10 Best Online Computer Science Degree Programs to Go in 2022

The advent of on-line memorize platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udemy has revolutionized the way students get their educational degrees. Following the vogue, several recognized universities are nowadays besides taking their offerings on-line. A degree in computer skill opens up a wide range of career avenues for candidates in business, creative industries, education, engineering, music, skill, and numerous other fields. Application programmer, programmer, net administrator, software engineer, a systems analyst, and video game developer are equitable some of the many roles that any computer skill graduate with an offline or on-line degree can assume .

Best Online Computer Science Degree

In this article, we ’ ll be going to discuss the 10 best on-line calculator skill degree programs available up for grabs in 2022 :

Accreditation – Privy Council of the United Kingdom
Credits Required – 360
Cost per Credit – Variable, depends on whether you live in a develop or a grow nation
$ 515 ( Band A/Developing )
$ 773 ( Band B/Developed ) Concentrations :

  • Data Science
  • Games Development
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Physical Computing and the Internet of Things
  • User Experience
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web and Mobile Development

Duration – 3 to 6 years The University of London, in collaboration with Coursera, offers the Bachelor of Science ( BSc ) in Computer Science degree to aspirants from all over the earth. The institution has been offering distance learning for a long clock in over 180 countries. Depending on your geographic location, the duration of the on-line degree varies from anywhere between 3 and 6 years. The calculator science degree offered by the University of London helps students master the in-demand calculator skills, develop the ability to solve complex, real-world problems, and refine their unconditioned invention and creativity. The BSc in Computer Science academic degree follows a hands-on project-based approach to help students develop the want technical foul skills that they need to enter a sphere of their choice in a desirable job profile. Students enrolled for the on-line academic degree access lecturers via the Coursera platform with continuous assessment and support offered by the UoL faculty and teach assistants. Highlights

  • Create a portfolio of coursework for presenting to current or potential employers
  • Knowledge of up-to-date industry applications and practices
  • Multitude of specializations
  • Offered twice per year, in April and October
  • Performance-based admission available for candidates failing to meet the academic criteria for direct entry
  • A rigorous set of assignments and projects
  • Varied course material, ranging from entry-level subjects to specialized, in-depth subjects

You can signup hera. Accreditation – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools ( SACS )
Credits Required – 70
Cost per Credit – $ 129.18
Concentrations : N/A
Duration – 4 years The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree offered by UF Online provides a robust foundation in calculator skill. additionally, it besides offers a firm broad arts education from the humanities, alien languages, and social and behavioral sciences. The BSCS course prepares students for employment as computing professionals aboard offering the exemption to choose coursework in early non-computer areas. University of Florida ’ s BS in Computer Science degree is particularly designed for learners not able to attend the traditional campus classes. Students enrolled for the on-line degree gets the identical same academician options as available to those enrolled offline. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program offered by UF Online comes with the flexibility to modify the course of study to meet academic strengths, interests, and skills of enroll candidates. UF Online ’ s BS in Computer Science degree is ideal for students who wish to get the technical education of computer science along with the flexibility to take non-technical courses in the form of a security or minor and spend much less for gaining the degree. Highlights

  • Access to UF’s exclusive career services
  • Dedicated academic advisor
  • Flexible academic options
  • One of the most affordable institutions with lots of financial aids and scholarships programs available
  • Requires a minimum of 29 credits in foundation coursework, 35 credits in core coursework and 6 credits of major electives
  • Supports course equivalency requests
  • World-class faculty

You can signup here. Accreditation – Western Association of Schools and Colleges ( WASC )
Credits Required – 120
Cost per Credit – $ 405 ( Standard )
$ 330 ( Partnership )
Concentrations : Cybersecurity
Duration – 4 years Trident University gets itself enumerated among the best on-line institutions for gaining degrees in occupation, education, health, and skill. Online offerings are not only made for undergraduate programs but besides for graduate student and doctoral levels. Regarded as one of the best military-friendly colleges, the Trident University follows a education centered on the full-bodied learning model that offers :

  • Brick and mortar campus-like support services
  • Flexibility
  • Quality instructions

The Bachelor of Science in Computer programming academic degree by the Trident University requires a entire of 120 credits and offers a comprehensive cognition of computers and related technologies with an stress on :

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Information security and technology
  • Networking and data communications
  • Maintenance of information systems

several surveys rank Trident University ’ s calculator science degree as among the peak, most low-cost on-line degrees. You can route for the general academic degree or one with a specialization in cybersecurity, apposite for anyone aiming to get certified for hack, testing, and information security. Highlights

  • EdActive Learning Approach
  • 17:1 student to teacher ratio
  • An engaged and connected online learning community
  • Entirely online, first regionally accredited college
  • One of the few institutions to offer a cybersecurity specialization
  • Robust Learning Model
  • Transfer Policy available

