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When a job calls for specialize skills and cognition, you call in the experts ( most likely after realizing you can ’ metric ton do it yourself despite researching and even subscribing to all the related newsletters ). You find a skilled virtual assistant when you need an excess set of hands. You hire a business lawyer when you need guidance on authoritative contracts. You use HR outsourcing when you need expert help complying with policies and efficiently running your small business .
If you ’ rhenium not already doing the last one, then it ’ s a effective time to start. HR outsourcing can save you time, money, and stress, and those are barely the top-line benefits.

This post explains everything you need to know about the HR outsourcing tendency and even dives into what the best hour outsource services for 2022, such as Bambee HR, can do for you .
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What Is Human Resources (HR) Outsourcing?

HR outsourcing is the practice of securing human resources services and expertness from sources outside your company. Most much, these outside sources are HR outsourcing companies, such as Bambee HR, who can connect you with experts who require zero train to immediately jump in and help you with anything from promote policy development to administrative tasks .
Two key subtypes of HR outsourcing, sometimes called HRO, services include:

  • Professional employer organizations (PEOs), which often manage employees along with clients and also provide key HR and administrative services.
  • Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs), which provide key HR and administrative services.

Which HR Functions Can Be Outsourced?


Most commonly outsourced HR functions (HRO Survey):

  • HR Consulting
  • Benefits Administration
  • Time Tracking
  • Insurance Services
  • Performance Management

Additional HR functions:

  • Payroll Administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Client Management
  • Policy Compliance Management
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Policy Development
  • Staff Training and Coaching
  • Labor Law Compliance
  • Employee Termination
  • Audit and Wage-Claim Assistance
  • Talent Management

Why Is HR Outsourcing Important For Small Businesses?

HR outsource can help little businesses ( specially those with restrict fiscal and homo capital ) enjoy top-of-the-line subscribe that meets all the Society for Human Resource Management ’ randomness metrics for effectiveness, including access, handiness, dependability, and adequate communication .

HR outsourcing helps small businesses do what they need to, namely:

Focus on growth, not on administration.

  • When employees and company owners who are not HR experts (like Bambee’s) try to perform essential HR tasks, they can easily waste valuable time just trying to understand regulations and paperwork requirements. Using HR outsourcing can free up time for strategic planning.

Take care of their employees.

  • Don’t underestimate the “human” element of human resources. Professional HR outsourcing ensures employees receive the benefits, care, training, and support they need to feel valued. (Tip: Provide solid HR support along with other morale-boosters to make employees feel truly appreciated.)

Follow complicated rules and regulations.

  • Local, state, and federal employment regulations and requirements vary from state to state and change as often as 75 times per year. (That’s a lot to keep track of, especially if doing so is not your only responsibility.)
  • A dedicated, outsourced HR professional will know about the rules and the changes, helping you avoid penalty fines or worse—business-draining litigation costs. (There’s a reason about 28% of this survey’s respondents cited “lower risk” as a compelling reason to outsource HR.)

Practice smart spending.

  • Outsourcing HR services can help companies optimize spending in a variety of ways. (In fact, nearly 80% of people responding to a Deloitte outsourcing survey said providers satisfied their cost-centric expectations)
  • Outsourcing HR can help companies put off the expense and risk of hiring a full-time HR team while also maintaining compliance and proper employee support.
  • Outsourced HR professionals have expertise and knowledge, so they can also help you get the best deals on the best benefits, coverage, and other company-wide services and systems.

The Best Small Business HR Outsourcing Companies & Services

1) Bambee

Look no far for your human resources “ match made in eden. ” Bambee has you covered !
Bambee is an HR outsource service that matches you with a skilled HR master who can help you develop policies, sympathize and comply with regulations, and sol much more .
Consider Bambee your expert matchmaking service for homo resources professionals .

HR tasks they will take on:

Tasks you may outsource to Bambee include, but are not limited to :

  • Unemployment Claims
  • Government Communication
  • Policy Development
  • Policy Compliance
  • Staff Training and Coaching
  • Labor Law Compliance
  • Employee Termination

What makes Bambee a great HR outsourcing service?

  • Bambee helps small businesses enjoy the expertise and essential guidance of a dedicated HR professional at a beyond-reasonable cost.

Best for:

  • Small businesses, especially those too small to have dedicated HR departments.

Standout Features

  • Employee Voices feature lets everyone in your company interact with your HR experts
  • Staff training assistance boosts policy compliance
  • The platform includes features for managing policies, collecting signatures, and more
  • Internal document review helps you get existing documentation up to standards


  • Plans start at $99 per month. Visit Bambee’s pricing page for details.


hera ’ s what one Bambee exploiter said on Trustpilot :

We have been working with Bambee for several months nowadays. Cynthia, our HR Specialist is amaze ! Both her verbal and written communications are easy to follow and if I have a doubt she is veracious second with me. She is courteous, concise, net and helpful. She very listens to my questions and when appropriate she knows I am constantly concern in best practices then she provides those as well. She besides looks for consistency in our policies and when we are out of alliance she makes recommendations. She has been a frightful help to us, we are beaming to have her .

