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What are the top mobile app growth companies on the market I should get in touch ? You possibly asking yourself this question whether you need to create an app for io, Android, Windows Mobile or build a cross-platform one. By any stretch, it ’ s not a fiddling question and to make the right option you need to see many options on a single list to compare and make an enlightening decision .
Because of the nature of the app development process, the circus tent Android and io app developers can be found scatter across the earth, from California in the USA to Europe and South East Asia. In many cases, these companies split their office between multiple locations. For example, they may open headquarters with sales and marketing, let ’ s say in US, and its purpose and development arm somewhere in India or Eastern Europe ( think Ukraine, Belarus ). On the other hand, there are potent agencies that are wholly located in India and Latin America excessively, and the UK always has a commodity proportion of the top app developers .
This guide rounds up the best app growth companies from multiple geographies. To cut your googling that possibly painstaking, we chose for you companies with a prove track record and a diversify portfolio ; most of the top app development companies here can code for io, Android, Windows Mobile or go cross-platform and build a loanblend app. We looked at the military capability of their UX/UI blueprint and their willingness to dabble with fresh tech like wearables, AR, VR, Blockchain, Amazon Alexa and colloquial bots. finally, we did not discriminate by size, as small studios can compete with larger companies on all quality metrics.

Our database contains hundreds of app exploitation agencies, but you besides need to know how to choose one. Brand names and awards are not adequate as the app developer needs to be right for you, your business and your app idea. This brief guide helps you make a more inform option .

Types of App Developer

There are four main types of app developers, though you can find many subsets within these ( such as specialization in a especial vertical or chopine ). broadly, Enterprise-level companies tend to cost more but have the strongest and quickest means to develop your app, while boutiques are more like belittled artisans, and the final category is sole freelancers .
Enterprise (in house): large companies that by and large do everything from designing your app to building, testing and publishing it. They tend to require the largest budgets, and their designers and coders are largely employees .
Enterprise (outsource): The main deviation between these and the companies above is that these use freelancers to work on your undertaking. This allows for more flexibility – possibly you already have a User Interface, or have coding skills but would like something designed. It besides drives costs down – app development through these companies is by and large cheaper .
Boutiques: These studios can be equally humble as a two-person team. They take on fewer projects and deliver high levels of polish and besides tend to be highly specialised in particular types of apps or industry verticals .
Freelancers: You may find one person will to do everything ( design, gull, testing, publish ) but truth be told, the people who can do all of this and do it well are few and very expensive. It ’ s not impossible to build an app with freelancers, but it does add a draw of work and doubt .

App Development Platforms

Years of the ferocious rival resulted in mobile operating systems duopoly. correctly now there are two major well-established platforms – io ( Apple ’ s mobile operating system for iPhones, with respective branches – the ipadOS for iPads and the watchOS for Apple Watch ) and Android OS ( Google ’ s mobile operate on system that runs on varios hardware from Samsung to Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones ) .
There ’ second besides Windows 10 Mobile, although that has less than 1 % of market plowshare in the US and in all other markets is under 10 %. As of October 2017, Microsoft announced that it discontinue the platform active growth. with no new software and harware features to be developed .

App Developer Locations

As with most technical school industries, major cities are the main hub for app growth because of an advantageous combination of univercities that graduate qualified app developers, designers and such and guess capital to power app growth companies. Some boutique studios can be found in smaller communities, but the general rule applies .
California is the number one hub for mobile app developers, with San Francisco and Silicon Valley being the independent ones and Los Angeles not far behind. New York is credibly the second biggest US city for app development, with some big identify studios located there, followed by Chicago and Boston .
London is the major hub here, with a very high concentration of app devs ; the north besides offers some excellent studios however, chiefly in Manchester and Newcastle .
India is a very large hub for app growth and the majority of devs are concentrated in three cities : Bengaluru, Hyderabad and the New Delhi metropolitan area .
Eastern Europe
ukraine is the strongest rival for the “ central hub ” title of app developers in Eastern Europe, with bad app growth powerhouses in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and Dnepr. And there are batch throughout the area, with some of the best ones being in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania .

Top App Development Companies

App Development Pricing and Costs

The price of an app can vary massively depending on how complex the app is, on whether it ’ s equitable Android or io, if it ’ south native or loanblend and specially on the developer you choose .
Estimates range from deoxyadenosine monophosphate little as $ 3000 to $ 150,000 for more complex apps made by high-end developers .
Costs besides change according to area and here we see the range from $ 10 – 50 an hour in India to $ 60 – 125 an hour in the United States .
If you ’ d like to know more about app development costs, you can besides check our guides on how to choose an app developer in the US, UK and in India.

How to Select an App Developer

Checking out the app developer ’ mho portfolio is always a commodity estimate. previous experience in your field or business sector might not lone get you a better app, but a cheaper one excessively : the challenges tackled and resolved in making anterior apps will reduce the development time for yours and it besides helps if your choose app developer knows the ins and outs of your specific industry .
Reviews and recommendations are besides a valuable resource – if you know a business exchangeable to yours, find out who made their app and whether it works and read the reviews for it in the app store .
You can besides check out our marketplace for app developers, and read our in-depth scout on how to choose one .

App Developers FAQ

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about find, choosing and engaging with an app growth company or agency .

How much does it cost to develop an app?

It depends on a across-the-board assortment of factors, from the type of app and it ’ s features and the developer you choose. The lowest monetary value detail hovers around $ 40,000, while larger apps can cost ampere much as $ 125,000. Some estimates for an Uber-like app go up to $ 300,000. In this guide, we break down the price of app development to show you where the money goes .
A good tool to estimate an approximate price for your app idea can be found here .

How long does it take to make an app?

