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Located just 8km from the city of Townsville and right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland is the stun Magnetic Island, one of the most incredible destinations in all of Australia .
Over the years the island has become a major tourist hot spot thanks to its pristine beaches, laidback vibes, diverse wildlife and adventurous activities.

The facilitate of access to get to Magnetic Island has besides helped its late boom in visitors, with ferries going every 20 minutes from Queensland ’ s second-largest city .
We loved the island so much when we visited that we ended up buying a pulley of land and build a home there !
Yep, after 12 years travelling the world, this set is good that charming that we wanted to stay forever. And after you visit we ’ re certain you ’ ll feel the like .
Radical Bay How To Get To Magnetic IslandBeautiful scenes just like this await you on Maggie!

How to Get to Magnetic Island – The Complete Guide

here is our complete scout on getting to Magnetic Island .
And while you ’ re at it, don ’ t miss out on these other capital Maggie Island articles we ’ ve put together :

Getting to Townsville

beginning thing, to get over to Magnetic Island you need to make your direction to Townsville in Far North Queensland so you can jump on the ferry, as there is no airport on the island itself .
Townsville is well connected via road, rail and breeze, so getting here won ’ thymine be an issue .
There ’ s besides a distribute of epic things to do in Townsville, then make surely you have a few days spare on either side of your Maggie trip !

Driving to Townsville

Townsville is located at the intersection of Queensland ’ s two major highways – the Bruce Highway that goes from Brisbane to Cairns, and the Flinders Highway that goes from Townsville inland to Mt Isa .
The drive from Brisbane takes about 16 hours, so needs to be broken up over two days at least .
From Townsville it is only 4.5 hours to Cairns, 4.5 hours to Mackay, putting it right in the in-between of Tropical North Queensland and with lots of incredible sights to see close up by .
Ss Adelaide Magnetic IslandThe famous S.S. City of Adelaide shipwreck on Magnetic Island.

Flying to Townsville

If you ’ rhenium design on flying to Townsville you ’ re in fortune, because it ’ second home to a identical well-connected airport .
Townsville has on median 7 flights per day coming in from Brisbane, and daily direct flights to Sydney and Melbourne .
There are besides regular direct flights between Gold Coast, Cairns and Darwin to Townsville, vitamin a well as a range of regional flights to Mackay, Cloncurry, Mt Isa, Rockhampton and more .

gearing to Townsville

There ’ randomness besides a rail military service between Brisbane and Cairns that stops off at Townsville. The Spirt of Queensland does this trip 5 times a workweek .
TownsvilleLooking at Townsville at night from the ferry

Getting from Townsville to Magnetic Island

once you ’ ve made it to Townsville you ’ re ready for the following function of your travel on how to get to Magnetic Island – Jumping on the ferry !
The island has two ferry companies that makes the short 25-minute intersect from Townsville identical day. SeaLink, the passenger ferry, and Magnetic Island Ferries, the vehicle ferry .
Both ferry companies have unlike terminals in Townsville, but they arrive at the lapp Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal .
READ MORE: Don’t miss our locals’ guide to the best beaches on Magnetic Island!
Most people who travel to Magnetic Island tend to stay for fair one day, or a pair of days at most .
For that argue it ’ mho often more economical to leave your vehicle at the SeaLink ferry terminal in Townsville and come over as a foot passenger .
But if you ’ ra staying for longer, or would rather use your own vehicle than lease one on the island, then it ’ second well worth bringing your own set of wheels across.

Townsville Magnetic Island Ferry TerminalThe Magnetic Island Ferries terminal in Townsville.

passenger Ferry to Magnetic Island

For the foot passengers wondering how to get to Magnetic Island, you can jump onboard with either company .
The main passenger ferry to Magnetic Island that most people take though is SeaLink Queensland, and they only takes foot passengers to and from the island .
The cause most pedestrians take this one is that it is slenderly faster and has a few more even departures .
Their terminal in Townsville is besides located closer to downtown, making it a morsel more convenient to get to .
The SeaLink ferry is a fast, mod and safe vessel, with uninfected facilities and wheelchair approachability .
The price for the ferry is AUD $ 17.50 one-way ( or $ 34 restitution ) for an pornographic and $ 8.70 one-way ( 17 return ) for a child .
They besides have family deals where 2 adults and 3 children can travel for $ 79 .
If you pre-book your ferry online through the SeaLink website you can unlock a special $ 30 render price for adults .
You can besides take a bicycle onboard for free .

  • Address: Breakwater Terminal, Sir Leslie Thiess Drive, Townsville
  • Phone: 1300 MAGGIE (1300 624 443)
  • Times: 5:30am through to 11pm

Sail Boat MaggieIf you have your own boat you can always sail over to Magnetic Island too.

car Ferry to Magnetic Island

If you ’ re planning on taking your vehicle over to Magnetic Island, then your only option is to go with the company Magnetic Island Ferries.
Their large ferry can transport motorcycles, cars, campervans, caravans, boats and even semi-trailers from Townsville to Magnetic Island and back again .
They besides take animal foot passengers ( for the same monetary value as SeaLink ), where you walk on and walk off before the vehicles enter the boat .
This ferry company is not cheap, and will charge you by the system of weights and length of your fomite, so be leery of this .
As an exemplar, a criterion car is $ 216 reappearance ( going up to $ 240 recurrence during bill seasons ), and if you ’ re taking a long vehicle such as a campervan or van, their return rates are $ 196 + $ 52 per meter over 5m .
But they are the merely choice you have if you want to take your own stage set of wheels to the island, so there ’ south short you can do .
If you ’ re plan on just spending one day on Magnetic Island, it can be better value to park your car at the ferry terminal in Townsville and plainly rent a car on the island for the sidereal day .

  • Address: Ross Street, South Townsville
  • Phone: +61 7 4796 9300
  • Times: 5am through to 8pm

Car FerryTaking our campervan over to the island.
We hope this article answered all your questions on how to get to Magnetic Island, Queensland .
It ’ second one of the best places in the entire state, and we sincerely hope you enjoy your prison term there .

Is there a bridge to Magnetic Island ?

No, there is no road or bridge to Magnetic Island. While rumours of construction have been circulating for a number of years, Townsville Council have confirmed they will not build one as the island is reportedly drifting away from the mainland .

How long is the ferry ride from Townsville to Magnetic Island ?

The travel to and from Magnetic Island is 8km, and takes about 20 minutes one-way on the ferry in composure conditions .

How much is the ferry to Magnetic Island ?

The price for the ferry to Magnetic Island is $ 34 return for a foot passenger, but there are special deals available if you pre-book your ferry .

How much does it cost to take a cable car to Magnetic Island ?

The price to take your car to Magnetic Island starts at $ 216 return for a standard distance vehicle, and goes up from there based on length and extremum temper handiness .

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