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Melway, colloquially referred to as Melways or The Melways, [ 1 ] [ 2 ] is a street directory for Melbourne, [ 3 ] Victoria, Australia and its immediate surrounds, including the city of Geelong. once a highly omnipresent directiory, Melway is presently in its 48th edition—the 2021 edition— released in July 2020 .

history [edit ]

Merv Godfrey and another spouse conceived Melway in the 1950s. deplorably, that spouse died in 1961. Godfrey set out to secure a newly spouse, and found Iven Mackay. together, they developed the inaugural Melway. After five years of work and inquiry, the first edition was released in May 1966. Some sceptics felt that Melway would fail to sell because its monetary value at the time was $ 2.50, closely twice that of its nearest rival. [ 4 ] All of the 106 master maps were hand-drawn in ink. first editions of Melway can sell for round $ 500 on the second-hand market. [ 5 ] A reprint of the first gear version was released in 2012 and can be purchased from Melway for $ 150. [ 6 ] The original maps from the first base edition can be viewed on-line via a clickable map. [ 7 ] By the early 1980s, Melway was the most popular street directory in Melbourne, holding over 80 per cent of the commercialize ; indeed “ Melway ” had begun to be used as a generic term for any street directory. [ 8 ] [ 9 ] The current RRP for a 2017 Melway is $ 62.95, [ 10 ] but many retailers sell Melway for around $ 40. [ 11 ]

In 1982, after the fourteenth version of Melway had been released, it was awarded the International Cartographic Association Excellence Award, angstrom well as the inaugural award for Cartographic Excellence from the Australian Institute of Cartographers. [ 4 ] Ausway won the australian award again in 1994 for its first edition of Sydway. Most motorists in Melbourne have a copy of Melway, [ 12 ] as do many cab drivers, bus drivers and some hire cars. The Victoria Police, fire brigade, ambulance serve, victorian State Emergency Service, St. John Ambulance Victoria and for the State government car fleet officially use Melway. Its main rival is UBD-Gregory ‘s, which is the most popular sword in all early states and territories. [ 3 ] [ 13 ]

Features [edit ]

While chiefly a street directory, Melway editions besides contain details on public ecstasy ( train, tramcar, and bus routes, tickets and prices ), bicycle paths, suburb and zip code details, public parks and reserves, landmarks ( such as commercial buildings, telephone boxes, pubs and restaurants ), attractions, and besides boat mooring details in greet docks. In addition to the blue-bordered and red-bordered street maps, there are yellow-bordered maps of university campuses and crematory. furthermore, there are besides green-bordered maps showing routes through the area to Adelaide, South Australia and Sydney. many versions of the street directory are gettable, normally in standard or large-print editions, wall-charts, or an on-line catalogue .

Grid references [edit ]

In Melbourne it is park for a Melway address ( in the format Map—Grid reference, for example, 59 K5 ) to be given along with directions on, for model, an event notice or actual estate of the realm ad. [ 14 ] It is generally assumed that everyone has, or has access to, a copy of the directory in Melbourne. By comparison, the UBD reference for a particular “ Melways reference ” ( as it is colloquially known ) can be importantly different, but is rarely ( if always ) provided. [ 15 ] It is by and large assumed that all such references, careless of whether it is explicitly stated or not, are from the Melway directory and not from the UBD. [ citation needed ] The reverse is true in all early states and territories.

Some organisations provide a Melway year of publication in addition to their map character ( for example, (2006) 70 F6 ), to avoid confusion if map references change in newer versions of the directory. however, Melway has kept the motivation for this to an absolute minimal over the years. It has held off several cartographic features, including a more legitimate overall tile of pages across the entire metropolitan area ( which do appear in the Sydway and Brisway ). That is to protect the integrity and continuity of the original 1966 grid references. [ citation needed ]

mapmaking [edit ]

One of the distinguishing differences of a Melway-style map from other australian street directories is in the interpret of roads. Rather than the traditional describe of two lines with the road appoint printed in-between, ( known as “ double shell ” ) Melway maps show a single cable with the name above or below the road, in many colours reflecting the identity or use of the road. This allows for much more detail to fit into the like size map, arsenic well as showing double carriageways, skid lanes, service roads, focal ratio bumps, roundabouts, and other useful information. UBD has copied this dispute in their Melbourne directory, [ 16 ] in a bid to capitalise on the familiarity of Melway. UBD has only attempted this in the Melbourne directory, retaining their usual format for their early directories. The map blueprint was first gear in full completed by computers in 2000. [ 4 ]

Editions [edit ]

There have been 48 editions of Melway since the mid-1960s. A raw edition is typically released former one year and denoted as being for the follow year. For model, edition 35 was released in August 2007 and denoted as the 2008 Melway. Despite this discrepancy, numerous roads and other features under construction or marriage proposal are included ( e.g. Eastlink in the 35th edition ). therefore, editions dating up to 5 or even ten years old could hush remain useful.

list of editions [edit ]

Below is a list of Melway editions, the years they were released, their price at the time of secrete and other information and introduced features : [ 17 ]

expansion into other australian markets [edit ]

Melway has spawned an umbrella company known as Ausway, which started producing directories for other cities and towns from the early 1990s onwards. These other directories include :

References [edit ]

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