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The Field

Nurses care for brainsick and injure people. They often work directly with patients, assessing their health, administering medicine, giving them significant data, and responding to any emergencies they might have. But, nurses besides spend a fortune of time coordinating care with other health care professionals, like doctors, pharmacists and social workers. It ’ mho hard employment. Most people are amazed at the depth of cognition that nurses need in order to do their jobs. To make it as a nurse, you have to be dedicated, a team musician, have good judgment and, most of all, you have to very care about people .

The Outlook

nurse is a high-growth and high-wage field.

many different places employ nurses : doctors ’ offices, hospitals, schools, nonprofits–even the military. Nurses besides work in versatile specialties, which can change over the course of a career. And, depending on where they work, they could work at any time of the day or night. If you ’ d like to learn more about jobs in harbor, like how a lot they typically pay and how many positions are loose in our area, check out our on-line Career Coach .

Our Program

Our nurse plan means clientele ! It ’ randomness comprehensive examination, clinically based and well-respected in the community. It besides costs a fraction of what a private college or university would. If you enroll in our program, you ’ ll start off in an intensive, four-week bang camp, made up of assorted hypothesis classes and skills lab sessions. After that, your fourth dimension will be split between the classroom and the hospital. On campus, you ’ ll be taking two theory classes per week, learning everything you need to know about disease processes, affected role care and thus much more. There will besides be about three hours of hands-on skills lab per week, where you ’ ll determine identical particular, advance skills, like how to start an IV and how to suction a tracheostomy using manikins.

At the hospital, you ’ ll be working with very patients. early in the program, you will be caring for a single patient at a time, performing elementary tasks, like taking critical signs. But, by the fourth semester, you ’ ll be caring for four patients at a time, doing about everything a work nurse does. We presently have round 25 instructors overseeing students at about a twelve sphere hospitals, like Kaiser-Permanente, John Muir Health Care System, Alta Bates-Summit Hospitals and the Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center. Our instructors will teach you how to succeed as a harbor in a real-world mise en scene. then, for the last eight weeks of the program, you will be paired with a Registered Nurse for your preceptorship. The program takes two academic years, with no classes during summer or winter break. After you ’ ve completed it, you ’ ll need to pass the license examination in order to get a job. But, since it ’ s much easier to get a job if you have or are working toward a bachelor ’ south degree, you should consider getting one. You can complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing with less than one class of classes right here on our campus, or you can do it in about a year and a half at California State University, East Bay, which holds spaces for our students. You can besides apply to any other four-year school that you would like to attend. It barely might take longer and be less commodious. Transfer Services can help, there, besides, with workshops, educational plan, help with your auxiliary application, and more.

Advanced placement candidates like Licensed Vocational Nurses, foreign-trained nurses, transfer students, and psychiatric license technicians can apply and then enter our plan, if allow spaces are available. admission to our nursing program is identical competitive. If you ’ ra matter to in enrolling in it, or have any questions at all, please contact the rede office or the nursing department office about getting more data. They ’ ll permit you know which prerequisites to take, and how to go about enforce .

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