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The Mississippi State Personnel Board ( hereinafter referred to as “ MSPB ” ) consists of five members appointed by the Governor for staggered five year terms. MSPB holds its regularly scheduled meeting the one-third Thursday of every calendar month, at 10:00 ante meridiem, CST, on the irregular Floor of the Regions Bank Building at 210 East Capitol Street in Jackson, Mississippi. MSPB holds meetings at least once a month as provided in Mississippi Code Annotated § 25-9-113. All MSPB meetings are outdoors to the populace unless an executive seance is declared by an affirmative vote of a minimum of 3/5 of all members present. MSPB may make and enforce reasonable rules and regulations for the behavior of persons attending its meetings. Minutes of all meetings are kept, whether the confluence is open or in executive seance. The minutes will show members give and any final actions taken by MSPB, and are available to the public during clientele hours a reasonable prison term after recess or adjournment. MSPB, as the governing assurance for the statewide human capital system as established in Title 25, Chapter 9 of Mississippi Code Annotated, has delegated much of its authority to the MSPB Executive Director, who may act on behalf of the Board when such legal action is necessity for the timely, effective, and effective implementation of the state ‘s human capital system ; the daily business of MSPB is consequently carried out by the express agency besides known as MSPB. References to the MSPB Executive Director throughout this Manual may besides refer to his or her designee ( randomness ). Following an organizational restructure in 2009, MSPB is divided into six sections. Agency directors, personnel officers, personnel assistants, and members of the populace command aid are urged to direct any inquiry to the MSPB staff segment assigned the applicable duty. running assignments are outlined below. If you are diffident where to direct your inquiry, contact the MSPB switchboard at ( 601 ) 359-1406 or your representation ‘s classification, Compensation, and Recruitment Consultants. For a dispatch list of MSPB employees, go to http : //

Executive Office – ( 601 ) 359-1406 Agency Budget * Annual Report * Executive Support * General Administration * Strategic Planning * Discipline * Employee Handbook * Policy Development and Interpretation * Grievances * Leave Administration * Federal Employment Laws * Legal Questions * Statutes relating to Mississippi State Personnel Board Matters Employee Appeals Board – ( 601 ) 359-2982 Appeals Filing * Appeals Scheduling * General Appeals information Office of Classification, Compensation, and Recruitment – ( 601 ) 359-1406 Benchmarks * Compensation Surveys * Class Specifications * Consultative Services * Job Classifications * Job Description Development and Validation * Job Reclassification * Staffing Management * Organizational Charts * Transactions Processing * Program Budget * Salary Certification * Technical Assistance * Application Evaluation * Application Storage * Certification of Referred Applicants to Agencies * Organizational Studies * New Hire Flexibility * Recruitment Flexibility * Agency Head Flexibility * Promotional Flexibility * Recruitment Announcements * Substitution of Education and Experience

Office of Training and Development – ( 601 ) 359-2757 agency Sponsored On-Site Training * Career Pathing * Consultative Services * Electronic Training Center * Internship Programs * Management Certification Programs * Organizational Design * Performance Review * Professional Development Courses * Succession Planning * Support Staff Certification Programs * Talent Management * Technical Assistance * Training Certification * Training Evaluation * Training Needs Assessments * Training Programs * Workforce analysis Office of Information Technology – ( 601 ) 359-2759 Data Management * Special Reports * Technical Assistance * Information Systems Communications – ( 601 ) 359-1406 Outreach * Public Records Requests * Media Relations * Website Development

Office of Administrative Services – ( 601 ) 359-1406 MSPB Personnel Office * MSPB Business Office * Performance Measures * Cost Center Budgeting * Business Continuity * Grant Writing Amended 7/1/2021

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