MBA Programs | Online or On Campus

Concentrate in a high-demand field.

And become one of the many LVC MBA alumni who hold leadership roles at influential businesses within and beyond Central Pa.

Go straight through to finish in as little as a year, or step in and out as needed.

We offer a flexible 12-course program that fits into your work and home biography. Take your MBA courses online or in-person at LVC ‘s campus—and feel dislodge to change how you take courses based on your needs. even if work calls your attention away from your MBA courses for a semester, you ‘ll be able to step right back in when you ‘re cook ( a hanker as you complete your degree within seven years of your date of entrance fee ) .
Your career options with an MBA are varied and exciting—but we ‘ll make sure you have the skills you need to go in the most authoritative management : improving. Whether you use the degree for a forwarding to the C-suite or because you ‘re taking on more province in your current role, you ‘ll be prepared for a global that needs your leadership.

Quickly complete affordable prerequisites, and skip the GMAT.

Worried about meeting your MBA degree requirements, or the prerequisites for your courses ? We regularly enroll students who come to the MBA without a background in business management.

If you have an advance degree, an undergraduate GPA of 3.4 or higher, a combination of an undergraduate rate luff median of 3.0 or higher and three years or more of post bachelor ’ s degree-professional experience, or five or more years of document managerial experience, you can request a GMAT release .
With our on-line modules ( $ 44 each ) covering key business subjects, you ‘ll develop the key vocabulary and skills you need to hit the ground running with your coursework—without spend a long ton of money on courses that wo n’t apply to your MBA.

LVC’s MBA is accredited for excellent teaching and student outcomes.

In our little, seminar-style classes, you ‘ll learn directly from highly qualified faculty, ampere well as learning from professionals with years of real-world experience across many industries.

Our MBA accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business School and Programs ( ACBSP ) ensures that you will receive a quality department of education taught by experts in teaching business in Pennsylvania, the middle atlantic region, and beyond. ACBSP ’ south standards recognize teaching excellence, demonstrated scholar outcomes, and continuous improvement .
Through team-building projects, mock negotiations, and real-world encase studies, you ‘ll develop leadership and management skills, become a quick and profoundly inform decision-maker, and sharpen your analytic abilities.

You ‘ll besides refine the easy skills guaranteed to make you an excellent director. Learn to communicate effectively, act ethically, analyze information, and make informed decisions as you lead your team to new heights.

How Can an MBA Help You with Your Career?

Our MBA platform will help you develop and enhance your understand and application of clientele skills. You ‘ll have batch of opportunities to become competent in areas such as account, commercial enterprise integration, and scheme .
In summation to learning from faculty, classmates, and alumni, you ‘ll have the opportunity to work with other students from a assortment of fields and industries.

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