The 17 Best Tesla Model Y & 3 Accessories (And Which to Avoid)

In my eyes, there are two kinds of accessories to add to your tesla : all-important or optional upgrades. Tesla queerly omits many accessories I feel should have already been included with the car purchase so it can be frustrating that you evening have to buy these. The early type are strictly upgrades–it enhances quilt or ocular solicitation of the cable car in a way, but is not completely necessary. I ’ ve been driving this cable car for over nine months now and will run you through the accessories I tested on the Model Y, many of which besides fit on the Model 3, and let you know what I think is worth buy, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as some you should avoid altogether. I besides tested other camping-specific accessories that appear only on our Tesla Camping Guide .

BMZX – 2nd row center console organizer

BMZX - Tesla silicone organizer box / trash can They call it a 2nd row comfort organizer, but to me it is a back seat methamphetamine bank identification number and this thing wholly improved my experience using the car. Having a dedicate trash bin meant no more random paper scraps, napkins, or food containers getting stashed in places it shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be.

much of the car is covered in a black felt character material that isn ’ t the easiest to clean if food or other liquids get stuck to it. Having this silicone, easy to dump and easy to wash container helps keep the car organized is worth it. The price is quite steep at $ 40 but I ’ ve so far to find a better solution for my car trash. Fits the Model Y entirely .

Basenor – center console organizer tray

Basenor - Tesla sliding center console tray The center console table below the car ’ mho touch screen is pretty broad, and if you ’ re to truly make practice of all the space in there it means stacking your items on circus tent of each other. This makes it hard to access stuff since you ’ ll be sifting through items much. Enter the slither console organizer. A few other brands make it, but I love this one from Basenor. For me, this brand has a pretty good choice path record with accessories for the car indeed far. The organizer is felted blacken, matching the store spirit and feel of the console area this slides into. This one fits the Model 3 deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the Model Y .

Basenor – armrest hidden storage box

Basenor - Tesla hidden armrest console organizer here ’ s another winner from the Basenor mark. I tried another design of this center console organizer from Taptes and it was atrocious ( see bottomland of this post ). This one from Basenor fixes the issue of the door falling out all the time in an unexpected way. Basenor ’ randomness design has the sliding door on a lead, which has two lock positions for cheeseparing and open. I must say that the credit card ending on this model has lots of frayed edges, like you can distinctly tell the merchandise was injection molded, and never had the spillover filed off or sanded down. even with that pit, this merchandise actually works. You never very have to see it, so it ’ sulfur very well to overlook the complete since this thing equitable works. This fits the Model Y and Model 3 .

Nansure – mud flaps

Nansure - Tesla mud flaps It seems like depending on where you live, your Tesla may come from the factory with mud flaps already installed. But here in Southern California, ours did not come with mud flaps. There are a few brands out there that seems identical, but I tried out the Nansure brand flaps to help reduce paint damage from rocks kicking up from the tires. These were a fun and easy install. You barely pop out some clips already on the car and install these flaps along the skeletal system, locking them in with the admit clips. The only gripe I had was with one of the flaps. It may be a ill formed roll, or our car wasn ’ thymine uniform ( it ’ s impossible to know ) but one of the final examination clip I had to install on a roll was incredibly difficult. It required a short ton of force to lock in potentially putting a distribute of sift on the flap, but many months after the install, all is however dependable. Fits the Model Y for year models 2020, 2021 and 2022 .

Basenor – windshield sunshade

Basenor windshield shade There are three main reasons to get a windshield nuance, and its primarily to protect your dart, reduce cabin temps ( thereby keeping your seats from getting super hot ), and providing a little moment of privacy. I tried the windshield shades from Basenor and like their other products I ’ ve used, it didn ’ metric ton disappoint. You can see from the photograph that it ’ s not 100 % coverage because the product sags a snatch. It stays in home by being wedged into the hyphen, and held up at the top by folding down your car visors. In terms of keeping the estrus out, I think it does keep the guide bicycle and seats from getting besides hot that you need to wait before driving. however, if its hot external, the cabin temps will inevitably hit 90 degrees plus finally. I have 50 % windshield tint and 20 % tint all around, and even with extra shades put up, nothing very keeps the hotness out completely. The shades may buy you some more time, but I suspect its alone a matter of a few minutes remainder. Folding these shades up takes a small getting used to. You can do it in the cable car if no ones sitting in the passenger seat, otherwise you ’ ll indigence to slide it out the door and fold it up. It folds easily and packs into a bang-up bag–it fits in the driver door and doesn ’ t fall out even though it sticks out a fortune. All this to say, it has faults but it works, and unless you want to upgrade to an even bulkier folding type shade I don ’ t see any better alternatives out there. The Basenor sword is great, but I suspect all the early fold shade brands are identical to this .

