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explore on-line teaching degree programs. Compare schools and see what you could be doing after commencement. explore on-line teaching degree programs. Compare schools and see what you could be doing after commencement.

Online Teaching Degree
The demand for teachers in every capacity is steadily, with most degree holders earning between $ 30,000 and $ 60,000 ( Bureau of Labor Statistics ) .
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Types of Online Teaching Degree Programs

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Some of these on-line education degrees can help prepare you to be a head teacher, while others can help prepare you for teaching speciate classes .

Online Education Teaching Degree

online teacher having a class in front of her computer
If you are matter to in a flexible agenda or want a prospect to work with students who may not be able to attend a traditional classroom, you could consider becoming an technical in on-line education .
Being a distance teacher involves many of the same principles as classroom teach, but you ’ ll besides need to learn skills related to technology use and engaging students when you ’ re not right following to them .
Your course of study will likely begin with introductory teach classes ; the principles you learn there may apply to traditional and distance-education settings. These may include classes like Foundations of Education and Learning Theories. Your classes should besides include information about using technology for educational purposes .
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For model, you may get an introduction to some of the on-line teach platforms that are presently available, and you may discuss the importance of using programs that are both desktop- and mobile-friendly .
additionally, you will need to learn strategies for effectively delivering contentedness and assessing the cognition of students who are army for the liberation of rwanda away. With this degree, you might become a teacher for an on-line public school or an on-line homeschooling serve. You might besides teach english to oversea students. With enough calibrate education, you may become qualified to lead on-line college classes .

Online Early Childhood Education Degree

Early Childhood Education teacher teaching young students how to write
early on childhood education normally encompasses teaching children from birth to age eight. If you want the opportunity to shape children ’ south hearts and minds during these formative years, you may want to select this specialization as your college major .
This program covers the emergence and development that takes place in the first years of a child ’ sulfur animation. It will likely cover strategies for encouraging healthy increase, such as proper nutriment and positive family environments, vitamin a well .
The course of study may include courses on children ’ second literature, course of study development and design, and teaching methods. Some courses in early childhood programs may cover working among diverse populations and teaching students with extra needs. You may need to complete coursework that includes a student teaching seance .
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As an early childhood professional, you might get a job in a childcare facility so that you ’ ll have opportunities to work with children all sidereal day long. Your education may even prepare you to take a leadership role as a adeptness film director .
Preschool teacher is another career way to consider with this degree, or you might work as a classroom assistant. With state teaching credentials, you might besides work as an elementary school teacher ; your license may allow you to teach kids up to third gear grade .

Online Elementary Education Teaching Degree

elementary teacher teaching his students using a digital tablet
Kids who are good starting in school need caring teachers who can establish a hard educational initiation for them. As an elementary school teacher, you may guide kids as they learn to read, do beginning math problems, explore their worlds, and navigate friendships .
This degree is normally geared toward teaching kids from kindergarten through sixth rate .
To get ready for this province, you ’ ll want to study child exploitation, theories of learn and motivation, instructional methods, and scholar appraisal. You ’ ll necessitate to take classes on teaching subjects like mathematics and social studies and explore literacy and reading instruction .
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To teach you how to become an effective teacher in any setting, you ’ ll need to learn about cultural diverseness and limited needs. Most programs end with a student-teaching experience so you can try out your skills in a classroom place setting and learn immediately from elementary school teachers who are presently working in the field .
To teach in most schools, you ’ ll indigence to be licensed by your department of state. once you hold licensure, you may work in an elementary school as a cosmopolitan department of education teacher or one who focuses on a especial subject area, such as reading skills or mathematics .

Online English Language Learning Teaching Degree

English teacher teaching her students basic English words
Kids are unusually adept at acquiring new languages, specially if they have a caring teacher to guide them through the process. Adults who are acquiring English skills need this type of aid angstrom well .
If you want to teach people how to become better at public speaking, writing, read, and listening in English, then you should earn your on-line teaching degree in English linguistic process learn, much known by the acronym ELL, TESL, ESL, or TESOL .
For this degree, you ’ ll credibly get a general overview of learning processes and educational theories. Most of your courses, though, will probable specialize in the skills and understanding that you ’ ll motivation for helping people become adept in a second linguistic process .
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These classes may include Listening in English and Strategies for Second Language Acquisition. Your studies may besides help you improve your skills at working with diverse groups of English language learners and across cultural lines. You may have the opportunity to travel afield or complete an internship .
With this degree, you may teach domestically or abroad to help people improve their cognition of English. many ESL teachers work with pornographic english language learners in residential district programs. With the proper certifications, you might be able to provide terminology aid to kids in a public educate zone .