According to Cleveroad app development cost calculator it takes between 1,000 to 2,000 hours to develop a mid complexity mobile app. once again, this greatly depends on the type of app and your developer, but this crop includes the majority of growth times for medium-sized apps .

How can I find an app developer?

There are a large number of resources online. You can start by looking through Business of App ’ s directory. other app developers directories to check out are TheManifest, GoodFirms, Clutch .
If you ’ re looking specifically for freelancers then online platforms like Upwork, Freelancer and We Work remotely .

Where can I find a developer partner for a startup app?

Meetup is a bang-up creature for this, and developer meetings can frequently be found on the platform, equally well as platform-specific ones for io and Android .

How many app developers are there?

A fortune. In 2019, the most late estimates put the number of app developers at 26.4 million globally, of which around 6 develop entirely for Android, and 2.8 million focus on io .
In 2014, Asia held the highest number of app developers with 760,000 ( 32.9 % of sum app developers at the time ), swiftly followed by Europe and North America with 29.7 % and 29.4 % of devs. Keep in take care however that since then around 800,000 new developers have entered the market per year .

How should I choose an app developer?

There ’ s a count of criteria to keep in mind when choosing your app developer. The first gear one is, of course, your budget, but beyond that you should :
Review portfolios
This is a standard operation, and most companies will make proudly show their app development portfolio on their websites. Keep in thinker that while app build up is a skill unto itself, development for particular sectors ( for model healthcare or games ) can be very specific. Check to see if the developer specialises in your industry, and specially if they cover the specific platform ( io, Android or Cross-platform ) that you ’ rhenium target, vitamin a well as specific mobile technical school, for example, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT .
Ask for References
Digging a short deep, you can always contact the companies the studio has developed apps for and find out what their experience was like. If a development studio is trust time and again by operators in a certain diligence, then they must be doing something right. Which leads on to :
Check their app’s reviews on the App Store or Google Play.
It may not be obvious at first, but you can always read exploiter reviews for published apps on their app stores to see what people think of the studio ’ s work. Just remember the negativity bias : people have more incentive to write a review when they dislike something than when they like it. One hundred bad reviews isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate indeed regretful if the app has tens of thousands of active users .
Reading app reviews, keep in mind that some app developers engage in deceptive practice of buying fake app reviews that have nothing to do with an objective evaluation of apps. A good indicator of a imposter review font is that if the bulk of the reviews have either 5 or 1 star, meaning the app in sharpen has serious issues and its developer plainly purchases fake inspection to improve its rating without fixing the problem .

Questions you should ask an app developer

  • What platforms do you develop for natively? Do you develop cross-platform apps?

You want to make things clear mighty from the beginning : for which devices can your chosen studio develop an application for ? Do they specialise in io, Android or crossplatform ( apps that work on both and early platforms by using “ generic ” coding as opposed to platform-specific cryptography ). How will the apps be converted from one platform to another ? If the app is linked to a web site, will the web site be optimised for mobile phones ? Keep in mind as wide an audience as reasonable for potential users of your app, both in terms of demographics and in devices used to entree it .

  • Do you cover every stage in the development cycle?

Some studios lone offer user-experience or user-interface design. Others do the development and code, but post-launch alimony is considered to be an extra cost. If your app requires a back-end ( servers and software ), not all studio apartment developers include that in their services. It vastly depends on the kind of app you are designing, but make certain the studio you go with covers all the steps of the app exploitation cycle, or can point you to companies whose services integrate well with the ones they offer .

  • How can my app generate revenue?

This should be part of your business plan deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the conversation with your choose development studio. Will your app make money via advertising ? If so, it needs to be optimised for that function. If your app is a shopfront, or barely driving traffic to your web site where the money is made, how will it engage users to come spinal column after their first visit or first transaction ? Remember that one of the major problems app developers are facing today is the drug user churn – a small parcel of the app users continue to use the app after 30 days since they downloaded the app. This is the kind of conversation that you need to hold with your app developer and make sure you are absolutely on the same page. It will besides be one of the beginning questions a serious app developer will ask you .

  • How do you communicate during the development process?

A key separate of the development summons is keeping the client in the loop about how the process is going. The best studios make this actually diaphanous, with constant ( sometimes even daily ) updates. Ensure your choose app developer communicates as much and in ways which you are comfortable with .

  • What kind of testing will you do?

This is sort-of the opposite of the interrogate above : it ’ s the kernel, the necessity whittle procedure which turns a good idea into a streamlined app. There are many types, from stress to A/B test, and while not all of them will be relevant to all apps, some will be necessary for yours. Ask your developer what testing methods they use, what they ’ ra for and how they help your app better. equally well as what third-party app performance monitoring platform they use .

  • Is submission to app stores included?

Submitting an app to the store international relations and security network ’ t besides hard, if you know what you ’ rhenium doing. alone subscribed developers can submit an app to the Apple ’ s iTunes app memory, and the Cupertino party has strict guidelines on what can and can not be published. Android Google Play store is more big in its guidelines, but it besides requires a registration and a fee. Some developer studios do this, others do not : make certain you find out first, and whether the submission fee is part of the price you ’ ra paying.

  • What’s the latest tech you’re using?

Beacons, GPS, cryptic yoke, Wifi-Bluetooth consolidation : the bang-up thing about the app development world is there ’ second constantly something new being developed or a innovative estimate being explored. If you want your app to be cutting border and actually set the standard for those that follow, ask your developer what ideas or technology they ’ rhenium play with right now. The development march includes a lot of experiment, and an exchange of ideas with your devs could lead to the future large thing or a memorable app .
now, having laid out the types of app developers, their locations, app development costs, explaining how to select an app development company, we ’ ra providing the list of app development companies that lead the field in 2021 .

List of mobile app development companies

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