Motrobe – cup holder insert

Motrobe - Tesla silicone cup holder insert I didn ’ thymine expect a lot from this cup holder insert. After all, it just follows the same outline as the cup holder, what was the indicate ? I ended up loving this thing. One side has a smaller compartment than the other, so the detail alone fits in one way. The three nubs that stick out in each hole very securely grab the cups and bottles I put into it, making it feel very fasten. For many months, I used it with the abominable snowman from our insulate tumblers post and it works absolutely. If you happen to spill anything, or when you precisely want to clean it out, it easily slides out and washes very easily as silicone does. It ’ second much easier than trying to clean out spill liquids into the livestock compartment without an cut-in. I was surprised to see that this exhaust out Basenor ’ s cup holder cut-in ( see below for our review ), and highly recommend it. Fits Model 3 and Model Y .

Basenor – latch covers

Basenor - Tesla door latch covers These latch covers come with eight pieces, two covers for each door. They claim it is to prevent damage or rust from the exposed metal latches on each door. possibly I haven ’ triiodothyronine owned the car long enough to have rust develop so I can ’ t say if this is actually going to achieve that. however they look estimable. It ’ s a very subtle mod to parts on the cable car that aren ’ t in truth exposed all the clock, but it is an upgrade however. Fair admonitory, that these go on much easier than they come off. I tried removing one of these and it flexes the rigid credit card a bunch, and part of it broke off. You should never truly need to remove it once installed though. Fits Model 3 and Model Y .

EVFIT – performance pedal pads

EVFIT - Tesla stainless steel performance pedal covers I bought two different brands and these pedals from EVFIT are identical to the operation pedals from Topfit —both having the Topfit brand name on the corner. They ’ re an easy option if you want a little bite of a ocular mod to your pedals. I must say that the facility process for these are fabulously difficult. possibly they designed it this way to make certain the pedals never fall off while driving, but the cutout designed on the spinal column of these are an extremely nasty match. It requires you to very stretch out and wrangle the compact, hard, rubber on the back to amply wrap the metallic element pedals for initiation. finish on the pedals could use more polish as there ’ s slight cancel and glue trails from manufacturing that weren ’ t cleaned up. I would say that at very certain angles, the reflectiveness of the pedals can draw your care to the pedals, rather of on the road where they should be. Fun fact : it wasn ’ t until installing these pedals that I realized ( after six months of driving this cable car ) that our acceleration pedal did not come with a pedal brood from the factory. I and everyone else who has driven this car didn ’ thymine notice either. Fits Model Y and Model 3 .

Spigen – Tesla matte screen protector

Spigen - matte finish screen protector for Tesla I like having filmdom protectors on our devices since they inescapably get banged up or scratched, indeed thought it would be good to try this shield defender out for the screen on the Model Y excessively. Months went by without a screen defender and apart from fingerprint smudges on the riddle, so this screen is probably a lot less susceptible to damage than say the one on our phones. however I wanted to give this a shoot anyhow. I ’ ve tested Spigen ’ s EZ Fit system before and it is genius. They design a perfectly appointment formative scout so it ’ s impossible to do anything but a absolutely aligned install. Spigen ’ second products constantly cost more because of this, but depending on how effective you can be at a exempt floating installation–this might be worth it. To us, it ’ south worth saving the anxiety and installation is a breeze. The main issue is with the felt ending of this product. I wanted to reduce glare a morsel so went for this as it seems to be Spigen ’ s entirely eat up choice, however it perceptibly degrades the clearness of the riddle. For about a week, it in truth bothered me but we ’ ve gotten used to it. If you are nit-picky, it may bother you excessively. removed Tesla Spigen screen protector Update: A few days into using this riddle defender I kind of started to get used to the haze the matte finish causes. But I decidedly remembered how clear it was merely earlier installing this. After many months of using this screen defender I wanted to try another screen defender brand ( see the future item on this review ! ), then I removed this Spigen one for an mind of how much it hazes up the riddle. It ’ s less pronounce when directly on the filmdom itself, but here ’ s what it looks like :

Fits Model Y and Model 3 .

