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Paysafe has been at the forefront of the European postpaid card diligence since the year 2000, and its popularity means there are many Paysafecard casinos in our database. separate of the reason for its success is its ease-of-use, with players able to plainly use a voucher to directly deposit funds into an on-line casino bill .
We want to help you find dependable Paysafe casino sites to play on, which is why all of the options on this number have been rated and reviewed by our Casino Guru experts. In this firearm, we ‘re besides going to look in-depth at Paysafe as a company, and what benefits and drawbacks you need to be aware of .

About Paysafe and Paysafecard

Paysafecard itself traces its roots back to Vienna, Austria, where it was set up by a humble group of entrepreneurs. It still has its headquarters there, but has since expanded to over 40 countries in the world, spanning five continents .
In that prison term, it has been submit to a pair of acquisitions. First, Skrill, which can besides be used in Skrill casinos, took them over in 2013, and then UK-based Optimal Payments Group absorbed the Skrill empire two years late. optimum Payments liked the diagnose of the card so much that they late rebranded the party to Paysafe Group, as it ‘s known nowadays.

The company, including Paysafecard, is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ) and boasts a fruitful partnership with the world-famous Mastercard. In March 2020, the companies announced an expanded relationship, integrating Apple Pay and Google Pay into the Paysafe payment organization .

The pros and cons of Paysafecard

We ‘ve mentioned how easy it is to use Paysafecard. Paysafe ‘s multinational presence means you can buy one of their cards from more than 650,000 sales outlets worldwide, including supermarkets and boast stations ; all of which can be found on the official web site .
Each card, ranging from $ 10 to $ 100 ( or similar values in other currencies ) at a meter, gives you a unique 16-digit PIN, which you enter into the requital section of your chosen online memory .
The wag can be used on a diverseness of major platforms, including the likes of Apple and Amazon, and you can track all of your spend via a specially-designed app .
If you experience a trouble with your Paysafecard transaction, then the company offers a range of support services. first, freephone numbers are available for most countries, and you can email their corroborate team via their official web site .
Paysafecard besides has a significant social media presence, and responds to queries via Twitter and Facebook, a well as having extra data on Linkedin and Instagram .
While the Paysafecard is marketed as not needing a bank explanation or credit card to set it up, it does come attached with sealed fees for some users that are possibly not obvious at first glance .
These are as follows :

  • A monthly maintenance tip of $2 (which is deducted from your balance) if your voucher remains inactive for 24 months, however this can change according to your country.
  • A currency conversion tip, the amount of which varies depending on the type of currency you need.
  • A redemption tip

    of $7.50 for any refund you receive – so if, for example, you buy a $100 card, spend all of it on a purchase and then ask for a refund, you’ll only receive $92.50 back.

Although the first gear two expenses are reasonably standard, the redemption fee seems expensive, specially when refunds are a reasonably common happening and it ‘s hard to imagine them costing the company that much to process them .
It ‘s worth pointing out, however, that these fees are the exception preferably than the convention : they entirely apply in certain cases and most Playsafecard customers wo n’t experience them .

Using Paysafecard in online casinos

As you can see from this tilt, there are a large number of on-line casinos that accept Paysafe, so it ‘s good to know how to make a deposition .
When you find a desirable Paysafe casino ( more on that belated ), you need to sign up or log in, depending on if you have an account. From there, you barely enter your Paysafecard details and make a down payment. The minimum amount can vary depending on the casino : some of them require a little as $ 10 to get started and these $ 10 Paysafe casinos are quite coarse, which is handy as you can buy a Paysafecard voucher for that total .
You can now besides use Paysafe services to withdraw money from on-line casinos, although it will need more than the voucher you used to deposit the money in the first gear set – more specifically, your My Paysafecard report details .
Simply log in to your history page at the casino and blue-ribbon Paysafecard as the withdrawal method : you ‘ll then have to enter the amount you want to take out and your e-mail address. The funds should then be instantaneously credited to your My Paysafecard report remainder and you can use them to make another purchase .
additionally, having a My Paysafecard Mastercard can broaden your options, as you ‘ll be able to withdraw this money from an ATM or spend it in other Mastercard-friendly sites .
indeed, while it ‘s possible for withdrawals to be done like this, it ‘s worth noting that Paysafecard is more normally used as a depository method .

Choosing the best Paysafecard casino for you

nowadays we have a better theme of what Playsafe is all about, it ‘s helpful to find the best casinos that use Paysafe vouchers .
This is what our Paysafecard casino list is hera for. Our team has spent many hours reviewing and evaluation each casino, the criteria of which can be explained in our How we review on-line casinos article .
You can besides use the filters on this page to finetune your search. The number is already optimized for your area ( using your information science ) but, if you want, you can besides check the ‘For Players from ‘ box and then your nation to see the relevant casino for where you are. thus, australian users, for case, can see australian casinos that accept Playsafe by checking the relevant box.

From there, it ‘s worth clicking the ‘Recommended ‘ tab to get the best ones out there, according to our team. If you want the latest Paysafe casino, equitable hit ‘Newly opened ‘, and then, to go back to the full moon list, check the ‘All ‘ tab key .

Paysafecard casino bonuses

As an on-line casino player, you credibly want to know which Paysafe casinos give you the find to get bonuses. To start, you can see some bonuses immediately in this list, but if you ‘re searching for a particular bonus, you can look in our yoke lists .
These can be found out via our list of casino bonuses. Simply go there and select the Paysafecard box on the payment provider filter, which will give you all the bonuses offered by casinos that support Paysafe payments. For those of you concern in rid bonuses, then our list of no deposit bonuses will have all of those, and the same filter can be applied there .

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