Best Online Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Keeping the world ‘s water provide condom, improving the nation ‘s transportation system, and inventing prosthetic devices for people all have something in common : They require the function of an engineer. Whether students are concerned in constructing buildings, creating calculator systems, or protecting the public, there are on-line mastermind programs available for every career way. The graduation requirements set by on-line schools for bachelor ‘s degrees in technology are exchangeable to those of most early bachelor ‘s degrees. The majority of programs require undergraduates to complete 120-126 credit hours, which typically takes four years of full-time attendance. Online mastermind courses much require students to complete projects to gain hands-on experience in their choose peculiarity. many programs lead to a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, but there are besides Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in technology .

How Much Does an Online Engineering Degree Cost?

Students who opt for registration in an on-line broadcast may be able to save on the total cost of earning their degrees in several ways. At some schools, virtual learners pay the same tutelage rate as in-state students or sometimes lower. For the 47 best on-line engineering degrees on our list, the medial annual tutelage is $ 15,990.

For the 47 best online engineering degrees on our list, the median annual tuition is $15,990.

additionally, although all students pay for books, supplies, and assorted fees, on-line students wo n’t need to pay for room and board, fare, or other campus-based fees. however, engineering students have to complete testing ground coursework, which may require lab kits, typically available from the schools for fees ranging from $ 20 to $ 200. To work as a professional engineer, graduates must have a state-issued certificate, and there are several fees involved in obtaining licensure. application fees vary wide by express, and the documentation examination fee besides ranges from about $ 350 to $ 375. The first half of the examination is normally taken while students are still earning their bachelor ‘s degrees. Because the second gear one-half of the examination is normally taken after four or more years of exploit feel, engineers often invest in examination homework courses or other materials. When considering all of these factors, prospective technology students may besides want to look at median alumnus debt and 10-year come back on investment, both provided above. These data points reveal how much money graduates typically owe in scholar loanword debt after earning their bachelor ‘s degrees and how significant a fiscal profit graduates are experiencing in the workplace.

Online Engineering Majors

Engineering is a across-the-board term that describes a method acting of analyzing and solving problems, more than any specific job or duty. The procedure and techniques used in engineering can be applied to a count of fields, giving prospective students a wide-eyed range of engineer majors to choose from. In fact, it ‘s not unusual for a college of mastermind to offer eight or more types of on-line mastermind degrees across many areas of specialization, such as petroleum engineering, environmental mastermind, nuclear engineering, and agricultural engineer. The most popular engineering specialties that may be of sake include :

Aerospace Engineering

These engineers use their cognition of physics and mechanical and electrical technology to design and build planes, satellites, outer space shuttles, and other airborne crafts.

Biomedical Engineering

biomedical engineers are at the crossroads of engineer and life science. They look at ways engineering can be applied to biological systems in products such as artificial organs, aesculapian devices, and medical diagnostic machines. This is the fastest-growing area of technology.

Chemical Engineering

chemistry continues to be crucial in many of the industrial and consumer products available today, from food to electronics and clothing. Chemical engineers use chemistry to develop new products or processes. many solve in the manufacture industry, overseeing production in large facilities.

Civil Engineering

civil engineers are basically complex technical designers. Civil mastermind employs people to design and supervise the construction of large-scale projects, from roads and sewer systems to bridges, airports, and all other manner of civil projects on a big scale. Civil engineers are trained to know the technical aspects of the industry in order to calculate the price and structural stability of the projects they are tasked with design.

Electrical Engineering

electric engineers work in a variety of industries, designing and building electrical devices. Subfields of electric engineering include microelectronics, telecommunications, and sign work.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is the outgrowth of technology that determines the most effective ways to use all of the major facets of production, such as the machinery, materials, personnel, and energy, in order for employers to provide a given service or product angstrom efficiently as potential. Industrial engineers conduct research on product specifications and industrial methods to figure out how to increase productiveness, decrease waste, and utilize time, energy, and money efficaciously. many industrial engineers move advancing to management positions within their airfield.