Online Health Education Teaching Degree

health educator teaching how to do CPR to community health workers
Do you have a passion for helping others live safe, healthy lives ? possibly you ’ d enjoy a career in health education. Through your workplace, you can have opportunities to teach others how to learn about taking wish of themselves and their children. The lessons you teach may motivate people to make goodly choices .
To teach others about health, you ’ ll necessitate to be an adept on the subject yourself. Classes on diseases, nutriment, and anatomy will probably be essential components of your studies. You may besides learn to share information through engaging presentations or helpful publications .
many health educators run residential district initiatives, so you ’ ll credibly study how to assess needs, plunge programs, and evaluate their potency. You may besides need to study selling methods so you can get your messages out to the community .
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many people with this education degree choose to become health or affected role educators. For a job like that, look for a position with a community constitution, a health clinic, or a hospital system. You might besides become a broadcast coordinator or a manage coordinator for clients in a human services program .
With extra studies and credentials, you could teach health to school-age students .

Online Math Education Teaching Degree

Math teacher teaching his students how to solve word problems
If mathematics class was constantly your favorite part of the school sidereal day, then you may want to become a mathematics teacher. Quality math instruction can teach students how to gain confidence in a subject that is frequently considered challenge .
As you teach kids to work with numbers, you can besides help them develop important critical think skills .
If you ’ re looking to become a mathematics teacher, you ’ ll indigence to learn instructional skills and classroom management techniques. You ’ ll besides have to take quite a few mathematics classes ; these will likely cover algebra, statistics, and tartar .
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After fulfilling your general mathematics requirements, you ’ ll probably take classes on turning your extensive mathematics knowledge into docile subject. After learning how to create moral plans and deliver engaging contentedness, you may exercise your skills as a student-teacher .
To teach mathematics in schools, you ’ ll motivation to become license by your state. Your licensure may qualify you to deliver instruction in populace or private schools, normally at the junior high or senior high school school degree. You could besides consider becoming a mathematics tutor for struggling students .

Online Montessori Education Teaching Degree

Montessori teacher letting her pupils paint during art session
Montessori teach is an approach to education that prizes following children ’ south lead in their memorize. Teachers encourage students to be independent and engage in tasks that intrigue them .
Becoming certified in Montessori education can help prepare you to use these strategies to improve student accomplishment in your classroom and promote yourself as a Montessori teacher .
To become a Montessori teacher, you will need to study child development and explore how kids acquire linguistic process, think, and movement skills. Your studies can besides help you learn how to observe children and assess their educational needs .
Montessori courses promote teachers to engage children with interest experiences and hands-on materials .
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Montessori discipline programs do not normally offer the necessary classes for department of state teach licensure, so it may be best to already have your teaching credentials before beginning a aim program .
After completing your Montessori courses, you can apply for teacher certificate from the american Montessori Society. Montessori teachers normally work with new children, so you may want to become a preschool or elementary teacher. This approach to teach is much used in specialize individual schools, so becoming certified as a Montessori teacher may open up newfangled job possibilities for you .
Montessori teaching skills can besides be useful for daycare providers and social workers .

Online Music Education Teaching Degree

music teacher teaching her student how to play a piano
Studying music helps kids interact with others, learn what they ’ rhenium adequate to of, and increase their chances of academician success. If you ’ d like to foster those opportunities by helping kids research music, then you might be a good candidate for a music department of education course of study .
Of naturally, it ’ s a beneficial mind for you to have your own musical abilities if you ’ re going to pursue this career .
music students take multiple classes on music history and hypothesis. These courses can help you learn the fundamentals that underpin all music skills and lead you in creating music that is pleasing to the ear .
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They can besides help you learn how to lead groups of vocalists and instrumentalists, teach with specific instruments, and use technology that can bolster kids ’ learning. Before commencement, you may try your hand at student education .
As a music teacher, you might lead school band, orchestra, or choir groups. You could besides pursue ferment as a general music teacher who introduces kids to the fundamentals of music and teaches them to appreciate a variety of styles. More much than not, many music teachers take on a blend of these roles. Teaching credentials will credibly be required for most kindergarten to 12th-grade positions. An alternate would be to teach secret music lessons .

