Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

What Is Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare administration is an excite and rewarding career. With the increasing demand for healthcare services, the indigence for executives to oversee the planning of these services is increasing adenine well, making it a highly in-demand position .
Healthcare administrators pull off, and coordinate the activities, operations, and services provided in health worry organizations of many kinds. Their responsibilities may include :

  • Directing the financial management of a health care organization including overseeing
    budgets and insurance and patient billing functions.
  • Improving the efficiency, quality, and technology of the health care services being
    offered and staying ahead of new trends and developments in the field.
  • Ensuring compliance with current and proposed health care laws and regulations.
  • Organizing and maintaining records, adhering to all privacy regulations and ensuring
    the safety of all data.
  • Determining work schedules for health care employees.
  • Recruiting, hiring, and managing personnel.
  • Communicating and working in coordination with medical staff, department heads, and
    other health care staff to assure the delivery of the highest-quality services to
    patients and the greatest efficiency for the health care organization.
  • Directing community education efforts and marketing operations for the institution.

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About the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

The TTUHSC Healthcare Administration program is a fully-online, accelerated, 36-hour degree program designed for working health manage professionals who want to obtain the skills and cognition necessity to advance as successful health caution leaders in their playing field .

Online Convenience

Our degree is entirely on-line and distance-based. The flexibility of our plan allows working professionals with full-time jobs, class and other responsibilities to pursue advance department of education and increase their professional and personal development without sacrificing their life style and existing commitments .

Our Health Care Administration Faculty

Our faculty consists of have adult-learning educators who work with you to keep you on track with your degree goals. Program faculty members are health care leaders who came to university life after decades of practical patient worry and administrative hospital experience .
Our interdisciplinary core and adjunct faculty include board-certified health care executives ; CFO ’ s ; patient guard, risk management, and hospital quality experts ; physicians ; and federal sector health worry executives with years of experience .
The staff is committed to helping you become successful in both your graduate education and professional environment. Our goal is to spouse with you as mentors and educators as you pursue and achieve your academic and professional goals .
“ When I see person with a degree from the TTUHSC Healthcare Administration course of study. I know they have been trained and educated by some of the best in the industry ! ”

Sam Crain

MBA Managing Director Healthcare Administration
A health care administration professional discusses patient care with a physician and a nurse.

Careers in Health Care Administration

Health care administration is an exciting and rewarding career. With the increasing demand for health manage services, the need for executives to manage these complex services is besides increasing, making health care administration a highly in-demand placement .
Health care managers work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, health systems, clinics, doctor practices, supplier networks, specialization wish organizations, government services and numerous other health manage settings .
To be well-qualified, these professionals must be technical in multiple aspects of health worry management, including operations and strategic management, fiscal management, human resources management, decision qualification and analytics, coordination of care, legal and regulative aspects of care, and the general supervision and leadership of multidisciplinary professionals .
While a knight bachelor ’ south degree is a stepping stone to the profession, a master ’ second degree is preferred by many employers and may be necessary for career advancement .

  • Health care administration is a fulfilling career with excellent job prospects. According
    to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for medical and health services
    managers, health care executives, and health care administrators are growing much
    faster than average compared to all occupations, with an expected growth rate of 20%
    through 2026.
  • The best career advancement prospects will be those with a master’s degree in health
    administration. Additionally, the pay for these positions remains strong, with a national
    median wage of $99,730 in 2018 and the highest 10% earning more than $182,600.

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Curriculum 

The master of Science in Healthcare Administration is a 36-hour, in full on-line graduate healthcare administration degree geared towards working health wish professionals who are seeking to obtain the skills and cognition necessity to advance as successful healthcare leaders .
The course of study ’ s course of study consists of a concentrate, management-based approach incorporating hardheaded cognition and skills applicable to real-world health care government along with opportunities for personal and professional increase. Classes include :

  • Principles of Management & Leadership in Healthcare.
  • Health Informatics & Data Analytics.
  • Health Law and Ethics.
  • Healthcare Operations & Supply Chain Management.
  • Strategic Planning & Marketing in Healthcare.

successful completion of the program culminates in the master of Science in Healthcare Administration degree .
explore our course of study .

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