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Bonnie is passionate about all things beauty. When she ‘s not post content on her Instagram, she ‘s sharing her cognition and technical advice hera on BTY ALY. Let me introduce you to the NIOD Survival 0 antioxidant serum, and give you my thoughts on this shroud gem from the “ nerdy ” stigmatize from the Deciem group ! This is the narrative of a serum I tried a few years ago and wasn ’ t blown aside with at the prison term. It could have ended there. But my skin having changed quite a act in the last few years, I decided to give it another try… And I ’ m then glad I did ! The NIOD Survival 0 antioxidant serum is an excellent surprise on my end-of-summer dehydrated and sensitize skin. Let me tell you all about it ! 3-4 years ago, Deciem, the cosmetic group that owns the stigmatize NIOD, announced the launch of their mineral sunscreens, the Survival range. It includes 4 products : 3 sunscreens with SPF ranging from 10 to 30, and a curious product named Survival 0, which doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate control any sunlight filters.

If I wasn ’ t particularly concern in the sunscreens ( I prefer a SPF50, and honestly, I have batch to do with my darling asian and european sunscreens ), I was very intrigued by the filter-free protective serum on the other hand !
just the name alone, survival 0… Both confuse and invoke !
Of course, I know that this kind of market scheme is identical specific to the brand NIOD ! Why do simple when you can do complicated, that ’ s the brand ’ mho motto 😉
But despite the apart names and explanations on the brand ’ s web site, about every merchandise I tried from them has convinced me. This NIOD Survival 0 antioxidant serum is no exception to the rule !
Let me tell you more about it and besides my feel using it, and the results I got from it !

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NIOD Survival 0 antioxidant serum, product presentation:

The NIOD Survival 0 antioxidant serum is a protective product that does not use sun filters, but quite antioxidant ingredients, for an option anti-aging prevention .
Please note that antioxidant ingredients are decidedly not sunscreens and consequently do not protect against UV rays ! however, they do help the skin to prevent the appearance of accelerated skin ageing that sun exposure can cause .


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Do I actually need to give you another retread on antioxidants and why they ’ ra always in my routine ? 😉
oklahoma then, identical concisely, antioxidant ingredients help the hide to prevent the signs of aging .
So these are ingredients you can introduce in your act very early, from your 20s, and that you can continue to use all your animation, because your skin can constantly benefit from them 🙂
A few examples of antioxidant ingredients : vitamin C, of course, which is one of the most well known and most effective, but besides vitamin E, k tea, polyphenols, resveratrol, ferulic acid… there are tons more !
And if you actually want to protect your hide, it ’ mho best to combine them with a daily sun protection aka a sunscreen. antioxidant ingredients are bang-up to enhance the protective effect of sun filters. It ’ s decidedly a acquire combination for the skin ! 🙂
Another crucial thing to know about antioxidants is that you can wholly combine them in your everyday ! With antioxidants, more is more, and you can ’ t in truth overdo it.

In fact, by combining several antioxidants in your act, you tied multiply the chances of having a more effective anti-free radicals shield ! So it ’ s decidedly worthwhile to introduce a serum that contains several of them into your everyday .
And they packed the NIOD Survival 0 serum convention with different antioxidant ingredients !
such as :
– purified lutein : this antioxidant derived from the marigold bloom helps to counteract the harmful effects of blue light and increase skin elasticity,
Superoxide Dismutase ( derived from yeast ) : a brawny antioxidant that is besides identical soothe,
Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol : according to the brand, this antioxidant component is more effective than resveratrol and ferulic acid and has especial protective properties against free radicals,
– a fractionate shape of melanin, specifically designed to absorb visible light that can ultimately cause skin price,
pycnogenol, derived from maritime ache, a very knock-down and long-familiar antioxidant,
– a complex of antioxidant and soothing/anti-redness tomato carotenoids, that gives the convention a brown-orange color ( it doesn ’ metric ton shade my skin ),
– a complex of prebiotic ingredients of gluco-oligosaccharides and amino acids for a healthy microbiome,
– assorted types of anti-oxidant algae,
knotgrass, a plant that helps to combat the visible side effects of infrared light up while helping to prevent and reduce the appearance of visible light wrong .
But besides moisturizing and nourish ingredients like glycerin, Sodium PCA and squalane oil !
In short, a very complete and interesting formula for all skin types and one that I love to use in the morning in accession to my vitamin C serum ( right now I ’ molarity using the Paula ’ mho Choice ’ s C15 one a fortune 😉 ) .

NIOD Survival 0 antioxidant serum, my experience:

As I said above, I about constantly have an antioxidant serum in my skin care everyday, and this has been the case for several years .
These types of serums do not give the most visible results, since it is more about anti-ageing prevention, which is based on maintaining the skin’s good condition .
But this Survival 0 serum besides has a identical effective soothing effect that I wasn ’ metric ton truly expecting, and that was a delightful surprise !
It ’ s true that when you look at the formula, it makes sense ! many of the ingredients have a double soothe and antioxidant effect, including the complex of prebiotic ingredients of gluco-oligosaccharides and amino acids that my skin seems to love !
We are at the end of August and here in Dubai ; it means that my peel has been under the aggression of the heat and vent condition for about 4 months non-stop. This means that my hide is very dehydrate and rather sensitized besides .
And since I ’ ve been using this serum ( it ’ south been about 6 weeks ), I feel it makes my hide super happy ! Its texture is comforting without being greasy at all, and I besides love its slightly spicy/aromatic scent, which is very warming and relaxing to use !
The sword recommends using it at night, but you can besides use it in the good morning, no worries. That ’ s what I do. I use it in the morning, normally after a humidify serum and before my day by day moisturizer .
I truly enjoy using it, and my peel seems to love it !
And for a NIOD product, the price is very decent ( $ 25 to $ 30 ), which is always a plus. If we add to that the practical packaging with a pump, I ’ d say survival 0 is flawless ! 😉

In conclusion:

I know NIOD is intimidating at first, with their complicated names and complex product descriptions. But in my have, it ’ s decidedly worth looking into because many of their products are fantastic !
And this Survival 0 antioxidant serum is no exception, with its always concern preventive antioxidant effect and its very dainty soothing properties !

It besides has a sensory expression that makes it a very pleasant product to use !
In brusque, I ’ molarity glad I tried it again after a foremost inconclusive experience that I can ’ t truly explain ( I guess my clamber needs were different a few years ago, or possibly the mark has reformulated it since then ? IDK ) The current adaptation of this Survival 0 serum surely works great for me 😉
The NIOD Survival 0
antioxidant serum retails between $ 25 to $ 30 depending on the retailers, for 30ml.

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