Online Science Education Teaching Degree

science teacher checking his student's work during Biology class
Do you love leading experiments ? Are you constantly curious to learn a much as you can about the human body or the natural global ? possibly you ’ vitamin d enjoy helping students kindle those lapp interests. A teaching degree in science education might be for you .
As a science education scholar, you will probably take general education classes, such as lessons on instructional methods, course of study development and execution, particular education, and classroom structure. You should besides take a kind of science classes to help you become equipped with batch of data to pass on to your prospective students .
Courses on science direction can help you learn how to present that information on an age-appropriate level in classroom settings. You may major in cosmopolitan science education or pick a specific area of focus like biology, earth science, chemistry, or physics.

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science teachers normally provide education at the junior high and high school levels. You might besides have opportunities to be a skill specialist in elementary schools. A state teach license will normally be required for any of those teaching positions .
After gaining feel, you may be able to move into a course of study and teaching position so that you can improve student accomplishment and shape how science is taught in your school zone .

Online Special Education Teaching Degree

Special Education teacher teaching sign language to a deaf child
Some students need an excess measure of manage and guidance. To work with students who have disabilities, you ’ ll want to study extra education. This degree can besides equip you to teach kids whose academic skills are above those of their peers .
Whatever sort of modifications your students require, a limited department of education teaching platform can help you learn how to provide that corroborate .
In a special education program, you may take classes like Inclusive Education, Learning Disabilities, and Student Assessments. The course of study development procedure can help you learn how to address a variety of learning needs and modify your direction accordingly .
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You ’ ll need to learn about the laws that govern particular education and how to write and follow Individualized Education Programs ( IEP ). Depending on your interests, you may take classes that focus on specific disabilities, such as autism. The program will credibly include a semester of student education .
This degree may prepare you for country teaching licensure. You may be qualified to work with all grades, or your license may be specific to special education at the elementary, middle school, or senior high school school level. As a special education teacher, you might work with students with behavioral, cognitive, or forcible disabilities, or you may coordinate programs for academically endow students .

Courses for a Degree in Education

Courses for a Degree in Education
Being a capital teacher requires you to understand how people learn and what motivates them to grow and develop. You ’ ll besides need to become more knowing about the subject count you plan to teach .
finally, it ’ sulfur significant that you acquire skills that you ’ ll habit sidereal day in and day out, like classroom management, course of study planning, and how to navigate education law. here are some courses that are in many education degrees :

  • Curriculum and Instruction: This class can help you learn how to pick out curriculum and materials that can reach your students and meet grade-level standards. This course also covers delivering those materials in effective ways and performing assessments.
  • Education Law and Ethics: Learning to be a responsible teacher is the main focus of this class. The topics may include mandated reporting for child abuse and following Individualized Education Programs.
  • Educational Psychology: Students in this course study what makes people want to learn new information and how outside factors can help or hinder the process.
  • Educational Technology: This course introduces students to new developments that can enhance students’ learning experiences. You may cover in-classroom technologies and distance-learning systems.
  • Exceptional Students: This class is an introduction to disabilities that affect students’ learning and discuss strategies for teaching prospective students with special needs.
  • Foundations of Literacy: This course can help you gain a better understanding of how children’s literacy skills develop and allow you to explore reading difficulties and strategies for addressing them.
  • Human Growth and Development: This course is an overview of physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development throughout the lifetime.

Teacher formulation programs for aspiring teachers – particularly those leading to licensure — typically require a scholar teaching seance. During one of your last semesters of your college department of education, you ’ ll credibly study aboard a veteran teacher so you can try out your teaching skills and learn what it ’ s truly like to be in a school .

Bachelor’s Teaching Degree Salary

Bachelor’s Teaching Degree Salary
Although aspiring teachers don ’ thymine normally choose this career path based on wage alone, it ’ south still helpful to know what you might make in the education profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some versatile teaching roles include :

Career Bachelor’s Degrees to Consider Median Annual Salary Projected Job Growth Over the Next 10 Years
Training and Development Manager Education Studies, Adult Education $113,350 7%
High School Teacher Science Education, Math Education, Secondary Education $61,660 4%
Special Education Teacher Special Education $61,030 3%
Middle School Teacher Middle Level Education $59,660 4%
Kindergarten/Elementary School Teacher Elementary Education $59,420 4%
Career or Technical Education Teacher Middle-Level Education, Secondary Education $58,110 2%
Health Educator Health Education $55,220 15%
Adult Literacy Teacher English Language Learning, Adult Education $54,350 -10%
Preschool Teacher Early Childhood Education $30,520 2%
Teacher Assistant Education Studies, Early Childhood Education $27,920 4%
Childcare Worker Early Childhood Education $24,230 2%

Your wage is likely to increase with know and education. many school districts have a set schedule for give raises based on years served and college credits earned. far education may besides qualify you to teach as a college professor, or sour as a school administrator or an instructional coordinator .

