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Costco Patio Heaters | Patio Heater Reviews | What is the Best Patio Heater? | Heaters for Outdoors | Outdoor Space Heaters | Radiant Outdoor Heaters | Propane Heaters | #heater #patioheater #patio #reviews #costcoCostco Patio Heaters | Patio Heater Reviews | What is the Best Patio Heater? | Heaters for Outdoors | Outdoor Space Heaters | Radiant Outdoor Heaters | Propane Heaters | #heater #patioheater #patio #reviews #costcoCostco Patio Heaters | Patio Heater Reviews | What is the Best Patio Heater? | Heaters for Outdoors | Outdoor Space Heaters | Radiant Outdoor Heaters | Propane Heaters | #heater #patioheater #patio #reviews #costco A patio fastball can turn an intolerable flush into something cozy and fantastic, but knowing where to start when buying one is a challenge .
Costco has a massive image of patio heaters available on-line and they ’ re a smart place to look if you want a good deal .
What brands of fastball does Costco broth ?
Costco has three brands of patio heaters available presently, including Fire Sense, SunVilla, and Seasons Sentry.

However, their range is always being updated and new brands are stocked all the time, with Costco always delivering on their promise for low prices.
If you ’ ra looking for a budget friendly fastball and want a deal with Costco, we can help you figure out what ’ randomness what .
With this review of the patio heater range from Costco and its best and worst features, you ’ ll know whether this is the best place to shop for your winter warm or not .

The Costco Brand and Heaters

Costco Logo Costco is a membership-based retailer that gives its customers access to depleted prices and a kind of brands to choose from .
Within their scope of patio furniture and accessories are heaters, tables and chairs, umbrellas, fire pits, and just about anything you could ask for to make your outdoor space find like a seaport .
The heater rate at Costco varies all the prison term, depending on the brands they ’ re presently stocking and who they ’ ra in partnership with .
Although there are no Costco manufactured heaters, they do have a few democratic brands that they work with, able to give customers a good choice in price and features when looking for an outdoor heater .
Shopping through Costco can be done at any of their locations across the US, with some stores nowadays open globally equally well .
Most of their business is done through their web site though, so even if you ’ ra not close to one of their stores, you can get your newfangled heater shipped within days of purchasing it .

Popular Heater Brands at Costco

Most Popular The choice of heaters changes all the clock time on Costco and brands are always being added or removed, so it ’ mho worth checking regularly to see what ’ south there. There are three brands presently available though, including :


SunVilla is an outdoor live post that not entirely sells patio heaters but fire pits, dining sets, umbrellas, cushions, furniture covers .
Most of their range is available on Costco as an exclusive retailer, and their commitment is to low-cost luxury goods .

Seasons Sentry

Seasons Sentry creates covers for patio products, including your new fastball, dining settings, and umbrellas .
Although they don ’ t make any heaters themselves, their covers are designed to fit most standard sizes that Costco sells .

Fire Sense

This brand creates commercial and residential heaters for outdoor practice, and they ’ re a good option if you want a standing patio fastball .
Their roll on Costco is one of the biggest and they ’ re an single retailer for the brand .

The Good and Bad of Shopping With Costco

The Good And Bad Costco is a one-stop patronize for patio furniture and accessories, vitamin a well as a huge scope of family goods .
If you plan on buying your raw heater from the ball-shaped retailer, you should first be mindful of the adept and the bad that comes with it .


  • Cheap prices: Costco promises to beat competitors’ prices and then goes above and beyond this with regular sales and promotions. If you want the cheapest price on a patio heater and they stock the one you’re after, Costco is the best place to shop.
  • Easy to use heaters: Every heater that Costco sells is designed for simplicity and for everyday people to use.
  • Accessories available: Not only can you buy the heater through Costco, but also any accessories that go with it. They stock other products from the same brands and hundreds of other patio pieces so it’s a one-stop shop.


  • Limited range: The current range of heaters at Costco only encompasses three brands and just a single page of products to choose from. Although this changes regularly, it’s somewhat limited when you look at what other patio retailers have to offer.
  • No premium products: There are no premium or expensive options through Costco as they have a commitment to low prices. If you have a specific brand in price or want a top-of-the-range patio heater, you won’t find it here.
  • Shipping fees: You’ll need to pay for shipping fees on most of the heaters listed with Costco, which can add a lot of money to the total. If you choose express post, this is even more, whereas some retailers promise free shipping on their heaters.

Important Safety Features

Safety First Costco only stocks brands with a committedness to condom, and by looking at the three manufacturers they have available, it ’ sulfur clear they understand what ’ mho required for the condom operation of a patio fastball .
These are the features you can expect to find when you shop through Costco for yours :

  • Push button ignition that means less fiddling around with the heater or fire pit;
  • Included covers with each of the heaters;
  • Wheels on the standing patio heaters for safe and easy transport;
  • Auto shut-off feature will turn off the heater immediately if it tilts over too far;

The Best Buyers for a Costco Heater

The Best Shopping for a new patio fastball at Costco is a fresh travel for anyone who loves a bargain, as they have some of the lowest prices for these brands .
If you ’ re a penis of Costco you stand to save even more and you can get far deals if you shop during a promotion menstruation or sale .
however, the rate international relations and security network ’ thymine that impressive, and if you like to compare a lot of products for features and price, Costco can ’ triiodothyronine give you that .
They presently merely have three brands available and most of their standing heaters come from precisely one of them, so you won ’ thymine get a massive choice .
These heaters are a adept choice for person wanting a elementary, low-cost, but effective heater .
They come from mid-range brands, are priced accordingly, and will do a great job of warming your patio during winter, but credibly aren ’ t the best high-end models in terms of design or functionality .

Shipping, Warranty, and Customer Service

Costco Buying from Costco is easily, whether you want the heater shipped or prefer to buy it from one of their 800 stores and warehouses across the state .
You choose your method of shipping during the checkout process, with express shipping and standard ship both offered by UPS .
Costco offers a 100 % risk-free satisfaction guarantee on any product you buy through them, so you get a chance to try out your fastball first base and see if you like it .
In addition to that, each heater brand offers a manufacturer ’ s guarantee that covers the product for 12 months, for your peace of mind .
The customer service and support from Costco is what makes them a favorite .
They have a member care telephone number that ’ second serve every day of the week at different hours, social media pages, and a detail FAQ section on their web site for everything else .
If you buy a heater through them, you can be guaranteed ongoing support for the life of the product, which is a huge bonus .

Patio Heating Done Cheaply

Costco has an ongoing commitment to customers to provide low-cost home goods and their range of patio heaters proves that they do it well .
If you don ’ thymine want to spend a lot on a patio fastball but still want something reliable, the patio fastball Costco range has plenty to offer .

Related Questions

Questions The addition of a bare patio fastball is adequate to bring warmth and ease to any outdoor outer space, but there ’ s a fortune more to these devices than meets the eye .
To get the basics on what type of fastball your patio needs and the features to look for, we ’ ve answered some FAQs that can help you out .

How Many BTUs Do I Need to Heat My Patio?

The size of your patio can dictate how many BTUs a fastball would need to warm it efficaciously, but it ’ s not the alone feature of speech you should look for .
For a smaller 1,000 to 1,200 squarely feet of space, you ’ ll want at least 21,000 BTUs, and astir to 30,000 BTUs for 2,000 squarely feet.

How Long Does a Tabletop Patio Heater Last?

A tabletop patio heater using a propane cylinder will last around five hours on the lowest set up and two hours on the highest .
If you want a better supply of propane or gas, you can choose one with an adapter hose that lets you attach it to a larger tank, so it can effectively run all night .
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