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San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney

At Callaway and Wolf, our experience in handling motorbike accident cases in San Francisco and around the Bay Area has given us insight in dealing with prejudices against motorcycle riders in wound claims. Callaway & Wolf partner Boone Callaway is a early motorcycle rider and owner, and has handled many cases involving motorbike injuries across the San Francisco Bay Area .
We have handled numerous motorbike injury cases over the years, and know that it is important to conduct an probe vitamin a soon as potential after a motorbike accident, sending investigators to take photograph, measurement skid marks, and interview witnesses. Some cases will require accident reconstruction experts, and others will require experts in roadway condom or human factors .

Motorcycle Accident Cases We’ve Won

  • Our attorneys won $900,000 for a cyclist injured when a driver made a left without seeing him. The at-fault driver had only $100,000 in insurance, and the client had $150,000 more in his own “under-insured motorist” coverage. He was represented by a prior attorney who wanted to settle the case for the available insurance policies. We were able to get many times more for the client by looking at the other party’s assets, and refusing to accept the insurance money alone. This took time – the other party had to sell off investment properties to pay – but it was worth it to get the client a fair recovery.
  • Recovery for a client who laid his bike down when a car pulled out in front of him, where the rider did not even hit the car.

Motorcycle Accident Risk Factors

unfortunately, there is a higher risk of accidents when on a motorcycle, largely due to drivers failing to see motorcycles when making left turns and lane changes. Too frequently, drivers of cars in California wear ’ t look carefully for motorcycles in their blind spots, or merely fail to see an oncoming bicycle when making a plow. early accidents happen when drivers follow motorcycles besides closely. many drivers don ’ t realize that motorcycles have much better stopping ability than cars, and follow besides closely. When a motorcycle does go down, the injuries can be dangerous, even with a helmet and a full stage set of protective gear .

What Compensation is Available for a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

In a motorbike accident subject, you are entitled to be compensated for all your refer medical bills, whether or not they were paid by indemnity, Medi-Cal, Medicare, etc. additionally, you can recover for the cost of damage to your motorcycle, for a new helmet and any damaged clothing, boots, or leather gear, and for loss of earnings. The largest separate of a motorbike injury claim is “ general damages, ” the compensation for pain, suffer, disability, emotional distress, inconvenience, etc. Since village is a one-time-only consequence in most cases, you should wait until the full extent of your injuries and mend is known. Settlements can include compensation for any probably future pain or problems, and any future checkup expenses that a doctor says are likely.

What’s the Statute of Limitations on Motorcycle Accidents in California?

For most cases, the legislative act of limitations ( deadline by which you must settle your claim or file a lawsuit ) in California for a event for injuries caused by an motorbike accident is two years from the date of the wound. In cases involving the negligence of a public entity, such as the state of matter, a city, county, or early public entity, a formal written claim must be filed with the appropriate entity within six months of the date of the incident .

Contact a San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney for a Free Consult

If you or person you know has been injured in a motorbike accident in California, request a release consultation by calling 415-541-0300 to speak to a San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer experienced in handling these cases, or feel free to contact us handily online .
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