Certification and Licensure Following an Education Degree

professional educator receiving a certificate
While your teaching academic degree and state of matter license are meant to show your competence to work in the classroom, national teacher authentication programs can help you demonstrate that you have what it takes to rise to the top. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards issues certifications to teachers who excel in their areas .
Earning these certifications may help you rise to leadership positions in your district or increase your chances of landing a promise new job .

Art, Early and Middle Childhood

If you teach artwork in a preschool or elementary specify, then this may be the certificate for you. The certificate is for teachers who work with kids ages 3 to 12 .
The standards for this program concenter on your ability to teach the ocular arts. This includes disciplines like sculpture, paint, and drawing .
To be ranked as an accomplished teacher, you must connect kids to art history, revolutionize creativity, and encourage aesthetic growth. You should besides foster an atmosphere of exploration in which students have opportunities to express themselves .

English Language Arts, Adolescence and Young Adulthood

This teacher documentation choice is for gamey school teachers — specifically, those who work with students between the ages of 14 and 18 or higher. It ’ sulfur designed to acknowledge excellence in teaching language arts, including read, write, and speak .
To earn this documentation, you ’ ll want to be good at all aspects of language arts education. In other words, you can ’ thymine qualify entirely on your ability to teach writing well .
You ’ ll want to demonstrate that you have what it takes to deliver quality direction that covers literary genres, essay-writing, listening strategies, and more .

Health Education, Early Adolescence Through Young Adulthood

The Health Education standards apply to teachers who work with students who are 11 or older. good health teachers aren ’ thymine unidimensional in their understand of health ; they realize that it encompasses physical, aroused, and sociable health .
Your role as a health educator can help students make good choices for the respite of their lives. Becoming board-certified can help demonstrate that you understand this responsibility .
To earn certificate, you ’ ll necessitate to prove your teaching competence in respective key areas. These vary from disease and injury prevention, drug use, stress management, and healthy eating .

Music, Early and Middle Childhood

music teachers who work among kids ages 3 to 12 can apply for this teaching authentication. To earn this certificate, you ’ ll necessitate to demonstrate how you encourage every child — even those who may not appear to be gifted in this area — to develop musical skills .
For this credentialing course of study, you can choose a finical area of peculiarity. The options are Band, Orchestra, and Vocal/General .
No matter which you choose, you ’ ll besides need to demonstrate how you teach general music-education skills. You may be evaluated on your cognition of music hypothesis or operation direction .

Physical Education, Early Adolescence Through Young Adulthood

P.E. teachers in the upper grades can look into receiving this grade of physical Education certification. This division is geared toward the education of students who are at least 11 years old .
Great P.E. teachers are experts in exercise science, and they know how to translate that cognition into age-appropriate activities and lessons for kids. Your examination scores and portfolio submissions will be used to determine whether you ’ re a teacher who excels in those areas .
The competencies for this certificate besides address nutriment, drive skills, healthy choices, and lifelong fitness .

Social Studies–History, Adolescence and Young Adulthood

high school teachers of history and social studies can look into this certificate that addresses the education of students between the ages of 14 to 18 .
To excel in this area, you need to teach students how to make connections between their current lives and the events and cultures of the past. Doing that can make history come alive for young learners. You ’ ll change state in portfolio items that show the ways you do this in your classroom .
Topics covered in the credentialing examination include U.S. history, economics, civics, geography, government, and world history .

World Languages, Early Adolescence Through Young Adulthood

french and spanish teachers can pursue teacher certificate in World Languages. This certificate is specifically for those who teach students ages 11 to 18 .
Earning this certificate requires exhaustive cognition of how people acquire foreign languages and how teachers can bring out students ’ best language-learning efforts .
The other determining factor in whether you qualify for this authentication is your grasp of the foreign lyric you teach. french teachers must have an excellent understand of french vocabulary and grammar, while spanish teachers need to possess stellar spanish skills .

