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Computer Science Degree Online

An on-line bachelor ‘s degree in calculator science can open rewarding career paths. An on-line calculator science degree can help professionals advance their current careers or enter a modern field. Computer skill graduates can pursue careers as software developers, data scientists, and data security system analysts — all jobs that offer median salaries in the six figures and faster-than-average projected job growth .
many computer skill employees work remotely, making these careers largely pandemic-proof. As the technical school diligence continues to grow, online calculator skill graduates can expect strong career demand. Computer skill graduates can besides pursue graduate programs in calculator skill, data science, or machine determine .
Our rank of the best on-line bachelor ‘s in computer science programs can help students find the right fit. This article besides explores career and wage outlooks for different computer skill jobs.

Popular Online Computer Science Programs

What Is Computer Science?

Computer skill is the cogitation of computers, calculator technology, and computational systems. Computer scientists work in fields like engineering, clientele, healthcare, and academia .
Computer scientists write software code, solve computing problems, and design algorithm to analyze data. Computer skill professionals can specialize in areas like computer systems, programming languages, or software mastermind. Newer specialties include artificial intelligence and human-computer interactions, which rely on up-to-date engineering .

What Is an Online Computer Science Degree?

An on-line bachelor ‘s in computer skill broadcast covers fundamental calculate and program concepts. Students learn programming languages and the basics of software technology. many on-line computer skill programs offer concentrations that allow students to tailor their degrees to specific career goals. common concentrations include data science, information security, and information management systems .
Online knight bachelor ‘s in computer science programs besides include general education and elective courses. General education requirements normally cover humanities, social science, and natural skill classes, which all help build critical thinking skills .
The flexibility of attending an on-line college may appeal to students balancing their studies with work and family obligations. Online learners typically complete the lapp coursework and requirements as students in on-campus programs .

Choosing the Best Online Computer Science Degree Program

prospective students should consider factors like tutelage monetary value, degree requirements, and institutional reputation when choosing an on-line program. You can use our resources to learn more about what to look for in an on-line college and how to pick a college. You can besides check out our resource on how to choose your major .

The Best Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science Programs

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Online Computer Science Programs Ranking Guidelines

We ranked these degree programs based on quality, course of study, educate awards, rankings, and repute .
Our methodology
here at, we take the entrust and social welfare of our readers identical badly. When making our school and program rankings, our top priority is ensuring that our readers get accurate, unbiased data that can help them make inform decisions about on-line education. That ‘s why we ‘ve developed a rigorous ranking methodology that keeps the needs of our readers front and center .
Our proprietary, multi-criteria ranking algorithm analyzes identify data indicators — as collected by the union politics — for each school or program. What data we use depends on the concentrate of each specific rank, but in all cases, our ranking methodology is unprejudiced : Schools can not buy better rankings at TBS .
While specific criteria under circumstance can vary by ranking, there are a few data points that we value most highly. They are affordability, academician quality, and on-line registration. Below, we break down our algorithm to help you understand what you ‘re getting when you use one of our rankings .

  • Academics
  • Affordability

  • Online Enrollment

Data Sources

The data used in TBS rankings comes chiefly from the federal government, and much of it is provided by the schools themselves. We aggregate and analyze this datum to build our rankings .
The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System ( IPEDS ) is our primary reference. Its data comes from annual surveys conducted by the U.S. Department of Education ‘s National Center for Education Statistics ( NCES ). Every college, university, or technical school with access to federal fiscal aid must participate in these surveys, which include questions about registration, graduation rates, finances, and staff qualifications. This is publicly available data, which you can access yourself through the College Navigator .
additionally, because we respect a personal reach and the professional experience of our staff and Academic Advisory Board, we vet all results and adjust rankings as necessary based on our collected cognition of schools and academic degree programs. Depending on the rank, we may obtain extra input signal from, capable matter experts, prior TBS ranking lists, or early sources we deem relevant to a particular rank .

Breakdown of Our Rankings Methodology

About Our Ranking Factors

here at TBS, we value what you rate : quality education, affordability, and the handiness of on-line education. These factors guide all of our broadcast rankings .
Each of these factors are further broken down into leaden subfactors. For example, retentiveness rates are weighted more heavily than handiness of broadcast options because they are a better indicator of scholar success .
We chose the play along factors for our rankings because of their influence on memorize experiences and graduate outcomes. however, students should always balance our rankings against their personal priorities. For case, a learner who needs a amply on-line program may prioritize on-line flexibility more than our rankings do. Our rankings are designed to help you make a decisiveness — not to make a decision for you .
Academics – 75 %
Affordability – 15 %
Online Enrollment – 10 %

In all our school rankings and recommendations, we work for objectivity and balance. We carefully research and roll up each rate number, and a stated in our advertise disclosure, we do NOT permit fiscal incentives to influence rankings. Our articles never promote or disregard a school for fiscal reach .
If you have questions about our ranking methodology, please feel exempt to connect with our staff through contact foliate .
We thank you for your readership and reliance .

What Can I Do With a Degree in Computer Science?

Bachelor ‘s in calculator skill programs prepare graduates for technical school careers with potent job growth potential. Graduates can work as computer information systems managers, data scientists, and computer systems analysts .
Graduates can advance their careers with an on-line maestro ‘s degree in calculator science. specialization options include information assurance security, information engineering, data skill, and management for information systems .

