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Best Online Master’s in Elementary Education Programs

BestColleges ranked the top on-line master ’ mho in elementary education to help you find your best burst. Evaluate programs by flexibility and price. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or peer results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or early editorially-independent information published on this site. Completing a victor ‘s in elementary education helps both existing teachers and career changers. They can learn about advanced educational hypothesis, physique leadership skills, and engage in meaningful inquiry.

Programs vary in cost based on where a student attends and lives. public in-state tutelage typically costs less than tutelage at out-of-state and/or private colleges. Most students pursuing headmaster ‘s degrees graduate within 1-2 years, depending on whether they take classes separate time or full clock .
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ), the issue of jobs for kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to grow by 7 % from 2020-2030. This can be encouraging news for prospective degree-seekers looking at lead on-line schools and trying to decide whether to go to graduate school .
Salaries for these education professionals depend on several factors, but they earn median annual wages over $ 60,000 .
Keep understand to learn about normally necessitate classes, democratic career pathways after commencement, and opportunities for continuing education .

What Can I Expect From an Online Master’s in Elementary Education Program?

People considering an on-line overlord ‘s in elementary education typically enjoy working with younger students and helping them learn raw ideas, build relationships, trouble resolve, and think critically .
They enjoy working with a kind of personality types and find fulfillment in educating others. In preparing for graduate school, prospective students should make sure their interests and personalities align with this field.Most master ‘s in elementary education programs consist of 30-40 credits and take from 1-2 years to complete. Schools normally offer half-time, full-time, summer, and on-line options. so busy students can find ways to fit classes into their schedules .
In addition to general coursework, many colleges and universities provide specializations to help degree-seekers concentrate their cognition and skills in a especial sphere. These can vary based on individual programs, but common offerings include :

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Special Education
  • Educational Leadership
  • Education Technology
  • Gifted and Talented

After completing all coursework, most programs require students to do a practicum or teaching internship — specially for students who do not hold a bachelor ‘s in education or previous teaching experience/licensure. In accession, students may need to complete a master ‘s dissertation .
Some schools provide a overlord of education ( MAT ) in elementary education, while others offer a master of education ( M.Ed. ) in elementary education. The former focuses more on leadership skills, and the latter helps prepare graduates for classrooms or for instructional coach roles .

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Popular Online Master’s in Elementary Education Programs

Learn about begin dates, transferring credits, handiness of fiscal aid, and more by contacting the universities below .

What Courses Will I Take in an Online Master’s in Elementary Education Program?

Teaching Reading at the Elementary Level

This run examines historical and contemporary approaches to teaching reading and literacy in elementary classrooms. It emphasizes coarse issues and challenges and data-driven approaches to solving these problems .

Research in Elementary Education

Designed to help students build their research skills, this course calls on them to investigate and interpret research in an original research report. Learners can choose their topic based on educational interests. sometimes this is called legal action inquiry, where they can conduct research in their own classrooms .

Classroom Management

Designed for classroom educators, this course looks at ways to create effective learning environments and keep students engaged. It besides touches on how to work with students who may need support with their behaviors .

Differentiation in Elementary Education

This course helps students learn the skills needed to manage differentiated teaching in classrooms. It emphasizes adapting and modifying course of study and lessons to fit the needs of the students in the classroom .

School, Family, and Community Partnerships

This class examines the importance of kin and community involvement in school settings, particularly when encouraging diverseness of idea and experience. Students besides learn skills in building partnerships. An exercise of a project could be developing a plan to implement and engage the community or writing a award .

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What Are the Admission Requirements for an Online Master’s in Elementary Education Program?

When reviewing calibrate admission guidelines, students will likely notice that requirements for on-line master ‘s in elementary education programs typically mirror those of campus-based programs .
Some master ‘s in elementary education programs require students to have an undergraduate education degree and a teaching license. Others allow those from unrelated backgrounds to enroll in their headmaster ‘s program .
competitive programs may require prospective students to participate in an consultation as a manner of narrowing candidates and making final decisions .
Some programs have a double program where you can obtain your licensure and your overcome ‘s degree .


College applications vary from platform to program, but most normally ask for exchangeable information. This includes the applicant ‘s broad name, mailing address, go steady of birth, and citizenship condition. Some schools forfeit application fees, while others typically charge between $ 50- $ 100 for march .

Test Scores

Some maestro ‘s in elementary education programs require standardize test scores, while others do n’t. The most common ask tests include the GRE or MAT. Some schools may allow learners to skip testing if their undergraduate GPA is eminent enough .

Letters of Recommendation

Most schools ask for letters of recommendation to better understand how current/former professors, supervisors, volunteer coordinators, or religion leaders view candidates. Letters of recommendation besides provide the opportunity for admissions professionals to determine a student ‘s readiness for graduate education .

Resume and Work Experience

College application resumes play an substantive region in the admission summons and far help determine if students are ready for a master ‘s degree program. Some master ‘s in elementary education programs only accept candidates who already have a teach license, while others may allow career changers into their programs .


Essays allow prospective students to differentiate themselves from other candidates. They can explain why they want to pursue a master ‘s in elementary education. When writing a alumnus school try, be sure to explain the intelligent behind earning this degree and why that particular school is the most sympathetic to you .

What Can I Do With an Online Master’s in Elementary Education Degree?

