The Hard and Soft Digital Marketing Skills of Rockstar Marketers

Of all the commercialize jobs, digital market demands the broadest diverseness of skills. You have to be function artist, partially scientist, contribution mathematician—and sometimes region magician—to succeed in a digital commercialize career .
You only have to read a few caper descriptions to realize that this field requires a medley of digital commercialize skills. here, for example, are fair a few skills from a single digital market job description template :

And that ’ s good a snapshot of a distinctive digital market job description ! Makes you wonder if employers are looking for a real number person … or a unicorn. 🦄
The reality is, digital selling demands a wide stove of both hard and voiced skills. That ’ second why a digital selling career international relations and security network ’ thyroxine for everyone. For example, you can ’ t just be effective with words ; you have to have a drumhead for numbers, excessively .
But if you ’ re sincerely concerned in digital market and you ’ ra committed to a life of learn, then you can decidedly make it !

What skills should a digital seller have ?

As you launch your career in digital market, you may be wondering what skills you must develop and sharpen to become the proverbial unicorn subcontract candidate. That ’ s precisely what you ’ ll learn in this article .
It ’ sulfur going to be a long list, but don ’ t let that overwhelm you. Yes, you ’ re expected to be comfortable with the unlike domains of digital marketing. But you need to be an expert in alone one domain. This is what ’ mho called a t-shaped seller : person who has a broad cognition of several selling domains, but thick expertness in one specific area. In this smell, a successful digital seller is both a renaissance man and a specialist .
As you gain more experience in digital market, you ’ ll identify which particular domain meets the following two criteria : ( 1 ) you have an aptitude for it ; and, ( 2 ) you enjoy it. When you find your odoriferous spotlight, that ’ s the specific world you should cultivate as your area of expertness .
To better understand digital market skills, we ’ ll first gear go through difficult digital commercialize skills then move on to soft skills .

What are hard skills in digital selling ?

Digital marketing skills rockstar A heavily skill is an ability that ’ s easily observed and measured. Anyone can see whether or not you can perform a hard skill .
Some hard skills are necessity for all digital marketers, regardless of which particular subcontract you ’ re in. These skills can be considered “ board stakes ” or the minimum skills you need to compete in the digital market worldly concern .
These essential hard skills include :

1. Writing

Every man of content on the web and on digital applications begins with the written bible. This includes television and sound recording content such as podcasts. That ’ s why, if you want to become a digital seller, you must have good write skills .
fortunately, “ full writing ” doesn ’ thyroxine mean you have to be the future Jon Morrow or Stephen King. It does mean being able to convey ideas clearly. You don ’ t even need to remember all the grammar rules and correct spellings—there are apps such as Grammarly to help you with that !
Depending on which digital platform you want to specialize in, you have to strengthen specific types of writing, such as blogging, writing sociable media posts, or electronic mail writing .

2. Copywriting

Copywriting is a specific type of writing with the intention of persuading people to take action. This carry through can be anything from signing up for a newsletter to clicking an ad to buying a merchandise .
even if you don ’ thymine want to go into paid advertising, you still need to have copywriting skills. That ’ mho because as a digital seller, you ’ rhenium constantly trying to get your audience to perform actions leading astir to the sale. You besides have to reach out to potential partners for collaborations. You need copywriting skills to achieve all this .
Copywriting is applied to all aspects of market in sales. It ’ s so all-important that some people build their integral careers in copywriting .

3. market analytics and data psychoanalysis

Digital market, unlike traditional market, is highly measurable. It ’ south hard to measure the impingement of a billboard : How many people saw it ? And how many people purchased a intersection as a result of seeing a billboard ? It ’ s impossible to tell !
But in digital market, it ’ south much easier to measure both range and conversion, thanks to marketing analytics. For example, here at Acadium, we know how many people are reading the web log mail that you ’ rhenium recitation now. And we know how many of you will sign up for an Acadium account from this post. The numbers are perfect, but they ’ re directionally accurate .
This makes it much easier for digital marketers to measure their advance and achiever. It besides means digital marketers need to be comfortable with numbers. You don ’ t have to be a mathematics whiz. You do have to know how to understand a spreadsheet, make sense out of the numbers, and adjust your commercialize strategies, tactics, and activities accordingly .

4. Search engine optimization ( SEO )

Your write skills are for naught if your contentedness international relations and security network ’ thyroxine ascertainable by your hearing. And the primary way people find contentedness is through search engines, with Google and YouTube being the biggest ones. SEO involves both on-page and off-page optimization of your content. It applies to written content ( such as web log posts ) a well as podcasts and videos. Each platform has its own SEO nuances, but the general strategies are exchangeable .
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other hard skills in digital commercialize are domain-specific. Some are even platform-specific .
You ’ ll entirely need these hard skills for particular digital market roles :

1. Google ads

Google advertising can be lucrative—but only if you know what you ’ rhenium doing. If not, it can be the biggest waste of advertising dollars. Google ads skills include keyword research, copywriting, setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns, data analysis, and budget management. Google offers exempt train and certificate in Google ads .

2. social media ads

sociable media platforms besides have paid advertising. unlike businesses place ads on different social media, depending on where their target audience is hanging out. And so, you may find yourself needing skills in YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and so on .

