Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner: Where To Find The Move Tutor

The Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner comes quite a way into your bright rhombus and Shining Pearl journey. Remembering moves is all-important if you want to create the perfect party in Pokemon BDSP, but you can only do it when you find the Move Tutor. It can be very comfortable to delete a go in prefer of another one, only to regret this decision by and by when building your team. Some Pokemon besides have moves that can only be learned at level 1, which is done by breeding the Pokemon. But, all is not lost as the Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner allows you to relearn any affect in a Pokemon ‘s moveset .

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Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner Location: Where To Find The Move Tutor

Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner location
The Move Relearner can be found in Pastoria City, with the house being located northeast of the Pokemart. Pastoria City is where the fourth Gym is located, a water-type Gym, and it ‘s besides where you can find the Safari Zone, known as the Great Marsh. This is where many rare Pokemon can be found, particularly water-type Pokemon .
When you find the Move Tutor house, head inside and you will find a single NPC stand in the proper corner of the room next to a bookcase. Talk to him to begin relearning moves for your Pokemon .

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Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner: How It Works

talk to the man in the Move Relearner house in order to relearn moves. You will need to pay one Heart Scale for each move that you relearn. These can be found by mining in the Grand Underground and are reasonably easy to come across. Heart Scales can besides be found as a oblige item by Luvdisc when catch with a Super Rod at the Pokemon League, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as one being on the ground to collect in Route 212.

Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner: What Moves Can Be Relearned?

All of the moves in a Pokemon ‘s moveset can be relearned. many Pokemon have moves that can only be learned at flat 1, which are obtained through breeding. These can besides be relearned with the Move Relearner, with some moves being extremely mighty so these are surely worth checking out .
ad Some celebrated level 1 moves include Torterra ‘s Wood Hammer move, Crobat ‘s Cross Poison, Gyarados ‘ Thrash, and Garchomp ‘s Fire Fang .

Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner Restrictions

While most mosts can be relearned, there are a few restrictions that wo n’t allow certain moves to be learned .

  • A Pokemon can’t relearn moves that are only learned by their pre-evolution. Each Pokemon has its own unique moveset and only these moves can be relearned.
  • Egg Moves can’t be relearned, you will need to breed another Pokemon in order to get these again.
  • TMs can’t be relearned. 


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