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Yes. While both the Canadian and the United States JOURNIE Rewards programs make saving easy, the programs operate individually. For Canada, check out In the United States ? Visit ORRegister right away at our web site, then choose to download our app – or request a plastic menu through the link your profile – at any point down the road. There are three ways you can register to start earn and getting rewarded ! Download our JOURNIE Rewards App from the Apple App shop or Google Play store and use it to register now.ORPick up a JOURNIE Rewards Card at any participating Pioneer, Fas Gas, Ultramar or Chevron post, or use the issue on your current Card, and register your Card on-line at

App ? Plastic ? They ’ re both easy. Just swipe your physical card at the pump or in store before payment. App-wise, you can open a JOURNIE ID code in the App and figure at the pump, or plainly scan it in memory. You can actually get a card wherever you ’ rhenium read this : barely download our App from the Apple App shop or Google Play storehouse and let it be your Card by entering a JOURNIE ID Code at the pump or scanning it in store—that way we ’ ll know it ’ mho you every clock time you visit.If you ’ re into having a plastic calling card, you can drop into any participating Pioneer, Fas Gas, Ultramar or Chevron station and pick up a JOURNIE Rewards Card. then, all you have to do is register your Card at to officially join the program, so you can start earning Points, reaching Rewards and saving on fuel. It ’ second all about ensuring we ’ re mail you offers that are customized just for you. For more info., our privacy Policy is available. Please update your address in your App, or in your profile at, a soon as you get a find. You ’ ll see our forget password links in your App or at —just follow the steps from there or edit your visibility to update your password at any time. You can find where you initially said “ Yes ” to emails in your App or at and update your subscription preference there.Please note if you unsubscribe you ’ ll have to check the App or website yourself to see any fresh reward choices that may become available to you.If you ’ re still matter to in notifications, just not emails, you can register for those in our JOURNIE Rewards App. This could be a case of your Spam booklet trying to keep you from our messages, so we ’ d determine there first.Then, you can make certain you ’ ve said “ Yes ” to emails in your App profile or at If neither of those avail, please call us at 1-833-JOURNIE ( 568-7643 ). Within 30 days from the go steady of the transaction on the acknowledge, you can email us a copy of your reception to customercare @, and we can look into your request for ex post facto points. If you are unable to email us, then you can contact us at 1-833-JOURNIE ( 568-7643 ) and we will be felicitous to assist you. Every time you earn 300 JOURNIE Points, you ’ re all located to receive a Fuel Discount, which is mechanically applied to the first 100 litres of your next fill-up. The future prison term you fill up at one of our participating locations, good open a JOURNIE ID Code in our App and enter it at the pump or scan it in store – or swipe your Card at the pump or in-store – and your Fuel Discount will mechanically be applied for that transaction. Keep in mind—your Discount is available for one transaction entirely and merely for a utmost of 100 litres. 300 JOURNIE Points is the most you ’ ll ever see in your explanation. Why ? Because every time you reach 300 JOURNIE Points your Fuel Discount is automatically applied the future prison term you refuel with us. Your earning cycle then restarts and your surfeit points carry over as you start earning toward 300 Points again—and your following fuel dismiss ! Along the manner you ’ ll unlock rewards at 75 Points and 150 Points. Claiming those rewards never takes away from your Points sum, you plainly keep tracking toward 300. Points can not be earned for the purchase of the keep up items/services : lifelike gasoline, alcohol, tobacco purchases, endow cards, prepaid long-distance cards, prepaid cellular cards, bill payments, items that are excluded by law, and other items specified by Parkland as exclusions from prison term to clock time. An update on your JOURNIE Points is always available on your JOURNIE App which you can download on your io or Android device or when you log in to Your points are besides available on your reception. Remember, you never lose points, your account merely resets to 0 and starts counting again every fourth dimension you pass 300 Points.

