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Nursing License Requirements in Mississippi

The Mississippi Board of Nursing licenses registered nurses and virtual nurses and sets their scope of rehearse ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ). Mississippi presently has 44,069 RNs and 14,739 LPNs, according to the National Nursing Database. Mississippi is a penis of the Nursing Licensure Compact and has been since the year 2001. Nurses who live in other compendious states can work in Mississippi under a multistate license issued in their own home state. Those who live in Mississippi can work in other pack states under a Mississippi-issued multistate license. LPNs and RNs can be licensed by examination or second. The endorsement choice is for candidates who have passed the NCLEX home license examination.

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A nanny who is licensed in another United States legal power may besides get a impermanent permit to commit nurse at a camp setting in Mississippi for up to 90 days ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ). This is a relatively childlike action and costs just $ 25.

Unlike the Boards in many states, the Mississippi BON does not handle the approval process for harbor programs. There are separate agencies within the state that handle accreditation. however, candidates can find a list of state approved/ accredited schools on the Board site ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ) .

Places to Look for Nursing Scholarships in Mississippi

The Nursing Education Loan/ Scholarship program provides fund to some nursing students who are studying at the bachelor’s degree charge ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ? article_id=444 ). The Mississippi Nurses Foundation is another potential source of scholarship money ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ). Nurses may want or need to take a NCLEX follow-up class. There is a video on the Board site explaining the work ( hypertext transfer protocol : // )

LPN Requirements in Mississippi

Education Requirements for LPNs

A prospective LPN should enroll in a hardheaded nurse program at an approve school. Graduates of RN programs are eligible to test and apply at the PN floor, but must take a character delineation course. There are several factors to consider prior to selecting an licensed practical nurse platform. The article, LPN programs in Mississippi, will help you better understand these factors during your LPN course of study selection process.

The LPN Application Process

The student may begin the lotion procedure up to three months before the campaigner finishes. Some steps, like fingerprinting, may be done on campus, provided the applicant carries out prerequisite steps in a timely manner. The candidate should submit an lotion for license by examination, then register for a criminal background check. The lotion can be found on the “ forms ” section of the Board site ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ). An LPN lend oneself for license by examination pays $ 60 to the Mississippi Board. If an LPN graduated from a school that included integrated IV course of study, and the campaigner seeks this inflate role, the campaigner should submit an extra $ 20. There is an IV application included in the license packet. The applicant should fill out the top contribution, then give it to the class teacher. ( It is besides potential to earn this status former though completion of extra department of education. ) It will take approximately 7 – 10 business days from the time of application for apposite information to be entered into the Board ’ s computerize arrangement. At this point, the candidate can go on-line to register for the criminal backdrop check ( CBC ). The candidate should go to the on-line services section of the Board locate and choose “ scholar application condition ”. The applicant must pay $ 75. The on-line work should be completed at least 48 hours in progress of an on-campus fingerprint session. ( If the campaigner did not graduate from a Mississippi broadcast, the campaigner will need to schedule an appointment on their own. ) The campaigner will besides need to register with Pearson, the caller that administers the NCLEX-PN examen. There is a $ 200 examen fee. The Mississippi Board will notify Pearson that the candidate is eligible, and the campaigner ’ ll receive an authority to Test via mail or electronic mail. At this point, the campaigner can schedule their own examination. Although it ’ s not tied to the licensure process, an LPN may wish to join the Mississippi LPN Association ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ) .

Out of State LPNs

An LPN apply for license by sanction pays a $ 60 application tip and provides fingerprints, transcript, and license confirmation. There is a kind in the endorsement packet that requires notarization ( hypertext transfer protocol : // # Endorsement ). The fingerprint routine will be different for an applicant who ’ s not residing in Mississippi ; it is advised that the campaigner name the Board.

If a presently licensed LPN wants to be eligible for work in Mississippi before all materials are processed, the candidate should add $ 25 to the application fee ( for a entire of $ 85 ). A replicate of the current license must be included in the application packet. If the candidate is transferring residence/ license from another nanny compress express, though, the candidate should not request the temp permit or include the extra fee. The Mississippi Board does not grant IV authentication by endorsement. LPNs should complete a board approved run. LPNs who do not have recent breastfeed experience may have extra requirements to show that their skills are up to date. International applicants will need certificate evaluation through CGFNS ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ) .

RN License Requirements in Mississippi

There are several steps to the license procedure ; the candidate may begin angstrom early as three months before graduation. The candidate can fill out the Mississippi application on-line, but will need to print it to sign and get notarization. An RN lend oneself for license by interrogation pays $ 100. Read the “ RN Programs in Mississippi ” article to learn about factors to consider when choosing a read nurse program. A Mississippi student/ alumnus will want to check with the school to find out when fingerprinting will be done on campus so that the candidate can complete the compulsory steps in promote. If the campaigner has been fingerprinted by the Board of Nursing within the anterior two years ( for example, if the campaigner applied first as an LPN ), the campaigner will not need to go through the criminal background check afresh. If the candidate has not, the campaigner will follow the instructions in the application for license by examination. The Mississippi Board does not accept fingerprints done by other agencies. The summons involves requesting a CPC through the on-line services section of the Board site ; the campaigner may need to wait ampere long as ten business days after lotion for information to be entered in the calculator system. The candidate must besides register for the NCLEX-RN ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ). This may be done by telephone or on-line. There is a form in the campaigner handbook for those who prefer to mail their registration and $ 200 tip. The campaigner will need to wait for mandate before scheduling a computer adapted examination. The Mississippi Nurses ’ Association does not handle license, but does typify and support the state ’ second RNs ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ) .

Out of State RNs

Candidates who have already passed the NCLEX-RN may be eligible for licensure by sanction. License verification will be required. Mississippi requires official transcripts. They should include the date of completion or graduation and the degree conferred ; the campaigner should request that the school of nursing send them directly to the Board. Internationally educated nurses should have a copy of their CGFNS reputation sent alternatively. A nurse who is presently licensed in another country may request a irregular permit when the campaigner applies for sanction. The campaigner will pay an extra $ 25 tip ( for a sum of $ 125 ). The candidate must attach a replicate of the stream license with exhalation date.

If a nanny has not practiced within the previous five years, the candidate will have to demonstrate continuing competence through another route. The campaigner should contact the Mississippi Board. Find Nursing Licensure Requirements in Your State:
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