Accreditation for an Online Education Degree

logos of six regional accreditors
Getting great on-line department of education degrees starts with choosing a regionally accredited school. This is a appellation that ’ second given to schools that systematically demonstrate authentic educational practices and satisfactory academic outcomes .
There are only seven organizations in the U.S. that are approved to hand out regional accreditation. If your school is recognized by one of those organizations, then you can trust that you ’ ll receive a decent education. If not, then it ’ second fourth dimension to look for a different school .
otherwise, you may end up with a education degree that ’ s not respected by employers or grad programs .
When you ’ re going into teaching, it ’ south besides a good theme to seek out a college that ’ mho been approved by an industry-specific organization. Known as programmatic accreditation, this is a type of certificate that is given to approved teacher planning programs that do a great job of preparing department of education students to work in a certain plain .
The chief programmatic accreditor for teaching programs is the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation ( CAEP ) .
This group provides accreditation for undergraduate and graduate programs that get aspiring teachers fix to work in preschool to 12th-grade settings. CAEP uses outcomes-based standards to determine whether a plan is eligible for accreditation .
The group was formed in 2013 when the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education ( NCATE ) and the Teacher Education Accreditation Council ( TEAC ) merged. today, some schools still hold valid accreditation from one of the erstwhile groups .
When one of those programs comes up for reclamation, the school will be evaluated against the new CAEP standards, and accreditation will be granted under the CAEP name. But for now, if a educate boasts NCATE or TEAC accreditation, there ’ s no indigence to worry .
Although licensure requirements vary among states, accredited programs — whether they bear the CAEP, NCATE or TEAC name — may do the most dependable job of preparing you to become accredited after commencement .

Financial Aid for Online Teaching Bachelor Degrees

screenshot of FAFSA website
If you want to become a teacher, you ’ ll have to invest in an applicable college degree that offers a teacher training program. That costs money, but don ’ thymine let worries about tutelage dissuade you from pursuing that goal. rather, research how fiscal aid opportunities can reduce your college bills .
You ’ ll credibly want to start with federal aid. You may be able to get grants that you won ’ metric ton have to repay or loans with low-interest rates .
You ’ ll determine more about your eligibility after you submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA ). You may receive similar aid from your state as well .
Scholarship money can significantly reduce your tuition costs arsenic well. These gifts may come from organizations in your community or home programs .
You may want to consider applying for the scholarship opportunities listed below, most of which are offered entirely to education students .

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation Scholarships: This organization gives both merit- and need-based scholarships to education students who demonstrate leadership and service.
  • Federal TEACH Grant: If you’re willing to work in a field with teacher shortages or among low-income populations after graduation, you may be eligible to receive grants from the federal government.
  • Jack Kinnaman Scholarship: If you are a member of the NEA Student Program, you can apply for this scholarship worth $2,500.
  • Robert Noyce Scholarship Program: STEM students who agree to teach in low-income areas may be able to receive financial help through this program.
  • org Inspire Our Future Scholarship: This program provides financial assistance for students who are earning a degree in teaching or school administration.

Your college may offer eruditeness money, arsenic well. In fact, you should discuss ways to reduce your bill with the school ’ s fiscal aid office. They may be able to suggest extra support sources .

Questions Related to Earning a Teaching Degree Online

hera are our answers to a few more questions you might have about earning an on-line education academic degree .

Can You Become a Teacher with an Online Degree?

To get started with your teaching career, you can earn an on-line knight bachelor ’ s degree in early childhood, elementary education, extra education, or another teaching-related field .
If you already hold a knight bachelor ’ south in a different field, you could consider preparing for your state teach licensure by enrolling in an on-line master ’ south in teaching program .
besides, if you truly want to get into the classroom cursorily, consider pursuing an accelerate teach degree program .

Can You Become an Elementary Teacher Online?

There are many on-line college programs for studying elementary education. You may be able to complete coursework wholly through on-line study. To finish your program, though, most approved teacher homework programs may require you to complete an in-person education practicum in order to receive live, student teaching experience .
You may be able to do this at a school in your local anesthetic area .

What Is the Best Online College for Teaching Degree?

There are many good schools where you can earn an on-line teaching degree as part of a teacher training program. To find the one that ’ s the best choice for you, look for a school with both regional accreditation and the approval of CAEP or a related administration .
Make sure that the education degree program is aligned to your department of state ’ mho licensure standards as well .

How Much Is an Online Teaching Degree?

tutelage for on-line education degrees is normally comparable to on-campus tutelage rates, but you may save by not needing to pay for room and board.

tutelage costs can vary wide, but you may pay $ 20,000 to $ 40,000. In-state public schools are often cheaper than other options, and fiscal aid can help lower your costs for on-line education degrees .

Is an Online Teaching Degree Different Than a Traditional Teaching Degree?

The only difference between an on-line education academic degree and a traditional teaching degree is how you obtain it. however, both degrees will prepare you with the appropriate teach background and can qualify you for the same opportunities to teach .

List of School Offering Online Teaching Degree Programs

methodology : The following school list is in alphabetic decree. To be included, a college or university must be regionally accredited and offer academic degree programs online or in a hybrid format .

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