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Hello I ‘m Jeff wyatt Baltimore City Public Schools as an education specialist well I ‘ve worked with a number of students across the city with preparing them to be more of an advocate in their IEP of course we call it directing your own IEP we put together a PowerPoint presentation of our own when we go out and eat with the students and the staff at the schools therefore that they understand what it is what it means to direct your own IEP a lot of people have no concept of course what that means they come to the board thinking possibly a scholar is going to completely take over, and you know ignore the teachers and the adults ‘ opinion professional opinions, but then they learn and once we begin working with, and they learn promptly that it ‘s more of a collaborative feat it ‘s where the scholar comes in, and you know be active extremity of the team as partially of sit down as opposed to preferably sitting on the sideline and barely watching those things play out at their own I EP it ‘s it ‘s a situation where all the players are adequate there is no hierarchy any longer where the student is made to feel like the last person on the totem pole everybody comes together as a team and that that whole team concept that that whole that feel of you know everyone has something to offer including and specially the student is profound Matt is one of the students that I work with in the begin of the school year and am at was credibly a good scholar to start with in that he took to it right away I had very, identical inadequate attendance I think I had like fifty-seven absences totaled up one class and that was a real problem for me because you know you ca n’t pass ca n’t get the class if you do n’t come to school and well leading my own IEP kind of it allowed me to approach the goals that I needed to accomplish my dash and that it got accomplished over a menstruation of time lento, but surely it went back up because you know not just having people talk around you but actually talking to them, you get to make plans and figure out okay how are you going to do this so possibly Matt you can tell is what was it like to get started with developing your own IP um well when I first base got start developing my own IEP I did n’t know a set about what I was getting into with you and I found out that you know you ‘re going to be running your own IT buy ep from top to bottom and that was a little frighten at first you know because you find out you ‘re not stand up in all your principals and teachers and staff and tell them how you feel when you know you ‘re used to being the quiet child that sits the table at your IEP meet and people do n’t talk to you, they talk at you or around you or and that ‘s not effective because merely you know what works for you, and you can put that up on the table um I found out you know it all comes down to me, you know it ‘s not the people working around me, it ‘s me, and you know cipher ‘s going to bring you to school but you nobody ‘s going to stay in school with you and cipher ‘s going to do …

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