Beechwood Dine-In Cinema

Georgia Theatre Company ( GTC ) is pleased to announce the completion of the Beechwood Dine-In Cinemas renovation in Athens, Georgia. The newly remodeled dramaturgy features five fresh luxury auditoriums and GTC ’ s in-theatre restaurant “ Outtakes ”, which has a entire service kitchen and bar. The modern lavishness auditoriums have broad tilt-back reserved luxury seating with retractable cupholder armrests and are designed with the premium experience in mind, including full moon service of all Outtakes menu items. These five auditoriums will show agio first-run features, including arthouse merchandise, for all guests to enjoy .

In addition, on April 10th Beechwood will introduce a raw entree policy in the remaining five auditoriums. They will become “ Encore ” auditoriums showing average features at discounted price. All 10 screens feature country of the art digital projection with stereophonic Surround Sound. The complex now has a raw lobby with traditional concession items in summation to the Outtakes din and barricade sphere. One auditorium was removed to add a full-service kitchen. The new architectural vogue is satiny and modern with a wooden ceiling feature, blue sky and bluish green accent colors, and slatted wooden division separating the loiter area from the newly luxury auditoriums .

The beginning Outtakes restaurant was opened in Athens at University 16 Cinemas in June of 2013. This third episode of Outtakes has an emphasis on fresh ingredients, local flare and improved spirit profiles providing the guest with a unique experience to enhance their night out at the movies. The Beechwood Dine-In will feature a full service cake with beer, wine, and liquor, including premier wines, micro-brews and crafted cocktails, with an emphasis on an low-cost, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with upscale overhaul and cordial reception.

Some of the new menu items include a premium “ Georgia Street Taco ” with pan seared pisces, chiffonade boodle, house-made pico de gallo and ancho-chipotle sauce, Bourbon BBQ Pulled Pork Slider with house-made Apple Slaw, Tempura Dipped Chicken Fritter with a seasonal worker scented waffle and praline syrup, and Lobster Mac & Cheese. All Outtakes items can be enjoyed in the premium lounge area or inside any of the ten auditoriums. Menu items are prepared promptly within a utmost ten moment window from order to service.

Tickets for entree can now be purchased at the box office, concession stand, on one of two electronic ticket kiosks in the lobby, or online through the company ’ randomness web site at .

Georgia Theatre Company is a fourth coevals family-owned clientele specializing in movie dramaturgy exhibition. The company, headquartered on St. Simons Island, is one of the 20 largest circuits in the US, operating over 300 screens in four states .

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