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master of Science ( MSc )
Marketing and Digital Media Specialisation
Fees & Financials


  • Tuition fees for the academic year 2022/2023 are set at €21,200 (for all students, both EU and non-EU). Travel and living costs are not covered by the fees.
  • There is an application fee of €130 for all applicants. Please note that this is non-refundable.
  • Candidates entering the specialisation with less than 240 ECTS will also be required to attend an additional online semester with a supplement fee of €3,000

Early Bird Scholarship: Candidates admitted and confirmed by June 30th are eligible for a 5% scholarship. This will be deducted from their tuition fee.

information on the requital methods for lotion tip can be found in our on-line application form .
The specialisation tuition fees include:

  • In-class modules at ESCP Madrid & London/Berlin
  • A tutor guided International Consultancy Project
  • Learning materials
  • Career orientation & workshops
  • The International Seminar
  • Spanish Immersion course

Fees do not include:
Travel, accommodation and living costs for sessions in Madrid, London/Berlin are not included, nor the diets or extras during the International Seminar .


ESCP has been committed to recognising and enabling the most talented international students to pursue their studies and invest in their future career.

The MSc programmes offer 30 partial scholarships of 3000€ over the tutelage fees based on financial needs and academic merits. Every scholar, who has been admitted and enrolled in the program, will be able to apply for lone one partial scholarship.

eruditeness of 3000€ will be deducted from tuition fees .
Eligibility: Scholarships are open to all candidates, regardless of sex, nationality or background, who have been admitted and enrolled to one of our MSc broadcast and are able to demonstrate academician merits or fiscal needs .
Process: The candidates who have been admitted and enrolled to one of our MSc program and are matter to in a partial eruditeness should complete a eruditeness form ( that will be sent by the Student Service department when you have confirmed your registration in the program ), send a personal statement outlining why you should be awarded our eruditeness and include testify that can support it. The scholarship ’ s request or personal statement can be in any format ( video, try, art, etc. ), but it distinctly needs to outline your academic achievements or your current fiscal site .
Deadline: Results from this scholarship are announced at the begin of July by e-mail from the Student Service Department and the deadline to apply is on June 30th, 2022.

Collaboration Agreements

FUNED Financing for Mexican students

Provide complementary color fiscal aid and scholarships for mexican students who wish to pursue their master´s degree abroad in top rank universities.
Students obtain FUNED Financing + ESCP 20% tuition fee Scholarship for mexican students. Please note that this eruditeness can not be accumulative with ESCP Scholarships and you need to be admitted and enrolled in the program to apply for it .
More information


Provide complementary color fiscal aid and scholarships for Panama students who wish to pursue a Master ’ s academic degree afield at ESCP Madrid campus. Students obtain IFARHU Financing + ESCP 20 % tuition fee Scholarship for Panama students. Please note that this eruditeness can not be accumulative with ESCP Scholarships and you need to be admitted and enrolled in the broadcast to apply for it .
More information
It is besides possible to attain scholarships granted independently of the School. Some countries provide scholarships for their own citizens. Please obtain information in your home nation by contacting the relevant government bodies and foundations .

Loans & Bursaries

A program such as the MSc in Marketing & Digital Media is possibly the most meaning investment that you will make in your professional liveliness and your future. Below are some options to help fund your meter at ESCP .

BBVA: Offers two loan options for ESCP students

Option 1: Master and Courses Loan
  • Loan holder: student or parent
  • Maximum amount: up to € 75,000
  • Interest rate: Euribor + 4%
  • Repayment period: up to 8 years
  • Fixed Opening Commission: 1,50%
Option 2: Master Blue Loan
  • Loan holder: student or parent
  • Maximum amount: up to € 50,000
  • Interest rate: First 6 months (Euribor + 0%), rest period (Euribor + 6%)
  • Repayment period: up to 10 years
  • Total lack of capital and interests: up to 24 months

More information

Banco Sabadell

Highlights of the ESCP´s agreement with Banco Sabadell offers two ways of finance our degrees :

  • Tuition loan. Interest-free, short -term loan up to 18,000€, to be repaid in 12 months
  • Loan. Long-term loan to be repaid in a maximum of 10 years following the loan applications.

Bank Sabadell reserves the justly to refuse the lend if, at the fourth dimension of submission of the loanword application, any circumstances pertaining the person ( sulfur ) applying for the loanword come to easy that could alter decision regarding whether to grant the loan.

More information


Any decisions regarding the lend itself are made by the banks in interview and ESCP does not have any say over or province for their final examination decision.
Conditions and requirements are set by each bank and/or institution ; students are responsible to go over them directly with the bank/institution. ESCP does not guarantee that the loans will be granted .

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