3. Organic social media skills

These skills encompass the consumption of social media to attract and convert an audience organically or without paid ads. These include :

  • Writing posts in an prosecute way
  • Creating images and/or videos
  • Brainstorming floor angles, topics, and campaigns
  • Customer servicing skills to respond to your audience
  • Data analysis

You ’ ll apply these skills in a nuanced manner, depending on the particular social media platforms you use .
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4. Video production

digital marketing skills - video Video has become the medium of option for internet users. In a review of 694 marketers and modest business owners, Biteable found that :

  • 60 % of businesses use video for selling purposes ; 32 % of businesses use television for sales
  • 61 % of marketers who use video say it ’ s a “ very authoritative or highly crucial ” component of their marketing scheme
  • 74 % of video marketers say video recording has a better ROI than static images ; 68 % say video recording has a better ROI than Google ads

“ Most people are more than glad to be marketed to with video, ” Biteable says. But because video entails more time, skills, and money to produce, not all marketers are able to use it .
This means television selling is hush a blue ocean of opportunity for digital marketers. Learn how to produce videos for different platforms—Facebook and YouTube are the most popular, followed by Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok—and you ’ ll be ahead of the rival .

5. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular contentedness management system today. As of this write, 43 % of all websites are built on WordPress. More than 500 websites are built every day using WordPress .
If you ’ re a contented godhead or director for a WordPress locate, you ’ ll most probable need to know how to draft, format, and agenda content on WordPress. You ’ ll besides need to be conversant with the most democratic WordPress plugins, such as SEO Yoast. Some businesses besides use third-party WordPress foliate builders Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, and Thrive Architect .

What are the soft skills for digital market ?

soft skills refer to attributes and traits that help you get along and collaborate effectively with others. Some balmy skills may be considered personality traits, and some come more naturally to you than others. But as with hard skills, soft skills can be learned and developed .
To succeed in digital marketing, you will need not just hard skills but voiced skills ampere well. The majority of employers believe that soft skills are the most important skills for employees to learn. “ talent developers, executives, and people managers agree that training for cushy skills is the top priority for talent development teams, ” a LinkedIn sketch found .
And the easiest direction to gain easy skills is by learning design think .

“ When employees go through a design thinking training program, it ’ s basically a crash path in all the soft skills they need to succeed. ”

Design Thinking is a problem-solving methodology developed at the Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford ( ). It has five components :
digital marketing skills - design thinking

1. Empathize

Have an empathic understanding of the trouble you ’ re trying to solve. This requires skills in empathy, listening, observing, and engaging .

2. Define the problem

Use the information you have to create a human-centered problem affirmation. The skills you need at this stage are analysis, deduction, critical think, and communication .

3. imagine

ideation means generating ideas to come up with solutions for the problem you ’ ve just defined. This step requires creativity and out-of-the-box think .

4. prototype

In this stage, you develop a prototype or minimum feasible translation of the solutions you brainstormed previously. The mind is to test each solution quickly. This phase requires balmy skills like teamwork, curio, and adaptability .

5. Testing

This stage involves gathering feedback and refine solutions. It requires leadership, empathy, adaptability, honesty, and objectivity. You besides need self-management skills or the ability to stay optimistic and to manage your energy and productivity—especially when testing results say you have to go back to the drawing board .

“ Prototype as if you know you ’ re right, but test as if you know you ’ re amiss. ” at Stanford University

As you can see, learning Design Thinking builds the following indulgent skills you need in digital market :

  • empathy
  • Listening
  • Observing
  • Engaging
  • analysis
  • synthesis
  • critical think
  • communication
  • creativity
  • Out-of-the-box think
  • teamwork
  • curio
  • adaptability
  • leadership
  • honesty
  • objectivity
  • Self-management

… and you become an outstanding problem problem solver to boot !

3 ways Acadium can help you acquire digital market skills

now that you know which skills you need to become a successful digital seller, the following question is : How do you gain these skills ?
We at Acadium can help you acquire all these skills—for free—in three ways :

1. rid digital marketing courses

Take our free digital marketing courses to get a foundational cognition of digital market and its domains. You ’ ll find courses in everything from message market to SEO to marketing analytics and everything in between. Sign up here to get started .

2. Tasks

Go from theory to practice by completing a few selling tasks on Acadium. These tasks have been requested by real-life business owners. Each one takes entirely 2 to 5 hours to finish. After you submit the task, the business owner will give you feedback and a star rat on your workplace. Use this feedback to sharpen your skills. You besides have the choice to display your best study on your Acadium profile to showcase your digital marketing skills. Check out marketing tasks you can complete nowadays.

3. market apprenticeships

To gain digital market skills that make you more employable, complete an apprenticeship with a mentor. Working hands-on in a real occupation gives you more in-depth cognition and have you can leverage to find your first—or next—marketing problem. Fun Fact : half of the Acadium mentors we surveyed hired their apprentices after the apprenticeship. Get in the Acadium market to find an apprenticeship .

Editor ’ sulfur note : This article was in the first place published in September 2021. It was updated in March 2022 for novelty and accuracy by Alisha Sharma, Content Manager at Acadium .

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