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OFB, light for Original Farm Boys, is a british hep hop collective based in Broadwater Farm, London. OFB is one of the most big UK drill groups. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

history [edit ]

Headie One ( once Headz ) and RV ( once Young RV ) are among the most outstanding members of the group. They were both originally rappers in Star Gang, a road rap group from the 2000s and an outgrowth group from the Tottenham Mandem gang. [ 4 ] RV and Headie One have frequently collaborated with each other, including co-releasing the mixtapes Sticks & Stones ( 2016 ) and Drillers x Trappers ( 2017 ). [ 5 ] In February 2018, Headie One released his solo mixtape, The One. The mixtape included the song “ Know Better ” featuring RV, which became an “ underground hit ”. This was followed by another solo mixtape, The One Two, in June 2018, which entered the UK Albums Chart at number 32. [ 6 ]

Bandokay, Double Lz, and SJ are the younger members within OFB, initially using the diagnose Y.OFB ( Young OFB ) signifying their condition as younger members of the group, before former dropping the “ Y. ” and co-opting the “ OFB ” prefix older members of the group used. [ 3 ] OFB rapper Bandokay, whose real list is Kemani Duggan, is the son of Mark Duggan, the man whose death by police shooting led to the 2011 England riots. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Bandokay credited music for keeping him away from crime, and stated his desire to be away from patrol as a incentive : [ 1 ]

“ Whenever [ the police ] see me, they stop me, I get what they ‘re trying to do – they ‘re trying to take weapons. But I know they intentionally stop me more than anyone else. They know who I am. They know who my dad is. So that ‘s why I ‘m trying to go through music and do something positive, so they do n’t have nothing to say about me. ”

Bandokay credited boyfriend OFB rapper Headie One as a major influence, american samoa well as UK drill group 67 and American rapper Lil Durk. [ 1 ] Double Lz noted Giggs, American rapper Quando Rondo, and the Chicago drill fit in general as influences. [ 7 ] In January 2019, Headie One released “ 18Hunna ”, featuring Dave, which entered the UK chart at numeral 6 – the highest a drill artist, at the time, had ever charted, and has gained over 15 million views on YouTube, as of February 2022. [ 8 ] [ 9 ] Following RV ‘s free from prison, [ 10 ] on 22 March 2019, RV and Headie One released a third mixtape called Drillers x Trappers II. [ 11 ] It entered the UK Albums Chart at count 21. [ 12 ] “ Match Day ”, the first individual from the mixtape, entered the Singles Chart at number 86. [ 13 ]

In 2019, the OFB released their first collective mixtape titled Frontstreet, named after a road in Broadwater Farm that locals call “ Front Street ”. [ 1 ] [ 3 ] Dazed Digital called the mixtape “ one of the best british debuts of the decade ”. [ 2 ] In 2019, following the free of OFB rapper SJ ‘s “ Youngest In charge ”, which has gained over 27 million views on YouTube as of February 2022, it was revealed SJ was presently facing trial for a murder charge and had been arrested ; [ 3 ] [ 14 ] while waiting for his trial, SJ was offered a £150k deal with an unknown record label. [ 15 ] SJ was belated convicted and sentenced to life with a minimal of 21 years. [ 16 ] His sentence would late be reduced to a minimum of 19 years in 2021, which was announced via his Instagram account. [ 17 ] Like many other drill groups, OFB has had its songs taken down by YouTube at the request of the Metropolitan Police. In 2019, OFB ‘s own YouTube duct was besides taken down, before late being reinstated the future day. Bandokay stated they were trying to clean up their music in order to avoid takedowns. [ 1 ]

Members [edit ]

The list below includes confirm members of OFB

Legal issues [edit ]

SJ, aboard four others ( Sheareem Cookhorn, Tyrell Graham, besides known as Trills, Shane Lyons, besides known as Sneakz and Ojay Hamilton, besides known as O’Sav ), [ 43 ] [ 44 ] was given a life sentence with a minimum of 21 years on 27 January 2020, following a woo character at the Old Bailey for the mangle of Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck in Wood Green. The group was said to be linked to NPK. [ 45 ] In protest of the sentence, Carl Stanbury, an electrician and alleged stepfather of Sneakz, jumped from the public drift ; he would be sentenced to 7 months in jail for doing so. [ 46 ] His prison term would subsequently be reduced to a minimal of 19 years in 2021, which was announced via his Instagram account. [ 17 ] Before his conviction, he received a call on the carpet for the monomania of a bladed article at age 14. [ 43 ] In 2022, Bandokay and Double Lz were charged with fierce disorder following a 2021 incident at a Selfridges memory, in which two people were stabbed. [ 47 ]

discography [edit ]

Mixtapes [edit ]

List of mixtapes, with selected details and peak chart positions
Title Details Peak chart positions
( with SJ Bandokay and Double Lz
  • Released: 31 October 2019
  • Label: Rattrap Reality
  • Format: Digital download, streaming
Drill Commandments
( with Bandokay and Double Lz )
  • Released: 19 March 2021
  • Label: Rattrap Reality
  • Format: Digital download, streaming

Charted singles [edit ]

List of singles, with selected peak chart positions
Title Year Peak chart positions
“OT Boppin”
( with Bandokay and Double Lz )
2020 91

Awards and nominations [edit ]

Year Award Nominated work Category Result Ref.
2020 GRM Daily Rated Awards Frontstreet Mixtape of the Year Nominated [49]

References [edit ]

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