Mechanical Engineering

mechanical engineers design, build up, and repair engines and other machines. Heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, home combustion engines, generators, and turbines are good some of the systems these engineers construct and trouble-shoot.

Software Engineering

Software engineers develop and test software for computers that will meet the needs of the user. They may work at governmental agencies, businesses, or non-profit organizations.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineers develop and oversee complex procedures to organize different angles of a project for maximum efficiency. Their shape relates to other engineering disciplines, as parts of these systems may include hardware, software, electric components, and structural elements. Systems engineers ‘ responsibilities much include testing, install, and monitor equipment and early factors to optimize output.


For students planning to enroll in an on-line technology program, it ‘s significant to focus on schools with accreditation. To be accredited, a college or university must be assessed by an independent means approved by the Council for Higher department of education Accreditation or the U.S. Department of Education. The accreditation process ensures that all of the educate ‘s programs, learning outcomes, student services, and staff members meet high standards for academic asperity and excellence. individual programs within a college or university can besides be accredited by other approved agencies. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology is the accrediting body for technical degree programs, such as bachelor ‘s degrees in technology, calculator science, and other practice sciences, in the United States. To find accredited on-line programs in mastermind, students can visit the ABET, CHEA, or USDE websites.

Accreditation ensures that all of the school’s programs and learning outcomes meet high standards for academic rigor and excellence.

Attending an ABET-accredited school can have a meaning affect on a scholar ‘s education, career options, and ability to exercise as an engineer. For undergraduates, it is a necessity to qualify for fiscal aid, to transfer credits to another educational institution, and to be accepted into most engineer master ‘s programs. besides, to earn the master engineer license, most states require applicants to have at least an ABET-accredited bachelor ’ s academic degree. The federal government and many other employers only hire engineers who have degrees from ABET-accredited institutions. Above all, registration in an accredited program assures students they ‘re earning a respected, credible degree.


The products engineers purpose may affect hundreds or thousands of people, so it ’ s crucial for professional engineers to be vetted for competence. authentication is one way that the government, individual citizens, and employers can be sure of an mastermind ’ s abilities. It ’ mho besides a way for engineers to demonstrate the timbre of their skills for employers and make themselves more appealing as job candidates. To legally practice in the engineering field, many types of engineers must earn their state ’ s engineering license, known as the Professional Engineer certificate. Although person states ‘ license requirements vary, the prerequisites for earning this certificate are rigorous.

In addition to graduating with an ABET-accredited bachelor ’ s degree in technology, candidates must besides have at least four years of professional engineering experience and a passing score on the two-part credentialing exam.

many students take the first part of the examination, called Fundamentals of Engineering, when they are near the end of their bachelor ’ mho degree broadcast. The examination contains questions about both general technology topics and each scholar ‘s mastermind specialization. After passing this first region, graduates go on to internships or apprenticeships at engineering firms, where they can begin to accrue their years of professional experience required for license. Once they have completed their time on the job—typically four years—they can then take the second partially of the examination on the Principles and Practice of Engineering. Besides Professional Engineer credentials, there are early volunteer engineering certifications that engineers can earn to distinguish themselves in their field. These are normally offered by trade organizations, professional groups, or universities. Before pursuing any specialization certificate, engineers should confirm that the certificate is widely recognized by employers and professional organizations such as the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards to avoid waste time and money.

Financial Aid for Online Engineering Students

Whether they are earning on-campus or on-line degrees, students who are enrolled in accredited, on-line mastermind programs may be eligible for fiscal aid. Of the versatile types of help available, government, school, and private scholarships or grants are preferred because they do not have to be paid back. Some students may besides receive aid through military tuition discounts or work-study opportunities. There are besides government and private student loans available, but these have to be repaid with interest so the loan terms should be considered carefully. Federal and state scholar loans typically have more flexible repayment terms and lower interest rates. Students can begin the process of applying for fiscal aid by completing the free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA ). The FAFSA provides reviewers with detailed fiscal information used to evaluate each student ‘s eligibility for help and to determine the amount and types of aid they will be offered. Students should contact their school ‘s fiscal care officers with any questions before accepting offers. Online mastermind students may besides be eligible for private scholarships created specifically for engineering majors or more by and large for STEM majors. A number of scholarships are besides available for students specializing in especial subfields of engineering, often sponsored by professional organizations. The follow scholarships, which require separate applications from the FAFSA, are good a few examples of the many private scholarships available :

  • BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship: Award amounts vary for qualifying incoming first-year students enrolled in ABET-accredited engineering programs.
  • Eleanor K. Buckley Memorial Scholarship: The National Association of Women in Construction awards $500-$2,500 scholarships to students enrolled in civil engineering or other construction-related programs who have a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Program: Each year, SWE awards a total of more than $1 million in scholarships to engineering students who identify as female.
  • Out to Innovate Scholarships for LGBTQ+ STEM Students: The National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals provides one $5,000 scholarship to an LGBTQ+ STEM undergraduate and one $5,000 scholarship to an LGBTQ+ STEM graduate student each fall. Recipients must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Careers in Engineering

Engineers can be found in a divers array of industries, from healthcare to construction to information technology and beyond. many lucrative engineering careers require alone an undergraduate degree, although most graduates must besides obtain professional licenses to practice. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows promising wage and occupation mentality projections for assorted fields of engineer, including : Environmental Engineering: Environmental engineers draw upon the fields of biology, chemistry, and other natural sciences to solve environmental and sustainability problems, such as water and air befoulment, waste disposal, and climate deepen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, environmental engineers earn medial annual salaries of $ 92,120. Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical engineers use their cognition of calculator engineering and the natural sciences to improve the lives and health of humans. For example, they may design artificial body parts, such as knees and hips, or they may design software for medical equipment. The BLS projects an increase in jobs of 6 % through 2030, and biomedical engineers can expect to earn median annual wages of $ 92,620. Aerospace Engineering: In accession to developing fresh technologies for consumption in aviation and spacecraft, aerospace engineers design and build up airplanes, satellites, spacecraft, and missiles. Their sour incorporates cognition of physics, materials, calculator science, and IT. The medial annual wage for aerospace engineers is $ 118,610.

Petroleum Engineering: Oil and natural accelerator are two of the most significant natural resources, and petroleum engineers use their expertness in science and industrial engineer to develop ways to extract these resources from below the earth ‘s surface. As the highest-paying occupation in engineering, per the BLS, petroleum engineers earn a median annual wage of $ 137,330.

Is an Online Engineering Degree Worth It?

Earning a bachelor ‘s degree is broadly an substantive first footfall for any career in technology. Most engineers must be licensed to drill as professionals, and a bachelor ‘s degree is one of the requirements to obtain a license. however, before committing to a program, and particularly to an on-line engineering program, students may want to weigh some of the extra pros and cons :

Potential Benefits

  • Engineers usually earn impressive salaries. Many engineering jobs require only a bachelor’s degree to enter the field, and professionals typically work their way up to salaries in the high $90,000s and above.
  • Advanced engineering degrees often lead to higher salaries. Graduates who go on to earn online master’s degrees qualify for more advanced, higher-paying positions. For example, according to PayScale, the average salary for senior systems engineers is $108,270 and for senior chemical engineers is $112,532.
  • Online engineering programs offer several significant benefits. Not only can online students choose from a wider selection of schools and programs without having to leave home, they may pay lower tuition fees and enjoy having the flexibility to schedule classes and schoolwork around other life commitments.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Engineering is a slow-growth field. Most engineering occupations are projected to grow at a below-average rate of 3% through 2029.
  • Establishing a network can be challenging in online school. Networking is a valuable part of attending college, and some students find it difficult to build their networks in the distance learning environment. They may have to devote more effort to developing relationships with others through discussion forums and other online avenues.

Students besides need to consider the advantages and disadvantages to earning an on-line engineering degree in terms of their own personal circumstances, such as fiscal responsibilities, kin obligations, and work schedules. prospective engineer students must decide for themselves whether the benefits they hope to gain are worth the time, feat, and money that go into earning a academic degree.

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