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2 years ago
Pieces of Me

Who : Rowan & Charlie When : Saturday, August 21st Where : Pawsome Animal Shelter What : rowan shares a aboriginal contribution of her life with Charlie. All ruffle and mishaps. Warnings : none
Rowan was all smiles as she made her room down the hallways of Erickson. It was still early, possibly unfairly therefore, as the sunlight was scantily peeking over the horizon, but she was a woman on a mission. At least once a calendar month, she would make the unretentive drive to the outskirts of Brighton, all so she could get to spend the unharmed sidereal day doing volunteer work at a local animal shelter. This time, though, she did n’t fancy going alone, and an theme immediately popped into her drumhead. She knew equitable the person to take along. Knocking twice on Charlie ‘s door, she waited, a small smile calm on her face .
Charlizard was having an intensely pleasant dream that involved Hollywood celebrities and deep pits filled with sharks when a dogged knock noise pulled her from her slumber. Untangling herself from Morgan, she padded to the door in what could liberally be called a tank top and opened it just wide enough to peek through the crack. “ Row ? ” she rubbed her bleary eyes with one hand. “ What ‘s wrong ? Building on fire ? Please tell me the build is on fuel. ”
Rowan chuckled at the, dare she call it, adorable sight. “ No fires to report ; thankfully. I ‘m here to ask you to go somewhere with me. If you do n’t have plans, of course. ” She was agile to amend, not wanting to come off as excessively pushful. They could scantily be called friends, but Rowan had to come to accept that she sincerely enjoyed the blond ‘s company, even when said blond did her best to push all of her buttons. “ I know it ‘s early and all, but I promise to make it worth your while. ”
Charlizard had to blink a few more times to make sure that she was wake up and sympathize Row by rights, but once she ‘d digested the estimate a sleepy smile tugged at her lips. “ I ‘d like that. ” She did n’t flush ask what their finish was, something she would have done with just about anyone else. “ good give me five minutes to throw some clothes on and possibly run a brush through my hair’s-breadth. Want to give me any hints to help me decide what to wear for this slip ? ”
Rowan could n’t help but grin, going a far as to clap once in exhilaration. “ decidedly comfortable jeans and boots, stuff you do n’t mind getting dirty. ” It was n’t easy to keep herself from focusing besides heavily on the female child ‘s sleepy smile, and the direction the sight tugged at something within her. It was precisely the agitation, that was all .
Charlizard was struck, even in her sleepy state, by how a lot Row ‘s excitation made her glad in sour. She was, however, far besides tired to figure out good what that mean. “ I ‘m not tied going to make the superintendent obvious antic. I ‘d invite you to wait in here, but Morgan ‘s even asleep and she takes getting woken up tied worse than I do. ” Grinning, she softly closed the door and found some old clothes in her bottom drawer that were n’t farseeing for the earth : blue jeans, a little excessively taut, paired with a button-up shirt that was a little excessively big. The boots were a sacrifice ; not her darling pair, but ones that made her look thoroughly that would n’t break her heart if she had to throw them out by and by. Hair and teeth were done cursorily, her blonde mane pulled bet on into a ponytail, and a few minutes by and by she opened the door with a much more wake up look in her eyes. “ satisfactory ? ”
Rowan raked her eyes up and down Charlie ‘s torso, taking in the simpleton, but somehow very flattering outfit. It was truly not fair for person to be that effortlessly attractive. “ not acceptable ; gorgeous. ” She said, and meant it. “ Let ‘s get this show on the road, then. I ‘ll stop by McD ‘s to get something to eat. Least I can do after waking you up so early. ” Twenty minutes by and by and armed with coffee and breakfast sandwiches, they were well on their way to Brighton. “ Question, do you have any animal allergies ? ”
Charlizard grinned deviously, even if the compliment had besides brought a flush to her buttock. “ Look who ‘s talking. At least you ‘ve had a casual to actually wake up – then again, I ‘ve seen you rumpled in the good morning and that ‘s actually better anyhow. ” She perked up immediately at the intend of a breakfast sandwich and a coffee bean. “ You ‘ve got yourself a deal. ” Row ‘s truck was somehow both perfect and pathetic, much like the girl herself, and a shockingly comfortable ride ensued. Her question took Charlie slightly by surprise, but she swallowed the bite of hashbrown she was working on and shook her point. “ not that I know of. I mean I have n’t been around every animal, but I know cats and dogs are fine at least. ”
Rowan thanked her golden stars mutely. She should ‘ve had the good mind to ask beginning, but since deciding to invite Charlie along had been a goad of the moment kind of thing, there very had been no prison term. “ Well, guess there ‘s no time like the introduce to find out if you ‘re allergic to chickens. And cows, goats, raccoons, horses ; you catch my drift. ” Winking at the blond, she took a sting of her sandwich and focused back on the road. It did n’t take that farseeing, twenty dollar bill more minutes on the road and a colorful polarity welcomed them to Brighton. Five more minutes of navigating roughly terrain and the green truck pulled up into a ranch. “ welcome to Pawsome animal sanctuary. ! ”
Charlizard distillery had n’t stopped being untie by that blink, although now her curiosity was raging. There were n’t a whole distribute of places that one would meet chickens, and unless Row was secretly an urban farmer then it seemed improbable that it was somewhere she owned. “ I guess I will, ” she agreed with a melodious joke, washing down the final of her breakfast with a gulp of hot, black coffee bean. McD ‘s actually made some adequate brew these days, and her eyes were army for the liberation of rwanda wider than they had been when they left the school. She watched for signs, turning to shoot Row an impress grin when they reached their address. “ An animal chancel ? That ‘s amazing ! ” She loved animals, much more than she did most people .
