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Are you student or staff of the Maisonneuve College and are you looking for the information about Maisonneuve moodle login, so here we plowshare all the utilitarian data about Moodle Maisonneuve, how to login moodle, reset moodle password, How to access a Moodle naturally and more information .

What is Maisonneuve College ?

Maisonneuve ( Maisonneuve College ) is a francophone populace pre-university and technical college located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The College offers two types of program pre-university and technical foul.

The pre-university programs, which take two years to complete, cover the subjugate matters which approximately match to the extra year of high gear school given elsewhere in Canada in readiness for a choose field in university .

What is Maisonneuve Moodle ?

Maisonneuve Moodle is Learning and Teaching Management System. You will use Maisonneuve College Moodle to access all information for your courses, including timelines, calendars, assignments and grades courses .
You are automatically enrolled in your Maisonneuve Moodle courses when you are registered in your classes by office of the Registrar and if you do not see your path listed in Maisonneuve College Moodle .

Maisonneuve Moodle Login

To login to Maisonneuve Moodle you will need a Maisonneuve College username and password therefore you should get it and you can login to Maisonneuve Moodle by following the steps given below .
maisonneuve moodle login

  • First Open this webpage link
  • Enter your Username and Password in the field.
  • Tick on ‘Remember username’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Login‘ button.
First time on this website?

enroll your exploiter code ( eg e1234567, without the @ suffix ) and your network password .

In case of problem

After 3 consecutive login failures, the account is mechanically locked for a period of 10 minutes. If you made a err in entering the password e.g. shift samara pressed, please wait 10 minutes before trying again with the correct password. notice that if you have recently changed your network password, you must use your modern password to log into Moodle .
Students and teachers who have dogged difficulties connecting to Moodle can reach the IT department by electronic mail at adjutant @ .

Password change

To change your network account password, you can use the shape at the address below .

Forgot or Reset Maisonneuve Moodle Password

If you want to change or reset the password when you forget your password after logging in to Maisonneuve Moodle, you can. For which you have to follow the steps given below .

  • First Open this Forgot Password Link.
  • If you want to reset the password of Maisonneuve Moodle by Username then you have to enter the Username used while logging in to Maisonneuve College Moodle in its ‘Search by username’ field.
  • Then click on the ‘Search’ option.
  • If you want to reset the password of Maisonneuve Moodle by Email address then you have to enter the Email used while logging in to Maisonneuve College Moodle in its ‘Search by email address’ field.
  • Then click on the ‘Search’ option.

To reset your password, submit your username or your e-mail address, If Maisonneuve College find you in the database, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address .

Roles and responsibilities in Maisonneuve College Moodle

  • Article 4.9 of the Institutional Policy for the Evaluation of Learning (College of Maisonneuve, 2014) provides for responsibilities at different levels.
  • The College provides teachers with tools and resource persons to train and support students.
  • The teacher participates in the training of students in the citation of sources and bibliographic writing.
  • Here are a few: the College provides students with tools to cite their sources and write a bibliography.
  • The professor takes appropriate measures to dissuade students from plagiarizing or to defraud during evaluations.
  • The student demonstrates intellectual integrity throughout his studies.

What registration and courses do Maisonneuve Moodle Summer Courses offer?

  • If you are a student enrolled in regular education or continuing education at Collège de Maisonneuve.
  • Registered in Maisonneuve and who wants to take a course at a SRAM college establishment.
  • Coming from a college outside SRAM.
  • Who wishes to take prerequisite courses for a university program foreign or non-resident of Quebec.
  • Consult the Summer Course Guide, Summer 2021 session.

You will find the following information there:

  • Registration terms and periods
  • Registration fees and tuition fees
  • Student cancellations
  • Cancellation of a course by the college
  • Expense reimbursement policy
  • List of courses offered and deadline for canceling each course
  • Opening hours of the college during the summer and opening hours of the School Organization Service
  • Student services
  • Class schedule
  • Course cancellation procedure and deadlines
  • Bulletins and grade review procedure
  • Education tax deductions
  • Absolute prerequisites

Pre-registration form for students from Maisonneuve College who wish to take a summer course at another SRAM extremity college.

Connection to off-campus databases: use your network code

When you log in off campus, the window below will appear :

Students: network code
  • Your network code for connecting to college computers begins with ‘e’ followed by your student file number, example: e9999999.
  • If you are a new student, your password is your date of birth in YYMMDD format, the last two digits of the year, month and day.
Staff members: network code
  • Same access codes as for connecting to a College computer.
  • More than 597,000 references of articles from French-language periodicals, from 1980 to today.
  • Full text of over 22,300 items.
  • Addresses of over 104,000 full-text articles available on the Internet.

Contact Support or Email on Maisonneuve College

Do you have questions about your study project at Maisonneuve College ? Choose the time that suits you using the calendar below or write to him at lhtrinh @ .

Maisonneuve College office

They are located in the main build up of the Maisonneuve College, a stone ’ south throw from the Pie-IX and Joliette stations, on the green metro line .

Main campus
  • Address
    3800, rue Sherbrooke Est
    Montréal (Québec) H1X 2A2
  • Tel
    514 254-7131
  • Email

For consultation requests, contact the Communications and Corporate Affairs Department at cbisson @ or by earphone at 514 254-7131, extension 4599 .

Other Campus

6220, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal ( Québec ) H1N 1C1
Telephone : 514 254-7131
electronic mail : fc6220 @
2030, avenue Pie-IX
Bureau 430
Montreal ( Quebec ) H1V 2C8
Tel : 514 254-7131
e-mail : sfc @

Maisonneuve College Services

If you have extra needs due to a chronic functional limit or a permanent disability, know that the Student Integration Assistance Service is there to support you. In rate to be entitled to these services, you must present a diagnosis issued by a recognized health professional ( in finical, doctor, psychologist, address therapist, audiologist ) .

  • Raise awareness among teachers
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Offer extra time for exams
  • Allow exams to be taken
  • Room outside the classroom
  • Have an adapted schedule
  • Dental care
  • Childcare center
  • Cooperative bookstore
  • Offer a tutoring service by peers
  • Provide educational
  • Physical support
  • Help the student through sound
  • Braille productions
  • Allow the use of suitable equipment
  • Provide a suitable locker
  • Provide interpreter services
  • Physical education course
  • Physical activity classes for staff

Maisonneuve College Moodle FAQ

How can I get a loan or a scholarship to study at Maisonneuve?
You will find all the information you need by consulting the play along sections of the web site :
– Quebec government loans and bursaries program
– Directory of scholarships
How do I know if my courses will be given remotely or on site at the College?
For each subject, it is your teacher who will tell you if, where and when you will need to travel for the courses to be taken .
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