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Are you ready to find your fit ? is an advertising-supported locate. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this web site. An on-line business management program is a capital way to enter the clientele field. Learn more about top on-line programs here. An on-line commercial enterprise management degree prepares learners to lead belittled teams or entire organizations. Graduates may work as department directors, managers, or headman executive officers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) projects clientele and fiscal occupations to grow 8 % from 2020-2030. Professionals in this discipline earn a median $ 72,250 per annum.

commercial enterprise management degree-seekers hone their interpersonal communication skills. They learn how to use strategy to increase fiscal growth. They besides study market, accounting, and logistics .
This page lists the most low-cost on-line occupation management degrees. Read on to learn about costs, common classes, and potential careers for graduates with a degree in business management .
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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Management

What kind of jobs can you get with a business management degree?

Graduates may work as managers or directors at corporations or nonprofits. Degree-holders can besides start their own businesses .

How much is a business management salary?

Professionals in management occupations earn a median $ 109,760 per annum, according to the BLS .

What is the highest-paying job in business management?

architectural and engineer managers rank among the highest earners. They earn a median income of $ 149,530 per annum .

Why Get a Degree in Business Management?

A degree in business management may lead to lucrative jobs that pay higher salaries than the national medial. many professionals in this field do not work weekends or evenings .
Most organizations consider business managers top-level executives. These professionals typically earn more than coordinators or specialists. Some professionals work their way up to management condition without a degree. however, they may lack cognition of management theory .
Students pursuing on-line business management degrees benefit from flexibility. They can frequently continue their careers while earning their academic degree .

How Much Does a Business Management Degree Cost?

College costs an average of $ 35,331 per annum, according to This visualize includes books and supplies. however, on-line learners may spend less. Students spend an average of $ 51,091 to earn an on-line bachelor ‘s degree.

many factors influence degree costs. For model, public state schools normally charge less than private colleges. In addition, schools typically charge less for in-state students .
Program length may besides impact cost. Students who finish their degrees quickly can save money. Colleges often raise tutelage rates per annum to account for inflation .

Additional Online Student Fees

​​Students pursuing an on-line business management academic degree should budget for extra expenses. many on-line programs charge engineering fees that cover virtual classroom platforms and video conferencing services. These fees may besides cover technical foul accompaniment for distance learners .
Earning an online degree requires a dependable calculator and internet entree. Business students may need to pay for software like Microsoft Excel. on-line students should besides budget for textbooks. They can save money by buying used or digital versions .
early expenses may include charges for a diploma or official transcript copies .

How Much Do Business Management Graduates Make?

Earning an advance degree in business management may lead to higher-paying positions than many early U.S. occupations. Professionals with an MBA earn an modal of $ 87,000 annually, according to Jan. 2022 Payscale data .
Salaries vary depending on professionals ‘ roles and employers. For case, human resources managers earn an annual median wage of $ 121,220. Lodging managers earn $ 56,670 .
Geographic location besides influences wage. For example, californian fiscal managers earn a mean annual engage of $ 162,650. The lapp professionals in Colorado earn $ 172,400 .

Courses in Business Management

Most knight bachelor ‘s programs require 120 credits and take four years to complete. Master ‘s programs normally require 60 credits and take two years to finish. Students pursuing a degree in commercial enterprise management practice their active heed and interpersonal communication skills. They explore strategic planning and how to set goals. Learners besides explore ways to motivate other professionals .
Most business management degrees cover many subjects, such as public relations and finance. See below for three common classes in business management programs. Keep in thinker that courses vary by program.

  • Management Theories

    Learners explore various management approaches. They read case studies about contrasting methods and study research reports that test the covered theories. This class encourages critical thinking through classroom discussion. Students discover different ways to motivate people depending on their characteristics and strengths.

  • Foundations of Marketing and Public Relations

    Students learn how marketing and public relations influence a company’s success. They explore best practices for communicating with company stakeholders. Coursework may cover social media strategy, audience messaging, and brand awareness. Some business management programs let learners select a concentration in marketing or public relations.

  • Logistics Business

    Degree-seekers learn the foundations of supply and demand. Learners discover how to source materials and oversee the design, manufacturing, and transportation of goods. The class covers how expenses influence a product’s price. Part of the class also covers best practices for logistics coordination.

Career and Salary Outlook for Business Management

An on-line business management academic degree prepares students for jobs in many industries. Every large business needs diverse managers to function by rights .
See below for three types of managers. Each position requires a alone skill set, which we identify in the descriptions .

  • Financial Managers

    These professionals prepare financial statements and make recommendations to increase profits. They supervise employees who manage budgets, like department directors. Financial managers need accounting knowledge. They must also know how to analyze market trends. These professionals usually work for one organization. However, some provide consulting services.

  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

    These managers use their strategy knowledge to increase sales. They work with a variety of professionals to ensure a clear message. These professionals also collaborate with photographers, copywriters, and graphic designers to build brand awareness.

  • Sales Managers

    These managers oversee sales teams. They provide advice and direction to professionals who pitch ads and products directly to consumers. Sales managers must know how to set realistic sales goals for employees. They may write scripts and offer critiques to enhance sales success.

source : BLS

Online Business Management Degrees 2022

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