McDonald’s Monopoly VIP 2021: When does it start, prizes and how to play

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  • McDonald ‘s Monopoly is back for 2021 – but when does it start ?
    McDonald ’ s Monopoly VIP 2021 game show starts sooner than you think – and it promises to be bigger and better than always before – VIP dash !
    The fast-food chain is bringing back its democratic prize-giving dagger solicitation game show after a two-and-a-half-year crack – with a vamped-up VIP condition – and fans love it ampere much as these 13 mind-blowing McDonald ’ randomness hacks.

    A spokesperson for McDonald ’ sulfur said, “ Instant VIP condition is a few moves away for 1000 golden customers with the introduction of the first-ever UK McDonald ’ s VIP Gold Card ! The winners of these Gold Cards will receive the ultimate VIP discussion, not only winning epic bragging rights but the golden 1000 will besides be able to claim a FREE average meal every week from their local anesthetic restaurant for a whole 12 months*. ” ( *terms and conditions apply ) .

    McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 – when does it start?

    McDonald ’ s Monopoly 2021 is set to start again on 25th August. The restaurant chain announced on its Twitter report back in March that McDonald ’ sulfur Monopoly is returning in summer 2021 and the depart date has nowadays been confirmed at 25th August 2021 .
    But its long-awaited hark back has a VIP device – making it bigger and better than always before. McDonald ’ s tweeted, ‘ I only have two moods today : 1 ) OMG, how is it August ? 2 ) OMG, IT ’ S MONOPOLY MONTH ! ’
    And fans can not contain their excitement, one wrote, ‘ Waits to order # McDonalds until August 25th doubly that week ( if not more ) … ’ another fan put, ‘ Monopoly starts precisely on my birthday ! It must be a sign. ’ And a third fan added, ‘ finally ! ’

    What are the McDonald’s Monopoly VIP 2021 prizes?

    The McDonald ’ s Monopoly prizes range from cash prizes and vouchers to technology and McDonald’s menu items. Among the prizes that have been up for grabs include ; £100,000 cash, £10,000 cash, Mini Coopers, £2,000 to spend on a vacation, PS4 Pro, Experience vouchers, Shopping vouchers, Mobile Phones plus a lot more .
    But this fourth dimension, there ’ s even more up for catch as 1000 lucky customers will be in for a chance to win the brand-new, never-before-seen, exclusive McDonald’s VIP Gold Card .
    The winners of these Gold Cards will receive the ultimate VIP discussion, not only winning epic bragging rights but the golden 1000 will besides be able to claim a FREE medium meal every week from their local restaurant for a solid 12 months .
    And not forgetting the thousands of instantaneous win items like the Big Mac, six chicken nuggets and ice cream cone. Or the hash embrown, sausage, and egg McMuffin you can take advantage of during McDonald ’ s breakfast time menu.

    How do you claim McDonald’s prizes?

    If it ’ s an moment gain, just take your winning tag to the counter and claim – they will hand you your prize on the spot .
    For other games, you must go on-line to register your wins and follow the individual instructions for your game of choice .
    McDonald's Monopoly 2021

    What happens if the McDonald’s Monopoly VIP 2021 game piece date has expired?

    McDonald ’ second has repurposed packaging containing MILLIONS of outdated Monopoly game pieces– so customers MUST discount the dates on the game pieces. And because the game pieces will include the wrong termination dates, McDonald ’ s is urging customers to check the dates on the McDonald ’ s web site via this associate so they don ’ thymine lose out on the chance to win one of the extraordinary prizes .

    How do you play McDonald’s Monopoly?

    To play the game, buy qualifying food items at McDonald ’ sulfur and collect the crippled pieces that come with them. There are three unlike kinds of game pieces—Instant Win, Play Online, and Property Sets—so follow the instructions printed on them cautiously to claim your prizes !
    Among the food items, you need to purchase in order to collect a spine from its packaging are

    • Chicken Selects 3 or 5 Pieces
    • Chicken Legend
    • Chicken Big Tasty
    • Big Tasty with or without Bacon
    • Medium or Large Fizzy Drink
    • Regular or Large Iced Frappé/Iced Fruit Smoothie
    • Medium or Large Fries
    • Mozzarella Dippers
    • McFlurry

    Why did McDonald’s Monopoly stop?

    McDonald ’ randomness Monopoly is back after it took a two-and-a-half-year suspension following the temporary closures due to Covid-19 restrictions .
    The bet on was initially planned to return in March 2021 but bosses of the fast-food range decided to delay the launch .
    due to the postponement mid-production, packaging with over 200 million Monopoly plot pieces had already been printed and dated. But to save on waste, McDonald ’ s has repurposed this promotion with the outdated game pieces to ensure the promotion could return for customers angstrom soon as it was safe to do so in August .
    And the game is possible to play either in the restaurants, via drive-thru, or home McDelivery .


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