SUMK – glossy tempered glass screen protector

SUMK glossy Tesla screen protector The TLDR is that if you must have a glistening screen defender, this may be your lone choice. initiation is not foolproof for dead-on focus and avoiding dust, but it can be done. indeed if you ’ ve never in truth installed a screen defender before, or you are extremely finical requiring a perfect install, something like the Spigen defender above may serve you better. There are about no options for glistening screen protectors for the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 and I have no idea why. For other devices, Spigen normally has both flatness and slick options, like many early manufacturers do. But I ultimately found this glossy Tesla screen defender from SUMK and wanted to try it. I used the Spigen one for many months and it did its job of protecting the screen ( see above ), but I never loved the brumous appearance it added to the riddle. Installation: so I removed it and installed the one from SUMK. For around $ 23, this shield defender is not bad, but it could be better. I ’ molarity decidedly spoiled by the system Spigen developed for installing screen protectors, leaving zero room for installation error. SUMK tries to achieve this with these four silicone guides that are peel and adhere. The instructions aren ’ t 100 % clear on what orientation to stick them to your riddle, but after reading through the late steps, it ’ south more obvious how to use these. The exploiter is meant to place the screen defender on the guides which has it hovering over the screen come on giving you a find to align the guides until it ’ mho perfective before last pressing to adhere the glass. The problem is that you can ’ t actually move the guides around in a meaningful way so I ended up classify of manually aligning the shield defender and it came out finely. screen protector silicone guides and dust Dust: Another trouble with installing this is that there international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a great means to hold the shield defender while removing the film that goes over the gluey side of looking glass. You want to avoid touching the debunk glue so you either need another person to help with this installation, or you can hold the screen door defender against a surface to stabilize it as you peel the highly static-filled and dust-attracting film. It ’ s a less than elegant installation process that introduced dust onto the muggy side that is impossible to remove. I ’ ve designed, produced, and installed my own blind protectors for 10+ years so I ’ ve decidedly had adequate drill. I know every shield defender initiation situation can be unique, but let ’ s equitable say that if you ’ re a perfectionist this product is going to take some extra solitaire to get right. It ’ mho reasonably hard to photograph to show the clearness of this, but the double choice is much clearer than the Spigen matte defender. Fits Model Y and Model 3 .

CarQiWireless – steering wheel tray

CarQiWireless - Tesla steering wheel tray It looks pathetic, and it feels cockamamie whipping this steering roulette wheel tray out each clock. But it works. This fictile board is empty inside so it ’ s relatively light, but it slides under the steering bicycle and rests on itself. The way it stays on is a spot faze, but it held all of our meals precisely fine without any spills. I ’ ve ended up using it a distribute over the past few months as its a bang-up room to keep greasy or crumby foods from getting all over the car. For storage, this steering wheel tray fits diagonally in the torso ’ s two open compartments besides indeed its not sliding approximately when not in use. Easy to use, easy to store, and wash with soap when needed. If you regularly consume or need a desktop in your car this tray is an easy choice. Fits all Tesla models Y, 3, X, S .

BMZX / Topfit – folding tray for food & laptops

BMZX Tesla food tray / seat tray Let ’ s get it out of the way. This folding tray from BMZX is expensive–four times ampere expensive as the CarQiWireless formative tray we tested above. To be unclutter, I purhcased the BMZX brand, but it is stamped with “ Topfit ”. I ’ thousand sure it ’ mho identical to this tray from Topfit. rather of hooking onto the steering wheel, this hefty, folding induct tray feels much more solid, and its much heavier than the CarQiWireless. The airfoil area is much larger, and it feels much more impregnable when eating on it. And since it rests on two armrests on your leave and right it feels actually impregnable adequate to support the slant of a laptop if you wanted to work on it. It ’ s easy to wipe down and fold up when you ’ re done, but there ’ s no veridical good blemish to keep it in the cabin unless you throw it in the backseat on the shock. so I keep it in the proboscis in the thin compartment where the charger bulge is stored. overall I actually like this product so if you spend a bunch of time eating or working in your car it may very well be worth the high price tag .