You can signup here. Accreditation – Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities ( NWCCU )
Credits Required – 60
Cost per Credit – $ 499
Concentrations : N/A
Duration – 1 to 4 years Located in Corvallis, Oregon State University is among the top research universities on the west coast. It is classified as a “ community employment university ’ by the Carnegie Foundation. OSU receives a fine-looking come of research funds, making it an ideal option for researchers. Both Douglas Engelbart, the valet who created the mouse, and Stephen O. Rice, after whom the Rice Distribution and Rice ’ mho Formula are named, are the alumni of the Oregon State University. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science plan at OSU is offered by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Although no prior computer skill or technology have is required for the graduate degree, the campaigner must have a Bachelor ’ s degree in any discipline. The compromising calculator skill degree from OSU can be completed within any duration between 1 year and 4 years. The degree requires you to complete 60 credit hours, which is half of what is typically required for a BS in Computer Science degree. Highlights

  • All Oregon State instructors are working experts in the computer science industry
  • Online programs available throughout the USA and 40 other countries
  • The BS in Computer Science is offered at 4 varying levels of acceleration
  • The degree can be completed as quickly as in a single year
  • The University offers over 900 courses as part of their eCampus offerings
  • Transferring options available

You can signup here. accreditation : southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges ( SACSCOC )
Credits Required : 120
Cost per Credit : $ 356 ( In-State Virginia Residents )
$ 407 ( Out-of-State Students )
Concentrations : N/A
Duration : 4 years The Old Dominion University is among the largest universities in Virginia. The total enrollments for the lead research initiation exceeded 24k in 2019. ODU is classified among the “ Doctoral Universities : Higher research Activity. ” The Old Dominion is actually a dub of Virginia that was given by King Charles II of England. ODU is one of the largest online/distance learning providers of America with 168-degree programs, more than 70 in the on-line mode, offered on the undergraduate and graduate level. The BS in Computer Science is a top-rated undergraduate program offered by the American University, maintained and managed by the College of Sciences, Department of Computer Science. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree offered by ODU is an wholly on-line undergraduate degree. Despite being a private university, the BS in CS program is one of the most low-cost on-line calculator skill degree programs available. Along with detailing the fundamentals of computer science, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program by ODU besides details data science, calculator network, information security, programming paradigm, and other hot-rated subs- and sister fields of calculator science along with technology methodology and experimental techniques.


  • Affordable program
  • All online courses follow ODU’s regular academic calendar
  • Available in over 60 countries
  • Course material accessible from any location
  • Discounted undergraduate tuition rate for active-duty military students
  • Many ODU professors are Fellows in national societies and professional organizations of their respective fields

You can besides signup here. Accreditation – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges ( SACSCOC )
Credits Required – 120
Cost per Credit – $ 180 ( In-State )
$ 686 ( Out-of-State )
Concentrations : N/A
Duration – 2 to 4 years Florida State University is among the top 50 inquiry universities in the USA. The public space and land-grant University has its basal campus in Tallahassee, Florida, and offers an on-line Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree to aspirants from around the world. The computer science degree offered by the FSU is a amply on-line program equivalent to its offline counterpart. It requires students to have the equivalent of an AA academic degree. While full-time students can complete the BSCS course of study in 2 years, half-time students can take deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as 4 years to accomplish the lapp. The coursework for the BS in Computer Science degree includes :

  • Distributed systems and networks
  • Programming exposure primarily in C, C++, and Assembly Language with less-intensive exposure to other programming languages, including C#, Java, Lisp, Scheme, Prolog, Perl, and HTML
  • Systems view of computing
  • Object orientation
  • Systems design
  • Computer organization
  • Operating systems

FSU is creditworthy for the universe of the first ETA10-G/8 supercomputer in 1989, among early celebrated achievements in the field of computer science. It is the entirely University in Florida to have a national lab. The University aims to become a crown 25 national public inquiry university in the coming years. Highlights

  • A top 50 American research university
  • Continuous support through an assigned Mentor
  • Flexible course duration
  • ODL (Office of Distance Learning) for providing support to online students, Assessment & Testing services, and administering course evaluations
  • The BSCS program includes an embedded collateral minor in mathematics

You can signup here. Accreditation – Higher Learning Commission ( HLC )
Credits Required – 120
Cost per Credit – $ 358.50
Concentrations : N/A
Duration – 4 years Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( HLC ), the University of Illinois Springfield is a public broad arts university. It is part of the University of Illinois System. UIS follows the Open Pathway, a 10-year motorbike focusing on the assurance of quality and continuous improvement. other than 27 undergraduate degrees and 20 graduate degrees, the UIS besides offers a doctorate-level degree in populace administration. The University of Illinois is recognized as one of the top public schools in the Midwest. The UIS started offering on-line degrees in 1999, which can be considered as a precursor to online eruditeness. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree by the UIS requires candidates to have 2 semesters of Java scheduling and 1 semester of calculus, discrete or finite mathematics, and statistics. These prerequisites can be obtained via the general education requirements at the University of Illinois Springfield itself. UIS is noted by the Department of Homeland Security and NSA ( National Security Agency ) as a National Center of Academic Excellence for Information Assurance/Cyberdefense Education. As such, the top-rated University besides offers an data systems security degree. A scholar can take a mix of this academic degree and the BSCS through electives. Highlights