Rowan felt relief wash over her as Charlie ‘s excitation. She had been a little apprehensive that the blond might not precisely be the type to get down and dirty ; literally. “ I come here at least once a calendar month. Sometimes it ‘s much easier to deal with animals than people. ” Reaching behind the seats, she pulled two battered teamster hats ; shoved one on and passed one to the blond. “ It ‘s feed fourth dimension, let ‘s see who ‘s more of an american samoa ; you or the actual domestic ass. ”
Charlizard nodded, knowing precisely what Row mean by that. The teamster hat was about post-ironic, or meta, or something, but she rolled with it all the same and snorted at the pithy gossip from the driver ‘s seat. “ I ‘m certain it ‘ll be a close contest, but we do know that I ‘m much more fun to pet. ” It was her turn to wink playfully as she slid depressed out of the truck and felt the anchor give under her feet, equitable a little. Witty repartee aside, she was more than ready to see some cute animals .
Rowan was even affect herself when she managed to scramble up a tree in an undertake to escape certain death. Everything had been going well, Charlie took to what was pretty much the role of a farmhand rather well. They fed the donkeys and horses, made friends with the chickens, and even got a heavy dose of love from the ruck of dogs as they ran around with them. indeed, yeah, everything was finely, until they had walked by the chicken chicken coop and she was face to boldness with her one true foe. “ Charlie, stop laugh and shoo it aside ! ” She screamed, squealing in fear a here and now late as the untameable beast made to reach for her. Toto the turkey was out for lineage, and Rowan had been wholly unprepared. “ I swear I ‘m going to kill you if you do n’t help me, Fabray ! ”
Charlizard had never spent so much time around any animals that were n’t plainly domestic, but everything from the donkeys to the dogs were fun to interact with and take manage of. For a long while she was n’t thinking of anything but the animals and how cunning Row looked in her teamster hat and jeans. It was evening better than the measure, because she was casual and relax. nothing, though, topped watching her run from a turkey and climb a corner. It was indeed hard to stop laugh that she did n’t bother, doing her best alternatively to corral the animal even though she could barely breathe. “ Do n’t worry, Row ! I ‘ll save you from the barbarous beast ! ”
Rowan screeched once more, and the commotion was enough to attract the care of some of the early volunteers. Everyone know of the hatred the animal expose towards Rowan, even when all the other animals had taken to her immediately, and such a indicate was n’t besides out of the ordinary. “ I ‘m going to murder you, Fabray. ” She said, last climbing down the tree once Toto was led away from the whirl. She was all pouts and placid grouch as she dusted herself off, giving the still cackling blonde a dirty look. “ No one will find your torso, I promise you. ”
Charlizard looked innocently at Rowan, gesturing rear toward the pen. “ I ‘m regretful, ” she wheezed through her laugh. “ I very was trying to get him back where he belonged, but this is the first time I ‘ve ever seen a turkey that was n’t in a roasting pan ! ” She gathered herself and wiped the tears from her eyes. “ I ‘m regretful I could n’t help. But you can murder me if it makes you feel good. ” Gesturing toward the joker, Charlie raised an eyebrow. “ What ‘d you always do to him ? ”
Rowan rolled her eyes, though it was hard to keep playing the angry card when Charlie ‘s smile was that stupidly cute. “ Nothing. I never did a unmarried thing to him, save for existing. That ‘s adequate reason for him to hate my guts. ” The sunday was already beginning its descent west when Rowan looked up at the flip and making a cleave decisiveness, she took Charlie ‘s hand and pulled her towards the stables. There, a alone man brushed a horse diligently, humming to himself. “ Hey, Gramps ! Can we take Judge for a ride ? ” The older man jeer, but there was affection crinkling the corners of his eyes. “ not without introducing me to this cover girl, young lady here. ” Smiling sheepishly at her slip up, she pulled Charlie forward. “ Charlie, this is Gramps, he takes care of the horses and is all around a badass. Gramps, this is Charlie, my friend. ”
Charlizard looked doubtful, but since she had no reason to disbelieve Row ‘s adaptation of events there was no choice but to blame it on the turkey. “ In that case, that joker is a dick. And I ‘m not going to wish that he becomes thanksgiving dinner or anything, but I do hope he falls over when he ‘s chasing you next time and knocks himself out for a while. ” She gave the turkey a dirty front, and she was certain she got one back. It was n’t until Rowan tugged her bridge player that she realized how afflictive she was after a day ‘s influence with the animals … and how fiddling she minded that. “ A ride ? ” she asked lightly, looking at the horse and the world taking care of it. “ It ‘s nice meet you, ” she smiled at him, wondering how long Row had known him .
