PacMan 30th Anniversary & 9 Other Google Doodles You Can Still Play

In 2010, Google commemorated the thirtieth anniversary of PacMan with a playable Google Doodle, but that was n’t the merely game they ‘ve created. Starting in 1998, Google began occasionally replacing the logo that would appear on their home page with a stylized “ Doodle ” designed to celebrate a specific person or event. These “ Google Doodles, ” as they came to be known, were a highlight of the site ‘s user experience flush in the early days. however, they did n’t become engrained in pop culture until the 2010 handout of the wildly democratic Pac-Man thirtieth Anniversary Doodle, the first Google Doodle that was besides a playable television game .
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Since then, Google has released many playable doodles, all of which can be found in the Google Doodles Archive here. For this list, we ‘ve selected a few of the best scribble games from the last ten and included links so you can try them out yourself.

10 The Great Ghoul Duel (2018)

The Great Ghoul Duel, Google ‘s beginning on-line multiplayer Doodle, was introduced for halloween 2018. Players split up into two teams of four and try to collect as many “ spirit flames ” as possible before time runs out. Collecting more flames will allow you to get power-ups such as accelerate boosts and magnets. The game besides includes respective different maps for increase replayability .
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A playable version can be found here .

9 Pangolin Love (2017)

A four-part Doodle created for Valentine ‘s Day 2017, Pangolin Love is a side-scrolling gamble where players control a pangolin traveling to visit his “ scaly sweetheart. ” Along the way, he collects versatile different objects to create gifts inspired by four different species of pangolin. The Doodle was created in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to draw attention to the illegal trade wind of pangolins .
A playable translation can be found hera .

8 Magic Cat Academy (2016)

Google ‘s Halloween 2016 Doodle puts players in the character of Momo, a freshman student at the Magic Cat Academy. When the school is attacked by ghosts, Momo has to defend it by “ drawing ” spells symbolized by the player drawing different shapes using their cursor. The game includes five levels, each of which ends with a emboss battle .
A playable interpretation can be found here .

7 Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 245th Year (2015)

In 2015, the Google Doodle team released a puzzle-based game for the 245th anniversary of Beethoven ‘s baptism. The fib follows Beethoven as he encounters diverse obstacles on his way to the symphony orchestra manor hall, forcing him to reassemble the sheet music for his greatest compositions .
A playable version can be found hera .

6 Halloween Global Candy Cup (2015)

Google ‘s first interactional Halloween Doodle tasked players around the globe with collecting candy for one of four teams : Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue, each of which was personified by a similarly-colored witch. The team with the most sugarcoat at Halloween 2015 ‘s conclusion was deemed the achiever of the Global Candy Cup. even though the contest is over, the game can still be played on-line, and, while the controls are fairly elementary, getting a perfective score of 500 points is n’t deoxyadenosine monophosphate easy as it might seem .
A playable version can be found here .

5 155th Anniversary Of The Pony Express (2015)

For the hundred-and-fifty-fifth anniversary of the Pony Express, Google created a Doodle to celebrate the horse-mounted mail carriers who made it potential. Players take operate of one of these riders as they collect letters on a side-scrolling map filled with obstacles and traps. The game proved popular ; while merely 100 letters can be collected in a single playthrough, more than 1 billion letters have been collected worldwide to date .
A playable translation can be found here .

4 Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary (2013)

For the fiftieth anniversary of the popular television receiver series Doctor Who, Google debuted a point-and-click venture game where the objective is to retrieve all six of the letters in “ Google ” from the Daleks who stole them while playing one of eleven doctors. The game has five singular levels and includes batch of easter eggs. Plus, since the integral thing is time-based, players can go back and try to get through each level faster than ahead.

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A playable version can be found here .

3 Zamboni Doodle (2013)

A game that centers around an old man driving an ice resurfacer may sound bore, but Google proved differently with a Zamboni-themed Doodle released in 2013. Dubbed “ the arctic gamble that puts you in the hot seat, ” the Zamboni Doodle tasks players with clearing the frosting using the arrow keys before their fuel runs out. Like many other Doodle games, it besides includes respective unique power-ups and obstacles .
A playable adaptation can be found here .

2 2012 Summer Olympics (2012)

Google released four separate synergistic Doodles for the 2012 Summer Olympics, each of which involves a different sport. The Basketball Doodle challenges players to make as many baskets as possible in 24 seconds, while the Soccer Doodle challenges them to block as many shots are possible before getting three “ strikes. ” The Hurdles Doodle is about clearing 10 hurdles arsenic fast as potential, while the Slalom Canoe Doodle is about clearing a course of obstacles as fast as potential while riding in a canoe .
Links to each scribble : basketball, Soccer, Hurdles, Slalom Canoe

1 Pac-Man 30th Anniversary (2010)

The Google Doodle that started it all, an interactional adaptation of Pac-Man for the game ‘s thirtieth anniversary, was introduced in 2010. While it was in the first place going to be a one-off east wind egg, the game ‘s positivist feedback encouraged the Google team to make more interactional logo. The Doodle was estimated to have been played by more than one billion people in just its beginning three days .
A playable adaptation can be found here .
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