Popular Online Computer Science Programs

Computer Science Salary Information

Computer and Information Systems Manager

median wage 2020 : $ 151,150

Projected Job Growth 2020-2030 : 11 %

Computer and information systems managers — besides known as IT managers — oversee an constitution ‘s computer-related activities. They determine IT goals and design computer networks to meet those goals. These professionals besides oversee IT employees, ensure cybersecurity, and analyze the costs and benefits of system upgrades. They may make recommendations to top executives. Computer information systems managers typically need a bachelor ‘s degree in computer science and sour experience .
Data scientist

median wage 2020 : $ 126,830 Projected Job Growth 2020-2030 : 22 %

Data scientists create algorithms to analyze large datasets and detect patterns. They besides develop tools to sort, wangle, and display data. They can find work across industries, including business, healthcare, and science. Candidates must have potent program and computing skills, in addition to analytic and critical intelligent abilities. many data scientist jobs require a passkey ‘s degree, though some employers may hire candidates with a bachelor ‘s in calculator skill .
Computer Systems Analyst

medial wage 2020 : $ 93,730 Projected Job Growth 2020-2030 : 7 %

Computer systems analysts — besides known as systems architects — manage the efficiency and potency of an arrangement ‘s computing systems. They work with managers to understand IT needs, then inquiry raw technologies and conduct cost-benefit analyses for system upgrades. They besides install and configure modern systems and conduct operation examination .
A bachelor ‘s degree in calculator skill meets the entry-level education requirements for most calculator systems analyst jobs .
Computer Information Scientist

median wage 2020 : $ 126,830 Projected Job Growth 2020-2030 : 22 %

Computer information scientists create new technologies and applications for existing technologies. Depending on peculiarity, they may conduct research, develop computational theories, and create new computing languages. Some calculator data scientists specialize in areas like programming or robotics .
These professionals work in many industries, including business, skill, and medicine. many positions require a passkey ‘s degree, though some entry-level and politics roles entirely require a bachelor ‘s in calculator science .

Computer Science Jobs for Bachelor’s Degree-Holders

Graduates with an on-line bachelor ‘s degree in calculator skill can pursue varied careers, including those listed below .

  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Computer engineer
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer scientist
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Database developer
  • Information assurance officer
  • Information security analyst
  • Information systems manager
  • IT security analyst
  • Mobile applications developer
  • Network administrator
  • Network architect
  • Network engineer
  • Network systems administrator
  • Simulation expert
  • Software developer
  • Software project manager
  • Systems analyst
  • Systems integrator
  • Systems software developer
  • System test engineer

Other Computer Science Careers

Computer science professionals with early credentials — such as a passkey ‘s degree — can pursue jobs like those listed below .

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer and information systems management
  • Computer information security
  • Computer networking
  • Computer programming
  • Computer systems analysis
  • Database administration
  • Database development
  • Networks administration
  • Robotics
  • Software development and engineering
  • System design, administration, and analysis
  • Training and project management
  • Video game programming and digital arts
  • Web and application programming
  • Web development

Computer Science Expert Advice

Dr. Razib Iqbal is an associate professor in the department of calculator science at Missouri State University. He received a BS from North South University, Bangladesh, and MS and Ph.D. degrees from University of Ottawa, Canada.

Prof. Iqbal is the director of the Multimedia Systems and Communications ( MuSyC ) Laboratory. He researches multimedia systems and communications, Internet of Things, and software engineering. He started his academic career at Valley City State University as an assistant professor of software technology, and he was a development adept with Bridgewater Systems Division of Amdocs, Ottawa, Canada.

Pronouns: He/Him/His

What was your favorite aspect of earning a bachelor’s in computer science degree?

The ability to code to solve real-life computing problems and to troubleshoot and fix defects in computer software helped me to gradually fall in love with calculator skill and software engineer .

What should students interested in this subject be good at?

We use computers as a cock. therefore, students would benefit from creative problem-solving and legitimate think skills to learn to make a computer do something specific .
In accession, exuberance for working in a group and collaborating efficaciously with others is a definite plus — in both the classroom and professional settings .

What makes computer science a popular field for online study?

Online study gives us the flexibility to earn the degree at a customs pace, on our own terms. Plus, this field is all about computers and computing. vitamin a long as you have a computer and internet access, you have the necessary tools to immerse yourself into the classroom .

Are there any advantages to studying computer science online as opposed to in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting?

The COVID‐19 pandemic prompted a prototype careen toward on-line or virtual settings for business meetings, team collaboration, and classrooms. consequently, students may benefit from pursuing a calculator skill degree on-line while using the extra time and quad for rehearse and promote personal development .

What makes computer science such an in-demand and potentially lucrative degree?

about every business sector uses computers and engineering that require person to design new computer applications, write code, pay back problems, and administer it. therefore, the miss of dependent graduates in the calculation field opens doors to a variety show of well-paying careers .

Questions About Computer Science Degrees

Is Computer Science a BS or BA?

Most schools offer a BS in calculator science, though some schools offer the degree as a BA. A BS tends to focus more on technical skill, while a BA includes cosmopolitan liberal arts coursework .

What Is Required for a Degree in Computer Science?

Students complete a mix of general education and computer skill courses while earning a computer skill knight bachelor ‘s degree. This includes a number of mathematics and logic courses .

How Long Does It Take to Get a Computer Science Degree Online?

It normally takes four years of full-time survey to earn an on-line bachelor ‘s in computer science academic degree, though some programs offer accelerate timelines. Students who have companion degrees can typically graduate in two years.

Popular Online Computer Science Programs

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