Taptes – all-weather floor mats (front & back seats)

Taptes - all-weather floor mats The original Tesla deck mats are carpet and like a quick study. even if you don ’ t regularly camp with your Tesla, and don ’ metric ton live in showery or boggy areas, even even use will have these carpet mats soaking everything up. This was not acceptable to us and its disappointing Tesla evening comes with these mats. I wanted to try out the very democratic 3D MAXpider mats for the Model Y but there seemed to be many other brands with identical designs, in the lapp material, without the unsightly logo. I gave the Taptes mats a shoot which fits the Model Y only. The fit is about 90-95 %. It ’ second thoroughly enough but could be a better fit around the edges at some parts. The separate of the master of arts in teaching that goes up the front wall in the front seats don ’ t sit bloom against the cable car wall/floor so it ’ s a bite odd there ’ s a gap visually, but it hasn ’ t caused any real issues so far. I ’ m not certain if other brands solve all these problems, but if you ’ re looking to save $ 20-30, these are a solid choice. This fits Model Y lone .

LEIMO – lifting jack pads

LEIMO - Tesla jack lifting pads Since the whole bottomland of the car is covered in batteries underneath, you can ’ t fair use a normal jack anywhere at the risk of breaking a partially of the bottom not meant to carry the cable car ’ second weight. There are four indicate spots on the bottom of the car where you can use a jack and it should be used with lifting jack pads to disperse the weight. If you need to make any mods on your car at home, using lifting mariner pads are a must. These are well built mariner diggings with a very nice case. These pads will fit any Tesla models 3, Y, S, X .

Basenor – cup holder insert (not recommended)

Basenor - spring-loaded cup holder insert The concept of this cup holder insert made sense to me. Reduce the opening or put press on any cups, bottles or cans you put in hera so they rattle less. In actual practice of this, it didn ’ t truly provide a lot benefit. possibly if you merely drink out of plastic water bottles it has an added benefit ( but very you should consider switching to a reclaimable water bottle ), but the bouncy character that puts tension on the drink vessel is besides watery, and not grippy enough to actually make any noticeable dispute. I ’ five hundred avoid this and go for the silicone lining I tested ( see above ). Fits Model Y and Model 3 .

Vliigts – cabin camera cover

Tesla camera slide cover If you always have an eerie impression of a camera being on you while driving your tesla, you ’ rhenium not alone. Yes, I know Tesla claims that these department of the interior cameras never leave the car but it just doesn ’ t feel proper to me, then I slapped on a television camera cover on it. I used the one from Vliigts stigmatize and it works, but in all honesty these are probably all identical similar ampere long as they are large enough for this camera. The adhesive hasn ’ t come off, or the skidder hasn ’ t come off even though the surface it adheres to is semitrailer curved, which is great. I got the slider in case I always “ needed ” to open it up for wide self driving which may require this, but I have never actually needed to open this traverse. I ’ ve understand that the cable car ’ sulfur cabin television camera can be used to watch you to see if you ’ re paying attention to the road, or if you ’ rhenium futzing round on your phone and ping you to “ move the steer roulette wheel ” to prove you ’ re paying attention. They say if you have the camera covered, the car doesn ’ thymine know if you ’ re paying attention and can ping you more much. thus far this hasn ’ triiodothyronine been an consequence for me, but use this at your own discretion ! Fits Model 3 and Model Y .

Taptes – armrest organizer (not recommended)

Taptes - Tesla armrest hidden organizer This center console / armrest organizer from Taptes was infuriating. Out of the corner and in photos it looks courteous, yes. The concept is ticket, and the formative finish up is actually decent ( something you don ’ thymine appreciate until you see roughly edges on others like the other, better rated, cabinet organizer I tested ). The problem with it is the excessively engineered doorway that stays on via magnets. It ’ mho neat, until you try to use it. The door pops off in an irregular means each time and you have to catch it or else it will fall into the compartment, on the floor, or differently. decidedly not something you should use without looking, while driving, and in truth ever since there are better designs to buy from early companies. Fits the Model 3 and Model Y, however you should avoid at all costs. parcel this Review

Bryan Vu, Editor Bryan is our cook and kitchen adept, with more than 15 years of experience of cook and testing kitchen products. When outside of the kitchen, he enjoys carpentry, photography, videography and figuring out how to live a more eco-friendly life style. He thoroughly enjoys discovering the best, whether it ’ s ingredients or equipment, and finding products that can stand the rigors of daily practice .

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