Back-up tools for Office 365

There is not a full narrative around this at present. Most tools are extensions from the on-prem counterpart. So you can find good SharePoint backups, but mail is normally non-existent, or not that flexible, and vice versa. Further with the integration, you have complications of some data, in regards to how to restore it ( o365 Groups, Planner, etc ). Beyond SharePoint and Exchange, you have stuff like data in Azure AD, Yammer, O365 Video, and PowerBI which arsenic far as I know are not addressed by any product at confront. Most if not all of them fall shortstop in terms of eDiscovery a well. You besides have to consider how the stand-in products keep up with changes to the servicing as Microsoft updates API ‘s or adds services that complicate the stand-in and restore processes. Based on the size of your customers, I find it unvoiced that you are able to sell an extra service at all. The respect airplane propeller is about non-existant. The native tools you have can protect against accidental deletion in most cases. If they are having issues with people manually cleaning up recoverable items folders, or SharePoint recycle bins, there is a larger write out at act as that is willfully circumventing the tools meant to protect from these scenarios. You can leverage the legal oblige features if their tenant supports them to provide an extra layer or auspices arsenic well. I would not do this on every SharePoint site, but with high value content, you could do that and documents are copied into a hidden library.

You are not without “ Backups ” wholly when relying on Microsoft. SharePoint is backed up every 12 hours and data kept for 14 days. You do n’t get detail grade restores, but you can request a site collection be restored. For Exchange, it can be chilling to think Microsoft does not use backups, but they do keep lag copies, so that in the event of an topic, they can swap your databases to a clock time former when an issue was detected. You ca n’t request this change directly, but it ‘s there. The real benefit of a 3rd party, is in the peace of mind it gives some people. But in about all cases just a fiddling education up movement can avoid most of this complicatedness. Let ‘s face it whether it ‘s Microsoft, Google, Amazon or any early cloud service, you have to trust them with your data and that their processes and systems will protect you from data loss. I find Microsoft services to be identical authentic, and I by and large feel more confident about the data there than I do in a lot of customers local SharePoint deployments .

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