NETFILE Access Code (NAC) | 2022 TurboTax® Canada Tips

presently when looking at your Notice of Assessment, you will see an 8-character, alphanumeric code previously referred to as your Internet Access Code ( IAC ). Starting in 2020, this code is now being referred to as the NETFILE Access Code ( NAC ) .

What is it?

The modern NAC is intended to be used as an excess degree of security to authenticate an person during the NETFILE infection march. This replaces having to provide the CRA with a specific line number of a former year ’ s tax rejoinder when calling into the CRA to authenticate your report .

Where do I find it?

This alphanumeric code can be found on your paper Notice of Assessment (NOA) top right corner under the “Notice Details” section ( see image below) or online in your “MyAccount” next to “Access Code”. This code is alone to each individual .

If you cannot locate your NAC on the wallpaper transcript of your NOA or online in your “ My Account ”, you can call the CRA, and answer a few authentication questions before they provide you with the information requested.

How do I use it with my tax software?

once you have located your personal NAC, you will then apply this code in the field indicated in the software of your choice. To learn how to apply this to TurboTax software, please suction stop here.

A few important aspects regarding the NETFILE Access Code (NAC):

  • You do not have to enter the NAC to be able to NETFILE, you can choose to skip that field completely and proceed to NETFILE successfully.
  • However, if you do enter the code, and it matched what the CRA has on file, you will successfully NETFILE your tax return as well.
  • If you enter your code incorrectly, you will be given 5 attempts before being locked out of your account and you will receive a NETFILE error message instead, this error message will include a phone number to contact the CRA directly. Your tax return will not be processed through NETFILE at this point.
  • This code is not applicable to the filing of your T1135, but will be applied to “Refile” if you have used the code initially when you filed your tax return. Currently, this code does not change year after year, but there may be updates to this in the future.


First time filers and prior years returns will be excluded from this code .
Note: You will successfully NETFILE your tax render when you receive a confirmation number at the end of the process. If you do not receive a confirmation number, your tax rejoinder has not been transmitted to the CRA through NETFILE .

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