Karen Seymour: How this social media strategist is going from solopreneur to CEO – AJK Consulting

If you ’ re a service-based solopreneur bumping up against capacitance, what might feel chilling but necessary is to de-prioritize business-building activities like market and visibility for business-stabilizing activities like systems, action improvements, and building your team .
If onboarding two more clients in your business with the stream structure you have now creates anxiety about servicing them with excellence, it ’ randomness time to look at your operations and team .

Karen Seymour was a solopreneur who started her digital market business four years ago. Over the by four years she ’ s gone from wondering how to get her adjacent customer to now bumping into a capacity challenge. This year, she ’ randomness deciding to put her clients beginning by focusing on business-stabilizing activities like systems, processes and team to better serve her current and future clients.

On this episode of Small But Mighty Agency:

  • What’s growing her business right now
  • How to know it’s time to focus on streamlining operations and team
  • What a team can really do for your business
  • What’s working on social media this year
  • Why networking is more important than ever

Karen Seymour is the Founder & Social Media Strategist at Karen J Seymour – Digital Marketing, LLC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She started her business in 2017, after a 10-year career as a adviser and project director. Karen specializes in growing audiences and creating communities of firm, raving fans and customers on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. When she ’ s not working, you can find Karen shopping on-line, brunching with friends, or spending clock with her husband Geoff and 2 adorable fur babies, Roger and Eboni .
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