down.”

Ed, I want to thank you for everything you did for me after we were dragged through the trenches from the other side. You stood your ground. Because I had a prior neck surgery, they thought they could low-ball us, but in the long run, you stood your ground to ensure me what I had come. You’re true to your word and great at what you do. If you are looking for representation, Ed is your guy, hands down.

Patrick G.

“It really was a pleasure working with you.”

I do want you to know that it really was a pleasure working with you and I appreciated how you kept me abreast of everything that you were doing in order to finalize the case. Thank you again.

Esther C.

“Always professional, honest and willing to go the extra mile.”

We are very grateful for everything that Brett Eckstein and Cannon & Dunphy have done for us. Always professional, honest and willing to go the extra mile. When the people that caused my accident started harassing me and my family – he went after them to make them stop. I felt like Brett did everything he could for us. He kept us well informed, answered all our questions and made sure we knew all our options. He was kind, caring and eager to help us in any way he could. I am so glad to have chosen Cannon and Dunphy to represent me. And if I ever need anything in the future I will be calling Brett Eckstein and Cannon & Dunphy.


“From start to finish he had nothing but my best interest at hand.”

Attorney Robinson was my legal representation for both my personal injury cases. Attorney Robinson is professional, compassionate, extremely diligent, thorough and has a great attention to all detail. When I needed an attorney for my second case, there was no doubt in my mind that Attorney Robinson was my choice for representation. His prior work made me feel comfortable and at ease knowing that I was in good hands. Most importantly, I was able to trust him. From start to finish he had nothing but my best interest at hand. I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome of both of my cases! I have recommended Attorney Robinson in the past and I will continue to recommend him again and again!

Amy F.

“I heard from many people that you were the best at what you do and after my experience with your firm, I have no doubt that what I heard is true.”

Thank you, my interactions with you and Ms. Rossetti were nothing short of phenomenal, always. You were prompt in answering questions, available during off-hours, got me in touch with the right doctors and professionals, and I always felt like you were advocating for the “best deal” for me and my family rather than cutting deals with the insurance company for the easy out. I heard from many people that you were the best at what you do and after my experience with your firm, I have no doubt that what I heard is true. You are worth every penny you earned for us.


“Never thought my case would turn out so well.”

Ed Robinson went above and beyond expectations!! Never thought my case would turn out so well. He always explained everything, including if “I” chose one way or another with any situation. After all is said and done, I am so grateful!!!

Erica K.

“Attorney Ed Robinson was very thorough with my car accident injury case.”

Attorney Ed Robinson was very thorough with my car accident injury case. While I was recovering with over 100+ doctor and physical therapy appointments, Ed was consistently advising while I was receiving treatment. Ed also advised me when meetings from the other insurance companies occurred. My Case lasted a little over 2 years before my case was settled. Ed also has an uncanny sense of humor which does become quite helpful in times of frustration. He’s very straight forward and is great at getting to the point quickly. I also enjoyed working with the office and legal assistants at Cannon and Dunphy who were also involved in processing my claim.

Jason M.

“…placed the needs of our family and the memory of our son first.”

Our son passed away two days after his birth. It was clear that he was a victim of doctor negligence. We desperately searched for answers, explanations, and accountability. Cannon & Dunphy S.C., especially Attorneys Patrick Dunphy and Allan Foeckler, forged their way through the chaos and uncertainty of our complex case. They were able to secure the strongest experts in the nation while negotiating with the most rigid of hospital and insurance lawyers. In addition to being one of the most powerful, respected law firms in Wisconsin, Cannon & Dunphy S.C. combines that reputation with sincere compassion for its clients. Throughout the entire process, Pat and Al consistently placed the needs of our family and the memory of our son first. Their attention to detail and overall knowledge of medical malpractice was simply incredible and ultimately brought the case to settlement. Cannon & Dunphy S.C. provided justice for our precious baby boy.

Nathan S.

“He genuinely cares about his clients.”

My husband & I worked Attorney Robinson & he was absolutely amazing. He came to the hospital within a day of calling to set up the consultation & continued to check in on my husband throughout his recovery. He would call on the weekends to give us an update & was nothing but upfront & honest with us about our case. He genuinely cares about his clients. He is hands down the best attorney in the industry that handles personal injury cases.

Bekki C.

“Went above and beyond negotiating my settlement…”

I never write reviews, but Ed Robinson exceeded my expectations. Would definitely consider Ed a “Super Attorney”. He is professional, compassionate and cares about his clients. Went above and beyond negotiating my settlement and regularly followed-up with me. If you are in need of an expert attorney, contact Attorney Ed Robinson.

Ismael C.

“As a minor … [they] made me feel comfortable from the start.”

Ed Robinson exceeded my expectations, not only in the resulting settlement, but throughout the entire process. As a minor when the claim started, finding the right attorney and filing a law suit was extremely intimidating. Ed is kind, professional, and enjoyable to talk with. When my case went to trial, Ed blew the jury away and made it easy for them to rule in our favor…quickly! Going to trial could have been a horrible experience, but Ed and Kendra were patient, experienced, and made me feel comfortable from the start. Look no further if you are in search of an attorney. I don’t know how Ed does it- he is simply the best!

Michelle W.

“The insurance company refused to do what was right.”

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself suffering from the repercussions of an accident, I highly recommend you seek Atty. Edward Robinson. He is an amazing attorney! He is extremely smart and determined to help you. When I was recovering from my car accident, he was there EVERY STEP of the way to fight for me. He completely understood my pain and struggle, physically and with that of the opposing insurance company who refused to do what was right. He gave sound advice and helped me to receive a fair and just compensation for my past and future medical bills! I completely trust him, his judgment, and his extensive legal knowledge.

Renee R.

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