Rowan smiling placidly at the interaction, Rowan squeezed Charlie ‘s hand earlier going to press a kiss to the man ‘s temple. “ Alright, old man, we ‘re gon na go before you charm my date away from me. ” Gesturing for Charlie to follow, they made their way to the identical end of the barn where a huge, argent horse with a black mane immediately stuck its headway over the gate with a balmy neigh in greeting. “ Hey there, boy. I missed you. ” Rowan allowed the sawhorse to nuzzle her hair, then fished a carrot from her pocket and fed it to the sawhorse. She produced another bite, a small apple this time, and passed it to Charlie to give it to the cavalry. “ This beautiful animal is Judge. He ‘s a snatch erratic but his love is easily bought with food. ”

Charlizard gave Rowan ‘s hand a compress in render, wishing the older man well as she was promptly led into the barn. And while she never would have admitted it aloud, the appearance of a giant knight ‘s promontory over the stall made her derail just a little. It was impressive watch merely how easily Row interacted with him, like she ‘d been born to take care of huge animals that towered over her, and Charlie was more than a fiddling in awe. “ It ‘s been a while since I was around a sawhorse, ” she confessed. “ Do I just give him the unharmed thing, or … ? ” it was probably a punch-drunk concern wondering whether the horse would have trouble with the apple ‘s core, but she placid had to ask .
Rowan nodded. “ Yup, equitable hold it out with your hand open and he ‘ll take it. ” And so the cavalry did, taking the treat and munching happily, before sniffing and insistently nuzzling Charlie ‘s point. “ Told you, he might already be in love with you. Come on, let ‘s go for a ride before going back. ” Saddling the horse was moment nature for her, and once they were ready and out on the battlefield, a think popped into her head and she looked at the blond curiously. “ Wait, do you know how to ride ? ”
Charlizard looked from the sawhorse to the apple and nodded. “ Gotcha. ” She lifted her hand high enough for the knight to take the apple and giggled lightly as the fruit disappeared from her hand immediate than she could blink. “ athirst boy, are n’t you ? ” she smiled, laughing more loudly as the sawhorse nuzzled her. “ I ‘m regretful, buddy, that ‘s all I ‘ve got right now. adjacent time I ‘ll bring you a whole bag of apples or however many you ‘re allowed to eat in a day. ” Row ‘s area girl ways were increasingly impressive, and Charlie could entirely watch as the horse was quickly saddled and led outside. “ It ‘s … been a long time, ” she admitted. “ not since I was a kid. I think I remember the basics, but that ‘s about it. ”
Rowan shrugged. “ The basics are more than adequate since we ‘ll be riding together and all. here, you get up first. ” Getting Charlie situated was quite the amuse parody, Judge was just an baronial animal, but after much laugh and tease, the blond was safely on the charge. “ Okay, dart advancing so I can get on. ” once Charlie did, Rowan well jumped on, settling comfortably against the blond ‘s back and taking the reign. “ Alright, let ‘s go, boy. ” A small nudge of boost and the horse took off at a easy pace .
Charlizard knew that whatever riding feel was in her past, it was n’t on anything the size of Judge. fortunately, the horse was big but not unpleasant, and was more than volition to stand there stoically while she was hoisted from behind by Row and ultimately got herself in the saddle without immediately falling off the other side ; a miracle in itself. She scooted ahead as requested, making sure not to fall off in the process, and leaned back a small against her companion ‘s slender form. As the cavalry began to move she reached for the saddle, holding on with knuckles that were only a short bit white. “ commodity boy, Judge, ” she praised, looking around the property as they moved .
