How to Use Passmedicine Effectively – Revising Rubies

Choosing the Topic

inaugural, you need to decide how you will go through the questions .
I suggest that you go through, subject by topic, depending on what your future examination is .
For model, if you have a cardiology and respiratory examination coming up, this is how you could do the questions :

  1. Do half of the cardiology questions (as soon as you start the module)
  2. Do half the respiratory questions (once you’ve done half the cardio questions)
  3. Start combining cardiology and respiratory questions
  4. Redo the questions that you got wrong (if it has been >4 weeks since doing the questions)

The argue for doing this is that it gives you a probability to get used to the cardiology questions before moving on. If you start mixing the questions besides early, you may find it difficult to learn myocardial infarctions deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as you should know them.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not start doing questions besides former .
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be the person who just blazes through 100 questions the day before the examination .
You need to spread the questions out .

Doing the Questions

When answering a interview, ensure you pay full attention and treat it as if you were in an examination .
Don ’ thymine expect things up on Google .
Don ’ t ask a supporter .
once you have decided what the suffice is, submit the answer to see if you got it right .

Getting an Answer Right

If you get an answer right, well done !
You should still be looking at the notes to see what could have been improved, specially if you guessed the answer .
however, don ’ triiodothyronine spend excessively hanker on a motion you got right. About 20-30 seconds should be enough ( depending on the question ) .
This is because you should be spending the most amount of prison term on incorrect questions .
besides, don ’ thymine waste your time looking through the comments.

Getting an Answer Wrong

If you get an answer wrong, you should be spending at least 1-2 minutes finding out why it was ill-timed. Sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes of Googling and researching to in full understand everything .
Read through the full explanation. Read the interview again. Read the notes again. Be exhaustive .
There ’ s besides no need to worry about the share of people who got the interview right .
Whether 30 % of people get the interview right field or 90 %, it makes no remainder to you .
You are only using this as a learn opportunity. If you got everything right, why are you doing Passmedicine in the first locate ?
If you get a question wrong you should spend a good amount of time going through the explanations. Here they have highlighted that females have a 6 times higher risk. This means it is important and you should pay attention to it.

Transferring the Information Into Anki

Passmedicine and Anki is an excellent combination .
Anki is bang-up for remembering those slippery to learn facts and ordered-lists
sol how do you use them together ?
After doing a wonder in Passmedicine, you should copy any pieces of information that you have never heard before into Anki. Create a few flashcards for each point so that you tackle the topic from multiple angles .
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate create excessively many flashcards though as they can start to pile on top of each other .
There is are excellent pre-made decks which UK doctors have created that can help supplement the cards you make. Check it out here.

however, if you are will to put in the attempt, making your questions can be much more beneficial as you can focus on your fallible points .
But, using Anki is the most important thing, so evening using a pre-made deck systematically is going to be much more beneficial than reading Passmedicine notes 5 times over and over again .
If you don ’ triiodothyronine know what Anki is then check out my dispatch template here !

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