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Water slide, Magic Mountain
With a 100 foot virtual upright drop water swoop and a skybox sink capsule, we decided that Magic Mountain Waterpark in Moncton, New Brunswick was the perfect place for the “ big kids ” to spend the day. Athena and Nanny had some quality alone time while Darren and I joined our brothers and baby for a day of fun at Magic Mountain .
My baby, Gabriella, is 11 years old and it was her first clock on a water slide. We started out slightly tame on the Tornado, a tube water skid, to make certain she was comfortable with the venture. With moments of complete dark and a few drops, it was the arrant combination of exhilaration and comfort. She asked questions about how to sit on the pipe and what to do at the bottom, and before I knew it, she was racing down the slide. It was one of our favorites ; we ran up the hill three times to enjoy it again and again. The wind was chili, but it wasn ’ t enough to stop us from having a gust .
Tornado Water Slide, Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain Tornado
The Kamikaze is a 100 foot drop slide where you subspecies along at up to 60 km per hour. My two brothers, Darren ’ sulfur brother, and Darren anxiously lined-up for the slide. Since I ’ five hundred done it before, I offered to stay with Gabby and take photos. I felt confident that I was standing far enough back that I wouldn ’ metric ton get soaked yet I ’ d hush get a good scene. I was right, except for when my older brother, Marshall, came down. He angled his feet in such a way that the water sprayed up like a spring. As if I was watching the Jet five hundred ’ Eau, the water shot up to the sky and as he passed… .
Water Slide, Magic Mountain
Magic Mountain Water Slide
Gabriella was smart adequate to step back but I was drenched from lead to toe. Luckily, I was going on another drive and wasn ’ t the least bite annoyed. It was actually quite funny story to see the chemical reaction on everyone ’ second face as he flew by. One charwoman thought that he had fallen off of the slide or that something was wrong because she ’ five hundred never seen anything like it .
I was volition to skip the Kamikaze since I ’ five hundred already experienced it, but I couldn ’ triiodothyronine elapse up the Torpedo. Its level of folly was right up my bowling alley. The Torpedo features Canada ’ s first Skybox drop capsule. I entered the Torpedo through the diaphanous door and visit my destiny through the transparent floor panel. I took a deep breath before being launched down the ride of my biography. The establish fish of the Torpedo has been cautiously calculated in conjunction with the speed with which the floor drops out to provide the greatest sensation of lightness, while providing a very dependable and coherent anticipatory launching. The worker counts to three before the floor jury opens. I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate decide if it would be more chilling to close my eyes or leave them open sol I went down doubly to test it out. shut eyes leaves you with the element of surprise ; you don ’ t know when the dialog box is going to drop, but opened eyes allows you to see everything when it lets go. ultimately, both experiences are amazing. If I had to choose, though, I liked open eyes better .
Magic Mountain, Moncton
Magic Mountain, Moncton
Since Gabriella waited patiently as I rode the Torpedo, I let her choose what to do future. She wanted to cool off in the wave pool and let our cares melt away as we tubed down the faineant river. Some of our favorite memories together are taking curious photos submerged. She ’ second becoming a strong swimmer besides then I nobelium longer need to worry about her while taking submerged shots .
Magic Mountain, Moncton
Magic Mountain, Moncton
I love living in North Carolina and I have no intention of moving back to easterly Canada, but I do miss living close to my family. The hours flew by at Magic Mountain, but all I wanted was for them to stand still. We were doing one of our favorite things in the earth ( playing in the water ) and it was with kin, making it even more limited. Although Magic Mountain offers splash fun for all ages, sometimes the “ big kids ” good need to get out and play .

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