Career Outlook

Earning an on-line overcome ‘s in elementary department of education can provide the train and qualifications needed to work in a variety show of positions. The BLS projects that the issue of jobs for kindergarten and elementary school teachers will grow by 7 % from 2020-2030, leading to the creation of approximately 111,500 fresh positions .
As of May 2020, these professionals received median annual salaries of $ 60,660, while those in the top 10 % of earners took home more than $ 100,480. Graduates typically work in populace or individual elementary schools. But they may besides work in course of study development, nonprofit organization young development settings, or even for a governmental education means .
See where a headmaster ‘s in elementary education can take you. Learn more about teaching careers .

Career Paths

Elementary School Teacher

elementary school teachers typically teach grades 1-5 and cover basic topics like mathematics and read. In addition to creating assignments and example plans, they grade and evaluate students ‘ cultivate. They besides collaborate with other school professionals and students ‘ syndicate members to produce the best scholar outcomes .
Median Annual Salary (as of May 2020) : $ 60,940

Special Education Teacher

special education teachers work with students experiencing learn, emotional, intellectual, or forcible disabilities. They provide educational program appropriate to their students ‘ skill level. These teachers besides develop individualized education programs ( IEPs ) for their students and discuss progress with mate staff members .
Median Annual Salary (as of May 2020) : $ 61,500

Instructional Coordinator

instructional coordinators use their cognition of classroom education and learning outcomes to develop newly instructional materials. They normally review testing data from previous years to determine how well students understood the corporeal presented. These coordinators make recommendations for raw textbooks and materials.

Median Annual Salary (as of May 2020) : $ 66,970

Assistant Principal

Working directly under principals, assistant principals help carry out their supervisor ‘s plans. They oversee federal and state performance guidelines, oversee corrective protocols, and study with staff, parents, and other residential district members to enhance and maintain school safety, among early responsibilities .
Average Annual Salary (as of February 2022) : $ 74,020

Elementary School Principal

Principals oversee school and administrative operations, ensuring learners and staff alike receive the train and support they need. They review course of study standards, set class schedules, provide teacher evaluations, and discuss scholar advancement and behavior with parents. These professionals set the school ‘s budget and function with district supervisors. They besides need specific star licensure and papers .
Median Annual Salary (as of May 2020) : $ 98,490

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Continuing Education

After earning their on-line master ‘s in elementary department of education, some graduates decide to continue pursuing higher department of education to qualify for more advance roles. Most do not work toward a higher degree in elementary education, but several doctorates can help them move up the career ladder .
park examples include a doctor’s degree in course of study and education, a doctor’s degree in education, or a doctor’s degree in special education .

Best Accredited Online Master’s in Elementary Education Programs

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How We Rank Schools

At BestColleges, we believe a college education is one of the most significant investments you can make. We want to help you navigate the college choice process by offering diaphanous, inclusive, and relevant school rankings .
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Frequently Asked Questions About Master’s in Elementary Education Programs

Is a headmaster ‘s in elementary education worth it ?
Depending on your goals, a passkey ‘s in elementary education can be deserving it. Pursuing this degree may lead to a higher wage and more opportunities for leadership positions .
According to the National Council on Teacher Quality, teachers with a master ‘s degree earn an average of $ 2,760 more in their first year of teaching than those with a knight bachelor ‘s academic degree .
This give derived function continues to expand over prison term, with those at the final step of the give scale earning an average of $ 7,360 more per class due to holding a master ‘s degree .
With a dominate ‘s degree, graduates may decide to pursue education leadership roles or specializations like course of study and teaching, special education, or STEM .
What can I do with a maestro ‘s in elementary education ?
Earning an on-line master ‘s in elementary education makes great sense for individuals looking to boost their career prospects .
Whether moving into the discipline after completing an unrelated bachelor ‘s degree or upgrading existing department of education credentials, master ‘s degree qualifications can lead to significant opportunities .
In addition to working in a classroom mise en scene, some educators may decide to transition into education design roles that normally require a master ‘s degree. Others may decide to focus on build leadership and management experience, finally qualifying to take on a speculate as a star .
Are elementary education graduates in demand ?
According to the BLS, the phone number of jobs for elementary school teachers are projected to grow by 7 % from 2020-2030 .
In addition to closely 1.5 million existing positions, the BLS projects that 111,500 new jobs will be added by the end of the decade .
In addition to new jobs, approximately 124,300 jobs are projected to open each year due to teachers either transferring to a different job/industry or retiring from the work force. Students looking for a steady career often gravitate toward elementary education .
How much money can I make with a master ‘s in elementary education ?
As of May 2020, elementary school teachers earned median annual salaries of $ 60,940. Those working in local public schools earned the highest median annual wages of $ 62,050, while those working in secret schools earned $ 50,050. several factors can affect how much a master ‘s in elementary education graduate earns, including their job title, employer, localization, and how much know they possess .
Because most schools use yield scales, teachers with more experience can earn substantially more than those who recently graduated .
What are the highest-paying jobs with a overlord ‘s in elementary education ?

After earning a master ‘s in elementary education and exploit in the classroom for a few years, some educators may decide to apply for an administration role .
annual salaries for elementary school principals hit a median of $ 98,490, as of May 2020. Those in the circus tent 10 % of earners took home median annually salaries over $ 152,500.Most schools require that chief candidates have at least five years of classroom know, so it could take a while before teachers start earning salaries nearing six figures. According to the BLS, principals working in public schools typically earn more than those in private schools .
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