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Each year, the Financial Aid and Awards staff see some common problems. Keep these tips in mind to avoid complications with your loan application .

Apply early

lend applications for the Fall/Winter Terms are normally available in early June from your home plate state ’ s web site. We suggest completing loan applications by June 30 ( for Fall/Winter loans ) or mid-november ( for Winter Term alone ). If you apply late than this, the process at your provincial loan position may not be complete in clock time to meet the University ’ s tip deadlines. If you don ’ thymine apply until July or August, your loan money will most probably be late, so be prepared to possibly pay recently fees on your tutelage and possibly find an alternate means to pay for rent, groceries, etc., if your lend is besides covering know expenses .
Don ’ t wait until after you register for classes to apply for a lend ! Your lend lotion is based on your proposed path load ; actual course load international relations and security network ’ thyroxine required until the end stages of the application work .

Apply online

paper applications take significantly longer and unless required by your specific program, they are not recommended. As well, on-line applications allow you to apply from anywhere in the universe. limited consideration or deadline extensions will not be granted if you applied late because you were out of town.

Register for both terms

To qualify for a government loanword, you must be a full-time scholar with at least 9 credit hours in each term, for a sum of 18 credit hours ( minimum ). If you lone register for the fall term, but your loan application is for fall and winter, you will not receive your loanword until your actual naturally warhead matches your loanword application. There is a common misconception that since the winter terminus is therefore far into the future, students can wait until late to add January courses. You should have your schedule from September to April complete when you register for classes in June/July.

Read everything

Your provincial lend office may request signatures, supporting documents or other information mid-way through the lend action. For Manitoba students, this is in the Notice of Assistance you receive in the mail. If you do not provide these documents the whole process stops and your application will not proceed any far and no money will be issued. As well, be sure to note when supporting documents are required. Forms from employers aren ’ t normally required until after the Fall Term starts. Don ’ thymine delay sending in other documents if your employer forms aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ready .

Keep copies of your paperwork

It makes problems easier to solve if we can refer directly to the original paperwork and know where you are in the process .

Ask for help!

Most important of all, don ’ thyroxine hesitate to call the UM Financial Aid and Awards office or your peasant loanword office to ask for aid ! A ten-minute phone call in the summer can save weeks of waiting in the capitulation, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as saving you money in extra expenses ( deep fees, credit card interest, borrowing from family, etc. ) if your lend is delayed. even if you have previous student loan experience or have friends who “ know all about student loans, ” get advice from the experts and get it early on !

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