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The items below will explain a little about OBK and our philosophy. New products are being sourced and added to our armory, sol be certain to bookmark our locate so you can watch our newfangled site grow and evolve. Plus it will allow you to check in on our latest products. WHO ? OntarioBeerKegs is one of the most extensive on-line craft beer and home brew supplies stores in Canada. 100 % family-owned. Some of our employees have years of homebrewing feel from extract brewing to all-grain brew. Our staff can formulate beer recipes, answer your questions about home brewing, the equipment and ingredients needed. Our employees have made 1000 ‘s of batches of beer ! WHAT ?

Our inventory is huge. rarely will you find that we are out of home brew kits or keg-related products. Our malt distill, hops and yeast arrive hebdomadally, guaranteeing freshness. We are constantly brewing and polish our choice of homebrewing recipe kits. Check out all of our 100+ homebrewing recipe kits. Keep in equal with our web site and see if we have added any recipes of the month or seasonal worker recipe specials. Due to the number of requests we have been receiving we are now stocking Micro Matic. WHY ? Patrick got into selling homebrewing equipment because he is a homebrewer himself and had problems finding the equipment and ingredients he needed not only to brew his beer but to store and dispense besides. His goal is to make a wide stove of products equally accessible as possible and to steer the novice brewers in the correct direction right field from the start. He decided to make the beer recipe kits available nationally because of our customers. They kept telling us how the timbre and excerpt of our recipe kits are better than any they had seen locally and nationally. We are proud of our full range of beer recipe kits. WHEN ? Our canadian orders are shipped via Canada Post, FedEx & Purolator, directly from our warehouse daily. With our Canada Post, FedEx & Purolator tracking systems you ‘ll know precisely where your product is from the fourth dimension it leaves our store until it arrives at your home.

HOW ? community What does Toy Soldier intend to you ? To our OBK family, it means helping to make a child ‘s life a little undimmed. Each class 100 % of the sales of our 5.25 US gallon Toy Soldier Stout Extract Kits and OBK Toy Soldier Stout All Grain Kits go to our Perth County community. Patrick and Angela direct all money from the sales of these kits towards the campaign – not fair a assign – the entire purchase monetary value.
Due to the sales of these kits and the generosity of our customers, this Toy Soldier Campaign has grown. What started as a way to brighten Christmas for children and their families has expanded, and now we can provide funds to assist families throughout the year.
many of our customers have contributed to this Toy Soldier Campaign not lone by purchasing one of our Toy Soldier Stout beer recipe kits but besides by buying a Gift Certificate indicating they want the money donated to this investment company.
Toy Soldier Stout Pint Glasses are in our inventory, and you will receive one with every Toy Soldier Stout kit buy. These glasses may besides be purchased individually. WHERE ?

We ship from our family-run business in Mitchell, Ontario.
94 Wimpole St.
Mitchell, Ontario
N0K 1N0
Canada Email Support Hours : Monday – Friday : 9:00am to 4:30pm

Please be advised that Ontario Beer Kegs is an on-line retailer. We are not able to accommodate those who may wish to visit our localization to make a leverage or to pick up their orders .

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