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If you ’ re in an industry that feels oversaturated with other businesses and competitors, standing out can sometimes seem impossible. But differentiating your sword in a crowded market is accomplishable with niche marketing .

What Is Niche Marketing?

Niche commercialize is an advertising strategy that focuses on a alone target commercialize. rather of marketing to everyone who could benefit from a product or service, this strategy focuses entirely on one group—a niche market—or demographic of potential customers who would most benefit from the offerings .
A niche market could stand apart from others because of :

  • Geographic area
  • Lifestyle
  • Occasion
  • Profession
  • Style
  • Culture
  • Activity or habits
  • Behavior
  • Demographic
  • Need
  • Feature reduction or addition

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The benefit of niche marketing is that it allows brands to differentiate themselves, appear as a unique agency, and resonate more deeply with a distinct set of customers. Rather than blend in with the many early brands that offer the lapp type of intersection or servicing, a mark can use recess market to stand out, appear more valuable, reach its growth potential, and build a stronger, longer-lasting connection with its ideal audience .
Download our niche marketing PDF for techniques to find and evaluate new niche markets for your product.

3 Niche Marketing Examples

recess markets are often segments of larger industries and verticals. here are a few brands that found a way to drill down into their industry to market to a recess audience .

Divvies Vegan and Nut Free

There are hundreds of brands that sell odoriferous treats and snack foods such as cookies, brownies, popcorn, and cupcakes. While most people can choose from dozens of brands to find options that satisfy their cravings, there is a group of people who can not. Those people have allergies or food restrictions that relate to animal products and nuts .
Divvies saw this underserved segment in the sweets industry and created a mark that entirely targeted this group. Selling cookies and cupcakes is not a unique mind, but selling them as vegan and nut-free options differentiated Divvies in an already saturated market, allowing them to stand out and build a firm customer basal .
divvies niche marketing example

Lefty’s: The Left Hand Store

Identifying an underserved community in a big grocery store is a bright means to approach recess market. Like Divvies, Lefty ’ mho : The Left Hand Store found a wide underserved community of people – those who favor their leftover hand rather of their right bridge player .
Because 90 % of the population uses its correct hand, left-handers have wide had to adjust to using products designed for “ righties. ” Lefty ’ second saw this as an opportunity. They created a store that sells products designed entirely for the other 10 % and found success reaching this smaller, often ignored consultation .
lefty's niche marketing example


The commercial clothe industry is a erect that can feel like everything has been done. But UNTUCKit proves there are still creative ways to create a raw space in a long-established marketplace segment. By making even barely a belittled change, you can build a whole new sector in a traditional space .
UNTUCKit credibly wasn ’ thymine looking to create a raw type of shirt. They were more likely focused on serving a specific community of people : those who didn ’ thymine like to tuck in their shirts. To give those people want they wanted, UNTUCKit created a new line of products that solved a trouble that a set of people were having, but didn ’ thymine know how to solve .
untuckit niche marketing example

How to Find a Niche Market

After seeing a few examples, you will be better equipped for identifying micromarketing opportunities in your own industry .
To find and flush out an theme for a niche commercialize in your erect, go through the following 4-step summons .

1. Identify your strengths and interests.

start by considering what you offer and what you ’ re good at. The best niche commercialize strategies play into your trade name ’ mho singular strengths and perspectives. indeed reflect on the special and exceptional qualities of your brand, team, and offerings.

besides consider the areas that you enjoy working in and the people you like working with. Niche market is an opportunity to drill down and focus on the sector of people you most want to connect with Click & Tweet !, sol decide who you are most tidal bore to serve .

  • What specific problems do you solve?
  • What problems can you solve better than your competitors?
  • Where do you especially excel?
  • What do you know a lot about?
  • Who do you and your team like to serve?

2. Do industry research.

once you have an idea about the type of recess market you want to do, validate that it is a reasonable idea. Click & Tweet ! Do a competitive analysis to see if there are competitors in this space and if there are, what those brands are already doing .
besides count to see if any openings in your target market may have been missed and if there is lawful necessitate in the vertical .
Use Ubersuggest to see what ideas might be out there. Ubersuggest is a keyword trace tool that provides variations of a give voice or discussion that people are searching for. Enter a broad term to engage in keyword discovery and get ideas for how to drill down into a topic .
ubersuggest niche keywords
You can also browse Amazon product categories. Because Amazon is such a massive on-line retailer, it ’ s a great target to get inspiration for merchandise categories you may not have thought of. Spend some clock time browsing to see how to drill down into popular merchandise categories .
find niche market on amazon
Last but not least, use Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty Tool to gauge search interest. Knowing what people are searching for will offer insight into customer interest and help you see what character of rival already exists in a recess grocery store. Use Alexa ’ mho Keyword Difficulty Tool to search for top keywords and see how often the phrases are used by searchers ( popularity score ) and how competitive the condition is ( competition score ) .
niche marketing top keywords

3. Get to know your ideal customer.

Another way to gain insight and spark inspiration for recess commercialize is to look closely at your target hearing and identify what they truly want and need. Getting to know your ideal customer can help you offer them a better product, service, or message .
To research your ideal audience, use Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool. Enter your web site or a site that has an consultation you would like to reach. The tool will help you find like websites that share the hearing and explore them in an interactional visual image. From hera, you can look for trends that tell you what else the audience might be interested in. You can identify ways to focus in on your ideal customer ’ randomness needs and find opportunities to market what you offer .
For example, a yoga studio might enter ( an on-line schedule site for fitness and health classes ) and see that audiences besides frequently visit,, and Because those sites are all boutique-style shops with unique clothes, interior decoration, and gifts, the yoga studio might see this as an opportunity for creating a specialization merchandise patronize or campaign merely for yoga enthusiasts .
niche marketing audience research

4. Choose, test, adjust, and repeat.

Like most marketing strategies, you can ’ metric ton equitable set up a recess marketing campaign and assume it will achieve the results you want. You must test your initial mind, review the results, and continue to adjust consequently .
You may find that your first gear theme for recess marketing didn ’ triiodothyronine workplace, but that a simple tweak could hit a sweet spot that draws in audiences and leads to lifelong customers. possibly a full boutique shop for yoga enthusiasts didn ’ triiodothyronine catch attention, but you noticed more than one-half of the shoppers you had bought artwork. You may then want to test and see if artwork for yogi is an idea worth exploring .

Target and Reach Your Niche Market

If you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate engaged in niche market, it might be time to explore this tactic as a mean to connect with a smaller, but more loyal subset of customers. Use the tips and examples in this post, a good as the techniques in our niche marketing pdf, to help you develop a strategy for identifying an underserved and valuable customer segment you can focus on.

To get avail with your recess market efforts, sign up for a rid test of Alexa ’ second Advanced Plan. The suite includes the Keyword Difficulty and Audience Overlap Tool mentioned in this mail along with other research locomotive optimization ( SEO ), keyword inquiry, and consultation insight tools that can help you find, target, and reach your niche market .
find and reach tour

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