An score that doesn ’ t accumulate JOURNIE Points or obtain any rewards for longer than 12 months is deemed nonoperational. It ’ sulfur then suspended, and if there ’ s no activity for 60 days after that, the report gets shut and any and all JOURNIE Points are lost. If you are a canadian resident and over the historic period of 16, you can register via our App or with a Plastic Card at You ’ ll be able to earn points on fuel purchases wherever JOURNIE Rewards are offered, but some stores can ’ thyroxine offer points when you buy in-store merch. From the consequence you register in our App or register your Card at, you can earn JOURNIE Points lots of ways.It ’ randomness deoxyadenosine monophosphate bare as entering your JOURNIE ID Code ( from your JOURNIE Rewards App which you can download on your io or Android device ) at our pumps or scanning it in storehouse at participating locations. A JOURNIE Rewards Card works, excessively : Simply swipe it at the heart or in storehouse, again, at participating locations.You ’ ll earn 1 Point per liter every time you refuel with us, and 2 Points for every $ 1 you spend on qualifying items in our participate Stores ( which means on reasonably much everything ) .
Every 300 Points you ’ ll be awarded a Fuel Discount, to be applied mechanically on the first gear 100 litres of your future fill-up. then, you ’ ll see your points balance reset and begin counting toward 300 points and your following fuel Discount. Every clock, on your direction to your Fuel Discount, you ’ ll receive to choose a Reward doubly, without having to give up any of your points. At 75 JOURNIE Points, you unlock your first Reward, and you unlock a Reward again at 150 Points. Choosing Rewards does not take away from your advancement, as your points remain flush when you claim a Reward, and just keep counting toward the 300-point Fuel Discount threshold .
No. Your Rewards are unbarred automatically as you pass the 75 indicate and 150 distributor point thresholds. They ’ re yours to choose and enjoying them will not impact your advancement toward 300 points and your fuel Discount. Once you pass 300 points, your balance will reset and start counting toward 300 points and your adjacent Fuel Discount, but that should be the entirely time you see your points balance drop .
You unlock your 7¢/L Fuel Discount every time you pass 300 JOURNIE Points. then, you automatically save on your following fill-up. You can save on a utmost of 100 litres per Fuel Discount .

  1. Select your Reward choice by logging into your account on, or in your App. You must make a Reward selection within 7 days.
  2. You can then pick up your qualifying product(s) within 30 days from the day they were selected, at one of our participating locations.
  3. Scan your registered Card or App at checkout and enjoy!

You’ll see your Reward reflected while you make your purchase, and picking up your Reward won’t take away from your Points, as you continue tracking toward 300 Points and your next Fuel Discount.

Your Fuel discount is automatically unlocked with no selection required, and gets applied to your next fill-up. Fuel discounts must be obtained within 30 days from the day they were reached. once you are eligible for a reinforce at 75 points and 150 points, you need to complete the pursuit steps to receive your reward : You ’ ll see your Reward reflected while you make your leverage, and picking up your Reward won ’ t take away from your Points, as you continue tracking toward 300 Points and your future Fuel Discount.Your Fuel dismiss is automatically unlock with no choice required, and gets applied to your adjacent fill-up. fuel discounts must be obtained within 30 days from the day they were reached .
You can pick up Rewards and enjoy Fuel Discounts at all participating Pioneer, Fas Gas, Ultramar and Chevron locations. For a arrant place listing, snap hera
Each put up expires within 30 days of the moment you confirm your Reward choice.

Fuel Discounts must be obtained within 30 days from the day they are reached .
Check the Rewards screen in your App which you can download on your io or Android device, or mind to your home for Rewards at

unfortunately, no you can not re-choose your reward .
We ’ ll happily try to sort this out with you through our Contact Us feature or at 1-833-JOURNIE ( 568-7643 ) .
All give at the heart transactions are automatically pre-authorized for $ 200 ( may vary by site ) unless another amount is selected on the “ choice fill to amount ” shield. The condition “ pre-authorize ” means that your fiscal institution ( not Pioneer, Fas Gas, Ultramar, Chevron or JOURNIE Rewards ) will hold the come of funds that you select at the pump ( careless of how much you pump ), until they receive the actual completion amount. In some cases this can take up to 48 hours. As an exemplar, if you select an amount of $ 50 to fuel but only pump $ 30, you will be pre-authorized by your fiscal initiation for $ 50, and that sum will be held until the fiscal institution receives the completion sum of $ 30. If you do not select an amount at the pump, you will mechanically be pre-authorized for $ 200, and that sum will be held by your fiscal institution until the final examination total is received. You will see your JOURNIE Rewards discount once the fiscal mental hospital receives the completion amount .

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