  • Newest campus in the University of Illinois system
  • Offers one of the most affordable computer science degree programs
  • One of the earliest adopters of the online mode of learning
  • Recognized by NSA and United States Department of Homeland Security
  • Students taking proper coursework in Information Assurance (IA) might be eligible for additional grants and scholarships from the DoD (Department of Defense)
  • Once one of the two upper-division and graduate universities, UIS now accepts freshman, transfer, and graduate students

You can signup here. Accreditation – Higher Learning Commission ( HLC )
Credits Required – 120
Cost per Credit – $ 655
Concentrations : Game Systems, Software Development
Duration – 4 years DePaul University is the largest catholic University in the USA. It is recognized and applauded for the focus on quality teaching based on service and experiential learn. It is among the top institute offering an on-line computer skill degree i, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. DU is regarded as one of the most tech-savvy educational institutions. It offers a battalion of tracking and organizational tools equally well as on-line digest services to its students. Of course, the DePaul University is one of the costly institutes to get a BSCS, but it ’ south worth it owing to the University ’ mho reputation as a top establish to gain and access state-of-the-art technology while grasping the basics and advance aspects of computer science and it ’ s highly lauded calculator science department. Delivered wholly on-line, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science academic degree from DePaul University is not self-paced. Nonetheless, students are free to watch and review lecturers filmed on the campus at their appliance. In accession to the cosmopolitan degree, two specializations are offered by DePaul University for its BSCS offer. Completing the BSCS degree requires two capstone projects, one in the sophomore year and one in the senior year. Highlights

  • Computer Science Society for facilitating collaborative projects among students
  • Flaunts a highly regarded computer science department
  • Many of the CS faculty research programs – belonging to AI, scientific computing, software engineering, visual computing, human-computer interaction, and more – are funded by the NSF (National Science Foundation)
  • One of the 100 most innovative organizations for information technology globally
  • One of the most diverse student bodies in the US
  • Talks and events belonging to the Studio X, a center for faculty development supporting research in the synergy of computing and humanities, are available free for the public
  • Two capstone projects

You can signup here. Accreditation – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges ( SACSCOC )
Credits Required – 120+
Cost per Credit – $ 395 ( full-time )
$ 450 ( half-time )
Concentrations : N/A
Duration – 4 years Another opportune university to grab an on-line computer science degree is the Regent University. The secret, christian inquiry university is located in Virginia and offers consociate and doctoral level degrees with a wide range of on-line offerings, including a BSCS. Regent University has been recognized as the “ Harvard of the religious right. ” The University has noteworthy alumni in the fields of film, law, and politics. It is enlisted as one of the circus tent 20 institutions for gaining a knight bachelor ’ s degree by OEDB and US News clock and time again. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree offered by the Regent University gives you the flexibility to augment your degree to fit your career goals and personal interests. The tuition pace of the course of study is among the peak 15 most low-cost in the US. During the regular coursework of BSCS, students besides learn to explore ethical and social challenges connected to careers in computer science and technology, improve action efficiencies, and solve complex computational problems, all from a christian worldview. Highlights

  • Affordable tuition rates
  • Learn computer science with a Christian worldview
  • Student transfer policy available
  • Top-class faculty
  • Well-known alumni in various fields

You can signup here. Accreditation – New England Commission of Higher education ( NECHE )
Credits Required – 120
Cost per Credit – $ 320
Concentrations :

  • Data Analysis
  • Information Security
  • Project Management for STEM
  • Software Engineering

Duration – 4 years Learn C++, Java, and Python in the best way possible while besides earning a professional degree with the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program from the Southern New Hampshire University. The on-line computer science degree program by SNHU emphasizes the design and development of computer software and fix students for quantifying and solving real-world problems. You ’ ll learn how to :

  • Apply collaborative strategies
  • Create a portfolio
  • Design and develop software using agile software methodologies
  • Do full-stack development
  • Secure and protect information systems

The BS in Computer Science from SNHU involves the function of industry-preferred software development and quiz tools in a total of 120 credits. The mental hospital is accredited by the NECHE ( New England Commission for Higher education ). The on-line calculator skill degree from SNHU is apt for learning drug user experience principles and best coding practices of a full-stack developer to choose a profession of your choice, such as a network analyst, a datum engineer, a database administrator, a polyglot programmer, and bric-a-brac. Highlights

  • Aligned with the industry standards, employ top-quality development and testing tools to the likes of Cucumber with Maven, Eclipse, Junit Testing, Python, and OpenGL.
  • Degree-specific courses
  • General education classes with foundation, exploration, and integration courses
  • Get transfer credits for your IT certifications and credentials
  • Math credits available
  • Offers cloud-based virtual environments to offer state-of-the-art technology exposure

You can signup here .


That sums up our list of the 10 best on-line calculator science academic degree programs. You can reinforce your computer skill learning with extra substantial other than your coursework. This includes YouTube lessons, best tutorials for data skill, internet security, vane development, or any other calculator science field of sake, attending seminars, and much more.

All the best for your calculator science memorize ! People are also reading:

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