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It ‘s about impossible for network pages to get first-page search engine results without optimize content that includes the right target keywords. Choosing the right keywords makes it possible for search engines to find your content and recommend it to people who can benefit from your posts. unfortunately, the best keyword research tools much cost a lot of money. Keyword Surfer gives you a free, quick way to research keywords that can contribute to your capacity market scheme .

What Is Keyword Surfer?

What Is Keyword Surfer?
Keyword Surfer is a Chrome propagation that you can download from the Chrome Web Store. Surfer SEO developed the extension to give writers, developers, and occupation owners an easy choice for researching and discovering keywords for modest websites. Surfer besides has paid SEO tools that start at $ 49.20 per calendar month .
When you add Keyword Surfer to your Chrome browser, you can use it to :

  • Find the search volume for specific queries
  • Discover keywords related to your search queries
  • focus on searches by geographic area ( a good option for improving local SEO )
  • estimate traffic data related to keywords
  • Find vane pages that get high rankings for your search queries

You wo n’t get a distribute of detail from Keyword Surfer results, but you can learn enough to start optimizing your pages .

Why You Might Choose Keyword Surfer for SEO Research

Why You Might Choose Keyword Surfer for SEO Research
There ‘s one very obvious argue to choose Keyword Surfer over early SEO inquiry tools : it ‘s free ! If you own a small business or you want to bring more visitors to your professional blog, Keyword Surfer gives you the basic information you need to improve your locate ‘s visibility .
Keyword Surfer besides makes research easy. You do n’t need much know to get started. Basically, you just need to pretend you ‘re searching for the content you plan to publish. For exercise, you might enter “ Austin microgreens ” to research keywords for your grow near Austin, Texas. The results from Keyword Surfer will tell you how many times people search for that term. It will besides recommend related search items that might make your content easier for search engines to discover .
ideally, you should use Keyword Surfer before you write subject for a web page or blog post. It helps to have a general outline that you plan to follow, though. You need to know what topics you want to cover before Keyword Surfer can give you meaningful insight into your SEO scheme .

Reasons You Should Avoid Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a big Chrome extension. If you ‘re unplayful about improving your content, though, it ‘s not the correct joyride for you. Surfer SEO did n’t develop Keyword Surfer to perform across-the-board keyword inquiry. At best, the tool acts as a market tactic that the party can use to advertise its other services .
Reasons that website developers and subject marketers should avoid Keyword Surfer include :

  • Its specify results, make it unmanageable to know how to create competitive content .
  • How it relies on you to enter every keyword before you can get results .
  • Its concentrate is on researching one keyword at a prison term alternatively of letting you research batches .

To make matters worse, the joyride merely works for sealed areas. You can get properly results if you want to reach audiences in North America or Europe. But the tool does not have any information about local anesthetic keywords in many African, South American, and asian countries .

What Keyword Surfer Users Say About the Tool

“ It ‘s a free Google plugin that provides you with a bunch of helpful keyword research data. It ‘s not adenine brawny as ahref or semrush, but it ‘s helpful to include it as function of your overall keyword research strategy. The holocene update besides allows you to view the password count for research results … Something that neither semrush or ahref offers. ” – Datis M, Director of Marketing
“ I ‘m giving surfer 4 stars coz I in truth love using it. It ‘s easy to use and there ‘re no complications when using it. But please add more countries from Africa and Asia. Do that and I ‘ll give 5 stars. ” -Foxie Hub
“ It does NOT work in Amazon ! Why not ? Keywords everywhere did. I want to see how many people are looking for a sealed keyword in Amazon. Keywords was correct there with the data. Surfer, nothing. Can you make that happen ? Thx ” -Jason Thompson

Alternatives to Keyword Surfer

Alternatives to Keyword Surfer
If Keyword Surfer does n’t sound like the correct tool for you, check out some of these Keyword Surfer alternatives .

Free Alternatives:

Keyword Planner- Google knows more about keywords than anyone else, so why not use its free Keyword Planner tool ? It will help you find the correctly keywords for your organic and PPC market. You get the lapp information that Keyword Surfer gives you, plus suggested PPC bids, keyword competitiveness rankings, and an report that makes future inquiry easier to manage .
Keyword Nowhere- Another loose Chrome extension that does basic keyword research. Keyword Nowhere is identical similar to Keyword Surfer. only choose it if you want to target audiences in the U.S. or U.K .

Paid Alternatives:

Are you prepared to pay for better keyword research that will get your contented noticed ? Try these services :
SEMRush- SEMRush has multiple keyword research tools that can help you optimize on-page and sociable media content. The give service besides offers :

  • Site audit to improve your web site ‘s global ranking .
  • military position tracking for any keyword.
  • subject analysis tools that look beyond keyword optimization .
  • Tools for improving ads and PPC campaigns .

SEMRush does a capital job, but you have to pay for the tools that you need to get the best results. The entry-level Pro plan costs $ 99 per calendar month. A Guru plan costs $ 199 per calendar month. If you have a marketing means or larger business, you should get a Business report that costs $ 399 per month .
Moz Pro- Moz Pro offers respective keyword research and capacity optimization tools that can have a huge impact on your rankings. deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as keyword research goes, you get tools similar to those from SEMRush. Moz is different, though, because it likes to focus on education and trail. Members gain access to videos, lawsuit studies, and autonomous inquiry that can make them more effective content marketers .
The Standard design at Moz Pro costs $ 99 per calendar month. It will work well for SMBs. If you need to manage more campaigns and keywords, upgrade to Moz Pro Medium, which costs $ 149 per calendar month. enterprise clients should sign up for the Premium Plan. For $ 599 per month, you get all the SEO tools you need .

Summary: The Pros and Cons of Keyword Surfer

The Pros and Cons of Keyword Surfer


  • rid choice for basic keyword research
  • Easy to use
  • Gives you information about search bulk
  • Recommends related keywords for your contented
  • Focuses on local anesthetic keyword optimization


  • only has local keyword information for a handful of countries
  • It does n’t offer a splashboard that lets you track keyword operation over time
  • entirely comes as a Chrome extension
  • You get what you pay for

Keyword Research for You

Keyword Research for You
SEO research tools can make your message market campaigns much more successful. Research, however, does n’t increase your web site ‘s traffic or convert more visitors. Before you can reach goals that topic, you need content written by professionals who know how to combine keyword research with compel data .
Cruise Control gives you the easiest, most effective way to reach your KPIs. When you become a script Cruise Control customer, you get :

  • A dedicate director who monitors your crusade and works with top writers with feel in your industry .
  • Blog ideas from our Platinum-level writers .
  • A team of dedicate writers that can follow your style guidebook, mimic your brand voice, and take your message to the following grade .
  • Analytics tracking that keeps your crusade lead in the mighty direction .
  • regular reviews that show you how Cruise Control has benefited your web site and clientele .

You do n’t have to spend a set of money hiring a commercialize representation or putting together your own content selling department. Cruise Control provides all the services you could need to reach your hearing with compel capacity.

Learn More About Writing Services With Scripted

Keyword Surfer is a decent creature, but it only gives you shallow data and forces you to do a lot of work. Do you want to spend your time researching keywords and writing blog posts ? Or do you want to focus your department of energy on managing your business, developing relationships with clients, and finding new sources of tax income ?
agenda a consultation with a Cruise Control representative so you can learn more about how Scripted ‘s manage services program has helped other companies meet their content market goals .
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