Rowan led them towards a stream, far away from the place and into the place where the trees became blockheaded. It was a beautiful place and precisely what she needed to destress from the constant push and attract of school. Keeping the reign in one handwriting, she wrapped he early around Charlie ‘s waist. Nuzzling her neck, she hummed. “ Yes, I know you ‘re sweaty ; no, I do n’t care. ”
Charlizard was impressed by the scenery ; unlike anything second family, or around the campus, it was silence and serene in a way that normally left her with besides many thoughts. With Row behind her, though, there was a common sense of peace that actually let her mind rest a little. As a voiced hand pulled her close up, she found her natural protest cut off by Rowan ‘s delicate voice. “ Hey, if you do n’t care then I do n’t care. I ‘m glad to get you all sweaty besides. ”
Rowan smiled against Charlie ‘s peel. “ You in truth are constantly corneous, are n’t you ? Is it something in the body of water fountains at Erickson ? ” She teased, though her ministrations proved it was her — yet again — that was trying to start something they plainly could n’t finish at the time. She was n’t that shameless. “ In which subject, it would explain why I hardly can keep my hands to myself around you. ”
Charlizard nodded, admitting that without any far argument. “ I ‘m pretty sure it ‘s just me, not the school itself … although you know, come to think of it there does seem to be a bunch of sex going on in that place. ” Rowan ‘s proximity decidedly had an consequence on her, and the entree that it was common made her smile a well. “ If you want to use that as an excuse, I ‘m all right with it. Whatever keeps your hands on me is equitable fine. ”
Rowan ‘s eyes narrowed at the answer. There was something about it that good did n’t sit well with her. possibly she was to different from Charlie, but she could n’t help her future words. “ In all seriousness, you should n’t accept anyone wanting to be with you under dumb excuses. If person wants to be with you it should be entirely because of you, because they want you and are n’t afraid of it. ”
Charlizard turned a little in the charge, wanting to look at Row in answer to her being amazingly dessert and protective. She laid a hand against her impudence, smiling. “ I promise I ‘m dear with the accept thing. And deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as it may seem like it sometimes, I do n’t take anyone into my bed barely because they want to be there. They need to do better than that. Like you did. ” There were n’t many people who ‘d worked their way into her life the way Row had .
Rowan resisted the cheer to lean into the touch. It was besides intimate, in a means their intimate encounters were n’t. inactive, she did n’t pull off or flinched at the liaison. The solution made the furrow of her hilltop smooth out, placated for the meter being. “ Like I did, uh ? ” She asked, back to their usual kid and teasing smirks. “ And what precisely did I do to earn it, miss Fabray ? ”
Charlizard laughed piano at being called Miss – the alone people who did that were normally school administrators giving her stool for one thing or another. “ You dealt with me like a person, ” she explained obviously. “ You deal with my talk through one’s hat and call me on it. Plus you have a actually good bang, ” she finished with a smile. “ I hush have dreams about that slap, and they ‘re exceptionally good dreams. ”
Rowan snorted. She should ‘ve expected Charlie to bring that up at some point. “ You ‘re such a masochist, but I have to admit, it was the first clock I got a date out of slapping person. ” She lead them across the stream and around the edges of the property, the time spent among their common kid and dateless tease. It was alone fairly to admit, evening if merely to herself, that having Charlie like that, being able to be that close without it leading to arouse, was decent. She felt good, without worries or ghosts of the past haunting her. Maybe, just possibly … “ I think it ‘s better we head back, they ‘re gon na conclude soon. ”
Charlizard shrugged. “ I mean, I ‘m not going to deny it. And adenine army for the liberation of rwanda as ways to get me on a date, that ‘s always going to win the prize for the most alone one. ” The ride was fascinating for her. Charlie did n’t do quiet. She was loud, and she kept her surroundings loud to match. even if she was doing homework or doing something on the calculator, then the television was on or there was music, something that would keep her from getting besides far into her own head. She did n’t constantly like that. But this was nice, to just be there leaning into Row ‘s arms and enjoying the moment. “ I guess if we have to. We ‘ll have to do this again sometime. ”
Rowan was all smiles as they walked out of the function and towards her truck, Charlie ‘s hand firm clasped in hers. Going to the shelter was always a undertake good meter, made even better by the bearing of Charlie. Unlocking the doors, she pushed the blond against the passenger side, pressing her there with her torso and looking a little insecure for the first base meter that day. “ Did you very have a good time ? ”
Charlizard felt right, bridge player surrounded by Rowan ‘s as they headed back toward the hand truck they ‘d arrived in. She was tired, surely, as the day had been filled with hard work, but it was the rewarding kind and had meant both spending fourth dimension with both cunning animals and Row. Once she ‘d been backed up against the passenger side, Charlie met the interrogate with a soft smile. “ If there ‘s one thing I ‘m not going to do, is lie to you. I had a big time, and I ‘m glad you brought me with you. ”
Rowan felt stand-in wash over her when she found no misrepresentation in Charlie ‘s eyes. much to her dismay, she liked the blond, she was starting to care about her, and though it was never separate of the plan, she could n’t bring herself to regret it. not when she had last managed not to think about Jo the whole clock they were together. “ I am excessively .

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