2) CoAdvantage PEO

coadvantage-logo (1)
CoAdvantage PEO offers clients payroll and HR solutions, an excellent on-line platform for managers and owners, and a capital deal of structure and constancy from the company itself.
With CoAdvantage PEO you can get a full-service PEO solution on top of excellent management and lease tools to help your business grow.

HR tasks they will take on:

The main tasks CoAdvantage PEO will take on are but are not limited to :

  • Payroll processing
  • HR administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Compliance and risk-management support
  • Recruitment support and services
  • Training options

What makes CoAdvantage PEO a great HR outsourcing service?

Their on-line tools and general services make them a great HR outsourcing military service for many businesses, as are their authentic standard PEO services .

Best for:

CoAdvantage PEO is a fine choice for businesses of about any size, but we recommend it for businesses with more than 10 employees or will be growing quickly in order to take entire advantage of their perks and services .

Standout Features

  • Excellent payroll and HR administration services.
  • An excellent online platform and management tools for yourself, your managers, and your employees.
  • Some of the best recruitment tools in the industry.
  • An easy and helpful onboarding process


Pricing for CoAdvantage PEO will depend on the size and needs of your business, angstrom well as what services your business is interest in. We recommend if you are matter to to contact a representative and get a quotation mark .


here are a few quotes from a positivist review of CoAdvantage PEO on :

“ The platform blueprint was very aesthetically pleasing and adjust hours and looking up employees on the back end were well accessible. ”

3) Zenefits

Zenefits provides you with HR solutions, delivered via a full-bodied on-line platform, that are tailored to your business size and needs .
Get full-service patronize with talent management, policy conformity, and more .

HR tasks they will take on:

Tasks you may outsource to Zenefits include, but are not limited to :

  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Administration
  • Audit and Wage-Claim Assistance
  • Talent Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Performance Reviews

What makes Zenefits a great HR outsourcing service?

  • Zenefits’ outsourcing provides all the services you could possibly demand from an in-house team.

Best for:

  • Zenefits offers solutions suitable for both small-to-medium businesses of 5 – 149 people and larger businesses of 150 – 5,000.

Standout features

  • Employee benefits feature makes it easy to offer top-notch perks
  • Expert workers’ compensation assistance helps employers save money
  • HR software helps you automate procedures
  • Experts help develop responses to regulatory agencies


  • Prices depend on company needs. Contact Zenefits to learn about pricing options.


One felicitous drug user wrote the follow review on :

“ We ’ ve been using Zenefits for over a class now and utilizing it for everything from hiring software documentation, background bridle authorization, managing org charts, and managing paid meter off requests and approvals. I am a big fan of their discipline materials, and in fact these were linked in my first day onboarding documents. The system is highly drug user friendly and there are many templated “ starting-points ” to use, particularly on the subcontract offer slope, so you don ’ t have to start from incision to create a job offer, which is very big. I like how there ’ s a mobile app, and on a pair of occasions when I ’ ve forgotten to officially request my PTO ( and I was on PTO ), I ’ ve been able to log on and do so .

4) Workday

workday offers a homo das kapital management system that delivers the amazing benefit of combining up-to-date engineering with HR expertness .
Companies can use workday to self-manage HR initiatives, enhanced by experimental insights and system-based cognition .
workday ’ s insights help companies optimize processes spanning the entire roll of an employee hertz, from staffing to career increase solutions .

HR tasks they can help you streamline:

workday can help you automate and streamline the keep up HR functions and then some :

  • Benefits Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Time and Absence Tracking
  • Workforce Planning
  • Global Compliance

What makes Workday a great HR service?

  • The self-service system is perfect for adding sophistication, efficiency, and structure to existing or developing HR support models.

Best for:

  • Medium-to-large businesses

Standout features:

  • Insights correlate individual performance to overall company performance.
  • Configuration tools let you program the system for your own regional rules.
  • Analytics empower companies to make both incremental and long-term improvements.


  • Prices depend on company needs. Contact Workday’s sales team to learn about pricing options.


One Software Advice commentator gave Workday high praise for value and insight :

“ Value. One elementary word. Workday ’ s HCM platform is the Bentley of HR software. It ’ south easy to use and provides incredible insights to employee and company data. ”

5) Trinet

Get the custom-make HR subscribe you need without taking time away from other pressing aspects of developing your business. Trinet ’ s HR solutions can help you get the support you crave from an in-house HR team without taking fourth dimension off to recruit a team by attending HR conferences .

HR tasks they will take on:

Tasks you may outsource to Trinet include, but are not limited to :

  • Payroll Management
  • Tax Code Assistance
  • Regulation Compliance and Assistance
  • Talent Management
  • Strategic HR Planning

What makes Trinet a great HR outsourcing service?

