Taiwan Receipt Lottery 統一發票中獎號碼

just updated for November-December 2021 !
ever wonder what the numeral code at the top of receipts in Taiwan is used for ? These numbers are for a lottery run by the government, and you have a free entry !
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Known in chinese as 統一發票 ( Tǒngyī Fāpiào ), the bi-monthly reception bill lottery was created to encourage legal tax report by giving consumers an bonus to purchase at stores that legally report sales taxes. Every two months, sets of numbers are randomly drawn that represent to the eight numbers printed along the peak of a legal receipt.

The receipt lottery is open to everyone in Taiwan, including foreigners, and can be well exchanged for loot money at a nearby public toilet store with proof of identification ( for amounts up to 1,000 ). Larger winnings can be redeemed at banks. Make sure the gain receipt has been stamped by the shop class the master purchase was made from .
Receipts from purchases made using an Easycard ( 悠遊卡 ) may besides be electronically stored onto the card, which may be then promptly verified and redeemed by using the concluding at convenience stores during the redemption period. These receipts are known as “ e-receipt ” or 電子發票 ( Diànzǐ fāpiào ), and clerks at appliance stores will normally ask if the customer wants an e-receipt when paying by an IC batting order. Saying paper should be adequate to let the employee know to print a newspaper receipt, and saying card should clue the employee to store the receipt onto the Easycard .
It ‘s common rehearse for people in Taiwan to save all receipts from daily purchases and later check if any receipts have won. It ‘s a free lottery, might equally well see if you ‘ve won .
I have so many receipts…what’s the fastest way to check? First bridle if the final 3 digits are a couple, then work backwards. besides try using this tool for appliance .
Looking for the least tire way to check your receipts for winners ? Use the tool on this foliate and just enter the final 3 digits. It will tell you if you won or lost very promptly and easily !

Lottery Results for November-December 2021 (R.O.C. Year 110)

Match all 8 numbers and win 10,000,000

Match all 8 numbers and win 2,000,000
05754219, 52891675, 45327106
Match all 8 numbers and win 200,000
Match the end 7 numbers and win 40,000
Match the survive 6 numbers and win 10,000
Match the last 5 numbers and win 4,000
Match the concluding 4 numbers and win 1,000
Match the last 3 numbers and win 200
Bonus 252

Match the last 3 numbers and win 200
redeemable between 6 December 2021 – 5 March 2022 The above information is provided entirely for reference purpose. For specific rules and regulations, and to view previous reception lottery results, please consult with the Ministry of Finance. This information is obtained from the Ministry of Finance e-Tax portal .

reference : https://shoppingandreview.com
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