  • Trinet is flexible enough to accommodate companies that are just starting out and need help ASAP.

Best for:

  • Businesses of all sizes, from 5 – 1000+ employees

Standout features

  • A comprehensive platform provides an HR hub for employees
  • Workforce analytics put HR data at your fingertips
  • Versatile reporting features help companies analyze data
  • Employee benefit options help companies streamline offerings


  • Prices depend on company needs. Visit Trinet’s pricing page to view policies and request a quote.


Check out this glowing Trust Radius follow-up :

“ We are a small ad-tech inauguration. I selected TriNet before we hired our first full-time employee to provide HRIS, low-cost benefits, payroll, submission and HR support. It became the anchor of our employee programs and fiscal chase. Over the course of the year we ’ ve successfully on boarded 7 executives. ”

Bonus: G&A Partners

This full-service HR company takes on all the administrative tasks of a full-time specialist. They cater to companies with growth mindsets—companies that need specialized HR services to develop their businesses in smart ways .
Using G & A Partners, small businesses can promptly and easily connect with HR professionals while spending about no time on rent and training .

HR tasks they will take on:

Tasks you may outsource to G & A Partners include, but are not limited to :

  • Benefits Administration
  • Safety Training
  • Policy Compliance
  • Payroll Administration

What makes G&A Partners a great HR outsourcing service?

  • G&A Partners helps growing companies, who can’t take time off for hiring and training, quickly get expert HR help.

Best for:

  • Small-to-medium and/or rapidly growing businesses

Standout features

  • A single-sign-on employee platform simplifies onboarding and employee management
  • A sophisticated applicant tracking system helps companies optimize the hiring process
  • An e-learning platform enables companies to provide professional development courses and training


Prices depend on company needs. Contact a G&A sales representative to learn more about their pricing model.


This quotation from one customer recommendation illustrates the big-picture benefits of HR outsource :

“ Payroll, tax filings, getting health insurance, getting [ employees ] onboarded—all of those factors take time, and time costs money. Having a PEO partner allows us to focus on making certain we have the right person to help us grow our business without focusing deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot on how we ’ ra going to take care of the employee ’ mho requirements. ”

People Also Ask These Questions About HR Outsourcing

Q: What tasks of HR are typically outsourced?

  • A: The tasks of HR that are typically outsourced include payroll administration, bookkeeping, accounting, client management, policy compliance management, and more. You can review a variety of HR outsourcing companies and the tasks they will take on in this list.

Q: Can you outsource HR for a small business?

  • A: Yes, you can outsource HR for a small business. In fact, for some small businesses, outsourcing HR might make more sense than investing time and effort in hiring and training full-time employees. HR outsourcing services can quickly connect small and growing businesses with trained HR experts who are ready to take on administrative tasks immediately.

Q: What are the pros of outsourcing HR in 2022?

  • A: The pros of outsourcing HR in 2022 include:
    • Getting expert help immediately
    • Gaining time to focus on strategic planning
    • Providing top-notch care and benefits to employees
    • Abiding by complicated rules and regulations
    • Optimizing business expenditures
    • Lowering the risk of penalty fines or lawsuits
    • Enhancing and streamlining business operations

Q: Is payroll an HR function that can be outsourced?

  • A: Yes, payroll is an HR function that can be outsourced. Many HR outsourcing companies handle payroll administration, management, and processing. You can review a variety of HR outsourcing companies and the tasks they will take on in this list.

Q: How does HR outsourcing reduce costs?

  • A: HR outsourcing can reduce costs by connecting you with experts who can find the best deals on benefits, coverage, and other company-wide services and systems. Outsourcing might also help companies delay or avoid the expenses of hiring and training their own HR staff.

Q: How does HR outsourcing impact my employees?

  • A: HR outsourcing impacts your employees positively by helping them gain access to professionals who will accept questions, complaints, and concerns. Outsourcing to one of these providers may also give employees access to better benefits, more efficient processes, and streamlined systems.

Q: Why is HR outsourcing important to a small business?

  • A: HR outsourcing is important to small businesses, especially those with limited financial and human capital because it can help them enjoy top-of-the-line services and consulting without investing time and money to hire and train a full-time HR team.
  • HR outsourcing is also important because it allows small businesses to do what they need to, namely, focus on growth, take care of their employees, follow complicated rules and regulations, and practice smart spending.

Q: Are there HR outsourcing services that I can hire?

  • A: Yes, there are a variety of HR outsourcing services that you can hire. This list outlines several HR outsourcing services and details what tasks they will take on, what company size they cater to, and even what users have to say about their offerings.

Q: How much does a typical HR outsourcing service cost?

  • A: One HR outsourcing service we looked at costs as little as $99 per month. To learn about costs for most HR outsourcing services, you’ll need to discuss your requirements and company size with a service representative.
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